Crater lake - BACC - week 1 - borealis


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Crater lake - BACC - week 1 - borealis

  1. 1. Another day, another update.I will slow down eventually. Pretty much each household will have a narrator. Although the POV may change. I am kind ofliking playing with first person limited perspective.I also like dialogue so we will see how long this keeps up.
  2. 2. I suppose it falls to me to keep a log of the goings on for my family. I’d rather not, to be honest. It smacks of work and Idon’t like such things.
  3. 3. But if I were to give this task over to my sister, Bree, it would never happen. I swear that girl as the attention span of a Jelly-gnat and the intelligence of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. And I am being kind.I love my sister because she is my family. But I do not like her very much. Mostly because she always manages to find herselfin some kind of trouble and then I have to extricate her from it.Very annoying.
  4. 4. Take for instance her skin condition. Because she thought some kind of plant on this backwater planet was pretty she hasmanaged to become infected or something. I’m not a medic. It isn’t my problem.Thankfully we were able to fix her hair so that the leaves that had seemingly affixed themselves to it were removed. I don’tknow how Bree could stand it. And you would think that after her encounter with the plants of this planet she would keepwell enough away from them. But no. She seems to now love everything to do with this world and even enjoys being out ofdoors.It seems that the affliction has affected her senses.
  5. 5. You see what I mean? She’s even talking to plants now. What’s next talking to the wildlife? The air? How about animaginary personification of a divine being.Sheesh.
  6. 6. Me, I have other, more important things to do. Like try to help out Arlen with getting this settlement online. He needssomeone who can harness the power of the sun to do things like purify our water and power equipment.I was only an average scholar, but I will try my best. There is just so much to learn and I can only handle so much at a time.
  7. 7. Still it pleases me to know that Arlen appreciates my efforts.
  8. 8. And I even think it is a bit endearing that he wishes to keep me all to himself. I admit it, I like him. I like him a lot.
  9. 9. I think he likes me too, but I don’t want to push him too much into making a commitment. I know he’s not had much in theway of freedom and I want him to get this little taste before I make him mine.
  10. 10. But there should be no mistake. He will be mine.
  11. 11. He will be mine.
  12. 12. Anyway, it seems that I was prophetic since Bree has become enamored of the little pond in the back of our habitation. Sheseems determined to catch the fish that she can see in it.
  13. 13. Even if she still hasn’t quite mastered the art of not catching the hook on her clothes.
  14. 14. Arlen told me that after our pleasure-taking, that he joined my sister and she talked to him about me. When I asked whatshe said he told me the following:“So you’re kissing my sister?”“I am. Do you mind?”“Are you planning on kissing me?”“I wasn’t planning on it. But I will if you desire it.”
  15. 15. “I’d sooner kiss a fish,” she replied and then demonstrated with her newest catch.Arlen was naturally disgusted by this display.
  16. 16. As was I, when he told me of it. Although it could have been something else.
  17. 17. Vomiting was a sensation I was not accustomed to. Nor is it one that I would like to repeat. I think I shall go lay down for abit.
  18. 18. Is this thing on? I hope so. I know that Brenna doesn’t think all that much of me or my new outlook on life. But I find I’mreally much happier this way. Did you know that trees could talk? They can! It’s awesome!I used to think that this world was so bleak and uninviting but then this change came over me and now I know that everythingis different. Better.I’d love someone to share this with.
  19. 19. And I think I’ve found her. Cental really understands me. She too has felt a change come over her since we’ve come to thisplanet.
  20. 20. I’m just so glad that I’ve finally found someone who can understand. I don’t mind being the way I am now. I don’t need tosleep or eat. Just bask in the sun and feel the rain on my skin and get a little bit of care and I am a happy Bree. And Centalcares about me. I know she does. She’s told me she has.
  21. 21. Which was why I was so willing to take her into my bed. Is it strange that I have a bed but I don’t need to sleep? But I tookher there anyway and I swear I heard bells. Is that normal? I wouldn’t know. I’ve never done this before.Still, I like her. And she says she likes me and that’s all that matters, right?
  22. 22. Chronicler’s note, I need to remember to put this away from now on. I don’t need this log filled with inane babble.Now where was I?
  23. 23. Oh, yes. Puking my guts out and soiling myself in the process. If this is how procreation occurs on this planet you can countme out after this. It’s demeaning and embarrassing and I would much rather do this neater and more properly in a lab.
  24. 24. I mean I feel like a bloated Snarf. I am just grateful that these clothes I have procured seem to have some give to them.
  25. 25. It also appeared that I wasn’t the only one who had managed to become pregnant. It seemed as if that wretched Cental hadtaken advantage of my sister’s trusting nature.
  26. 26. I called over Arlen to discuss the matter with him as our leader. I couldn’t allow Cental to continue taking advantage of mysister like that.I don’t think he really knew what he signed up for when he agreed to become our leader. He doesn’t like conflict. I caughthim trying to sneak away.
  27. 27. I didn’t allow that to happen. However, I didn’t get very far when these horrendous pains overcame me. How can thesehumans stand to procreate in such a backwards manner? So much pain. I’d prefer the pollination and pods in a nice sterilelaboratory to this.
  28. 28. Still, I could almost forget the pain when I saw my twin sons. I named them in the manner of our people using the father’sfirst name as inspiration. Auric and Allieon, my and Arlen’s beautiful twin sons.
  29. 29. I cannot wait to watch them grow and mature and mold them into fine, strong men.
  30. 30. Later that night, Arlen came by to give me a gift in appreciation for birthing his two sons. The vase is lovely but I think I willsave it until I move in with Arlen.He doesn’t know it yet, but I intend on joining with him. We will be a powerful couple. Yes, indeed, we will.
  31. 31. I should stop blabbering about myself and my life. Bree informed me that most of the neighborhood has developed anobession with fishing. She doesn’t mind at all, that just means she gets to make friends while doing one of her favorite thingsever. She wants to know everything about fishing and maybe even make a career of it.The humans told her that there is a career on this planet that explores the oceans and waters of this planet and Bree got itinto her head that she will master that career.
  32. 32. She even started glowing when she thinks about it.
  33. 33. In fact, she seems to glow a lot more lately.I wonder if it is some kind of side effect of her allergic reaction?She glows at night.
  34. 34. She glows during the day.Perhaps this planet is radioactive. I shall have to ask Arlen to look into it.
  35. 35. And I am saddened to report that Bree is still very much enamored with Cental Clenthar.Not a day goes by when I don’t see that that hated woman with my little sister.
  36. 36. Bree is so caught up in the throes of her first infatuation that I do not know how to break it to her that Cental is using her.
  37. 37. And will abuse her if given the chance.
  38. 38. But there never seemed to be a good time to discuss this with Bree. I was so busy being a mother that before I knew it, theboys’ birthday had arrived.
  39. 39. Bree helped out the best she could, but she seemed distracted by Cental’s presence.
  40. 40. My eldest boy, Auric looks so much like his father, it is remarkable. But he has my hair and perhaps more from me. He willgrow to become an excellent leader after his father steps down.
  41. 41. I am sure that Arlen will agree with me on this. He’s already very impressed with his sons despite not sharing the same housethey know who their father is.It is as it should be.
  42. 42. My second born, Allieon, reminds me of my sister Bree a great deal. Not in appearance as much as personality. He seemssimpler than Auric and he’s much more in awe of the world around him.
  43. 43. And like Bree, he is quick to make friends. Arlen’s confided in me that Allieon is his favorite although he admits that he lovesboth of his children as well as the child he is carrying. They are a part of him, a part that he thought he would never have.Slaves can be genetic donors, but they are not allowed to be parents or rear their children. So this experience is new forhim.I wonder how the other slave, Deleren, is handling the change. I’ve heard that he’s become very close to the father of Arlen’schild, Celdu. If that is the case, I wish them both happiness. It is one less obstacle to overcome.
  44. 44. One person I do not wish any happiness is Cental. Oh, how I hate her! She had the temerity to insult me for having a childwithout being joined to the father. As if any of that mattered to me or to Arlen. But then she had to insinuate that Arlenwould not have me.
  45. 45. Well, there was clearly only one thing to do.
  46. 46. Naturally, Arlen accepted. I had no doubts and I do not think anyone else did. Deleren remarked in an off-hand manner thatif I had set my eye on him, then he too would have had no choice to accept. It gives me pause. But I do not think that Iordered Arlen to marry me. I only hope he wants this as much as I do.
  47. 47. However, I was unable to determine if this was the case because my sister chose that moment to birth her child. And thenshe said it felt wonderful and she would like to go through it at least six more times.Ugh. Better her than me, I say.
  48. 48. Still, my new nephew is interesting. He’s got my sister’s natural eye color before she was struck down by her malady. Buthe is clearly the child of the bane of my existence, Cental.Which ironically is the child’s name. Bane Borealis. I pity him.
  49. 49. My nephew was no sooner laid down in his crib than my sister and that woman were at it again. I know she means to have asmany children as possible. I only wish that she had picked someone else. Even sharing my Arlen would be preferable.
  50. 50. But no, Bree is so enamored of Cental that she proposed to the woman. To think that I will have to live in the same house asmy hated enemy. It is untenable. I will need to suggest that Arlen and I be joined at the earliest opportunity.
  51. 51. I also dread what kind of parent she will be to my nephew and any future siblings he will have.
  52. 52. But with all of these goings on and drama I still managed to learn everything about getting power and water. Now I can go toArlen and help him get the plans drawn up. I think that maybe a few wind turbines and solar panels will work well. As forwater purification, I have an idea about using certain plants to take care of the sewage issue and then using ultravioletradiation to kill anything harmful.
  53. 53. It seems that not all of Bree’s time was spent fishing, she managed to get a good crop of eggplants going. I helped harvestthem. Bree didn’t seem to mind and was happy for the help.I know that she and I don’t get along very well, but she’s my sister. There are ties that we cannot break.
  54. 54. Even if she cheats outrageously whenever we play games together.
  55. 55. And I catch her almost every time.
  56. 56. Still, I appreciate her help. Allieon loves her.
  57. 57. Which is fine with me, because I find myself drawn to Auric. His stubbornness reminds me of me.I hope that by this time next week, I will be in my Arlen’s arms and he in mine and our family can finally be together. ~*~
  58. 58. Hello again. So things are going along. If it seems like all of this is relationships and babies well, think about it this way – thepeople of this town can’t get jobs until Arlen moves up in his career. And well there are certain limiters to that.We’ve managed to hit one of them this chapter, Brenna did max Mechanical so we can get showers, electronics, and stuffsoon. Pretty much as soon as I get back to the Abraxis household.No one is furious yet. Despite the pokings going on between Brenna and Cental. So I can’t get Law yet. And this house ispretty much guaranteed to NEVER get a burglar and rarely get a fire. Mostly because Bree doesn’t sleep or eat.Speaking of Bree, she wants to be a Hand of Poseidon. Doable. And also one of the few careers you don’t need somethingbuilt for. Just a gold Fishing Badge.
  59. 59. Brenna on the other hand is like Arlen, whose LTW I forgot to share last time, and wants 20 Best Friends. Not the best LTWfor a sim who hates one sim, has a -8/0 relationship with her sister, and doesn’t even know three of the settlers. That willget fixed somewhat later on – I’ve played ahead – but seriously the Dice so picked wrong for Brenna on her secondaryaspiration.As most people are aware, I play with both ACR and random Triplets and Quads. I haven’t changed any of the defaults but Idid put in a larger household hack. But I did mess with the gender preferences. Crater Lake is predominantly bisexual. Thealiens overcame the whole pollination problem a while back so loving who you loved didn’t prevent you from having children.There are still purely Gay and Purely Straight sims. But most sims will be raised to love who you love regardless of gender.I also really need a clothing store to get more pregnancy appropriate clothing. Especially for my males. Poor guys.
  60. 60. Here are the two toddlers and their stats. I’m only going to do this at the end of the story part so it doesn’t break up thenarrative.Auric BorealisCancer6/3/6/6/9Allieon BorealisAries6/7/6/1/5
  61. 61. A note on family funds, I did it randomly rather than game assigned. Each sim in the household had a possibility of getting$1000 to $30,000 to start off with. So a household with 3 sims has a range of $3000 - $90,000.This is how the funds randomized at the start:Abraxis: 24,000Borealis: 59,000Cental: 36,000Dvair: 47,000Everett: 32,000Also, since I did randomize 5 households I get one community lot, however Arlen will have to unlock it first. Skill, Arlen!
  62. 62. So Stats:Sims: 13 (10 adults, 2 toddlers, 1 infant)Community Lots: 0Sim Multiplier: 1Founder Career: 3 (Able to advance to Campaign Manager)Taxes: $1100Furious sims: 0 (Despite Cental and Brenna’s Pokefest)Sick sims: 0Fires / Burglaries: 0 (the tree doesn’t count – boo!)Current Population: 13