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Challenge island rotation 4 - lynwood


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ISBI Winter 1 Rotation

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Challenge island rotation 4 - lynwood

  1. 1. I’m back with another update. Mostly because it’d been my plan to combine this house with the Midlocks but considering that Arya and Merlin’s house is so full of drama at the moment and it’s only on day three and sitting at over 100 pictures I decided that discretion was the better part of valor. I’m shooting to keep these updates less than 150 slides so that they’re quick reads. So enough babbling on to the family!
  2. 2. You might remember that this is my ISBI house. You might also remember that I’m used to playing asylums with larger households and random triplets and quads. I never thought that I’d say it but that ability has served me well here.
  3. 3. The house looks prettier than it did but it’s still a bit barren out front. But that might be a good thing all things considered.
  4. 4. Tish’s one true hobby is sports. Now if you know that, you can make a guess as to their daily wants. Generally you’ll get a talk about hobby and then one or two hobby related actions. Which for sports is playing catch and football. Those little 500 point wants will add up if you want to keep people happy. And I generally want her happy so she’ll go to work no matter what.
  5. 5. Even if leaving her alone with no one but the butler and nanny to keep an eye on her is worrying.
  7. 7. *Pick us up! Pick us up!* Poor Delight and Glory were not happy to be on the floor.
  8. 8. Meanwhile Bliss is totally chilling. I wonder if this is indicative of her personality.
  9. 9. As you can see the Nanny’s arrived and Tish is eating. Both good signs.
  10. 10. And the NPCs are doing their jobs to take care of the resident idiots.
  11. 11. Even if they don’t like it. “You’re an idiot!” “Excuse me?” “You heard me!”
  12. 12. “Now you hear me, I’m the one paying you!”
  13. 13. “I don’t care! You’re an idiot and a bad mother! Get your act together or I’ll kick some sense into you!”
  14. 14. Tish considered this while Nanny Jessica fed one of the Triplets.
  15. 15. Then she took a shower.
  16. 16. And went to find her nemesis...
  17. 17. Where she promptly threw down with the old woman and kicked the NPCs butt.
  18. 18. “Why do I think I’ve missed all of the excitement.”
  19. 19. This is to show you that Tish has maxed body. No wonder she kicked the Nanny’s butt.
  20. 20. “So you wanna go on date?” “Sure!”
  21. 21. There was bowling. Something I bought since I KNEW that fortune sim Tish likely had a want for it in her panel at some point. No aspiration when it was bought, but it serves well on dates.
  22. 22. And her aspiration and needs up, Tish set off to work. She’s got all but one mechanical point for the top level promotion which will also make her permaplat. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing in a ISBI.
  23. 23. Apparently today was take your infant daughter to work day. Delight didn’t seem pleased.
  24. 24. Which is okay since it’s finally time to se what the kids look like.
  25. 25. This is Glory. She’s sporting the same hairstyle as her mother only in a darker shade. She’s an Aries with stats of 7/10/8/1/2 – that’s interesting.
  26. 26. Next up was Bliss. Who is also sporting an updo but this time with parted bangs. She’s a Virgo with stats of 10/1/8/7/9. I foresee lots of made beds and toilet stalking the future. Her OTH is Tinkering which she discovered early.
  27. 27. Finally we have Delight, who is also sporting an updo although this one is different from her mother’s and Glory’s. She’s a Leo with stats of 10/9/1/3/3. She’ll be fighting with Bliss as to who can clean the toilets but she’ll likely win since she’s meaner. Her OTH is cuisine. Which means that Glory’s is likely something like Sports or something that I don’t have a ready object for her to play on. I admit it, I laughed at all of the updos and decided to keep them. It’ll make telling the three apart fun. But hey, that’s what this is all about!
  28. 28. Then came the potty training.
  29. 29. And more potty training.
  30. 30. And still more potty training. Seriously all the potty training.
  31. 31. But at least the kids were happy and contented with their toys.
  32. 32. The big kids too.
  33. 33. Which is good since Jack is steadily climbing the career ladder for athletic. When he reaches the top, I’ll switch him to another career. Probably Medical so I can get the career reward.
  34. 34. Meanwhile the girls settled into being toddlers.
  35. 35. Nanny Jessica is pretty awesome, she potty trained Delight here and helped with the other girls. Go her!
  36. 36. Did you know if you leave off preparing a dish, a hungry sim will finish it? I did and then forgot about it. This is good since Tish’s portrait is the color of her hair.
  37. 37. The butler is not nearly as good with the toddlers as Nanny Jessica. What to do with a green fuming, sleep desperate child? I know give them a bottle. And I know Bliss here isn’t hungry because she’d just had a bottle not 10 sim minutes before. That Butler Travis gave her. Benson he is not.
  38. 38. Eventually every one got settled.
  39. 39. Even if they were stalking their parents. That is the one thing I hate the most about uncontrollable toddlers, the neverending following and asking for attention and being read to. At least they’re not plantsim toddlers, those are worse.
  40. 40. Kids in bed, it was time for the nightly date to keep Tish’s aspiration up. I know I can get at least 1500 points out of her with talking, playing, and dancing. Sometimes I get lucky with other wants, but I’m guessing that most of the time she gets stuck on entertain/joke/dirty joke/and eat out wants. I can’t tell. But that’s what Yakko’s wife Jo always got stuck on when I was doing Yakko’s LTW and I’d have to use one of her 8 commands to tell a dirty joke and have it cycle. Since the rules explicitly state I can’t ask “Do you like what you see?” which would cycle it once the date hits good I’m stuck with what I can get.
  41. 41. There’s also still a chance that Tish can get pregnant. Five percent. It hasn’t happened yet, but this is my game. We all know how my game feels about things like this. So I’m just waiting.
  42. 42. The reason I always do the dates at night is because Tish’s car pool comes at 4am. It’s the best I can do for her to make her get promoted. Also don’t feel sorry for the green fuming toddler. She wanted to learn to talk – the aspiration points she got afterward told me that.
  43. 43. She also totally hated getting a bath. I mean look at that expression! If lasers could come out of her eyes they totally would be right now. In fact.... There...
  44. 44. Wife at work, Jack settled into training his daughters. I’m sure they’ve got the big wants and I’m hoping to get them a leg up so I can give them the Perks.
  45. 45. No aspiration, but Delight knows how to walk.
  46. 46. The rules also don’t prohibit aspiration rewards so Jack pretty much shoves smartmilk down the kids gullet whenever he gets the chance. They need the boost.
  47. 47. A newly promoted Tish returns home to drop off the same set of flowers 10 times in the snow. Got to love the coding.
  48. 48. And Jack is now just one promotion away from topping Athletic. Wait... This isn’t an apoc... I don’t know why I am so obsessed with topping careers. Still between the chance cards and promotions the family has almost 40k in the bank. This will be good come renovation day!
  49. 49. For now it’s time for some good old fashioned fun in the snow. And by that, I mean bowling.
  50. 50. “Stop hovering.” “But I want to network with you!” “You want to have me date Santa Claus. Not interested.” *hovers*
  51. 51. This is the primary reason I’m teaching the triplets to walk. Once they know how, they can climb out of their cribs sometimes. This is a real headache saver.
  52. 52. Bliss clearly doesn’t like being changed. Things are not blissful for her.
  53. 53. Nor are they blissful for poor Tish. Being a working mom is hard!
  54. 54. Especially when your husband keeps inviting crazies over.
  55. 55. But the parties serve a purpose. Jack wants 20 best friends and parties are good for getting those.
  56. 56. It means that he can do things like teach Delight to talk quickly.
  57. 57. And Glory to walk.
  58. 58. Even if the poor kid is about to pass out and his wife is refusing to shower.
  60. 60. OMG just shower already! Stop checking yourself out and shower!
  61. 61. Finally!
  62. 62. We interrupt your green fuming to announce that Bliss apparently has maxed her mechanical. This is good. Since that’s the hardest skill to get later. Even charisma is easier... Just buy a bird and teach it to talk. Non-controllables will talk to it and gain charisma.
  63. 63. One promotion away, I think. She’s a Protector of Whales and has 9 mechanical. Which should be enough. I thought she needed 10. She doesn’t. But her portrait is not bright green or plat so that could be a problem.
  64. 64. Unlike Mr. Energizer here who has discovered that aspiration rewards are awesome!
  65. 65. But swimming in winter, not so awesome! Get back inside! I swear I leave you alone for one minute to find out where the triplets are and this is what you do!
  66. 66. Tish didn’t get promoted, but she didn’t get fired either. So close. Now if everyone will stop hovering in the smallest room in the house that’d be awesome.
  67. 67. So, I bet you can guess what today is! It’s not hump day, but it is cake day. That means a party!
  68. 68. Because seriously, I’m getting sick of toddlers asking for attention.
  69. 69. Delight is up first.
  70. 70. Yep, she has hands.
  71. 71. Remember how I mentioned Hayleigh had an enemy. Meet the enemy, new teen townie with alien skin and elf ears, Jennifer Fong. I’d played ahead then decided to split the update. I kind of like Jennifer.
  72. 72. “I’m in your game photobombing your parties!”
  73. 73. Glory also has two hands.
  74. 74. *photobombs*
  75. 75. And Bliss bucks the matching PJs trend and is the last to age up.
  76. 76. I want to point out that Jack has no clue who Arya is but that everyone is gossiping about how she got cheated on by Merlin.
  77. 77. So Jack feels the need to spread the gossip himself. This is the hottest thing in the hood right now. The party was a roof raiser, but it was over quickly.
  78. 78. And life returned to it’s standard grade of idiocy. Tish maxed her creativity while Bliss watched.
  79. 79. Glory discovered that her dad snored.
  80. 80. Followed by Bliss learning the same thing. Sorry kids, you have beds you don’t get to sleep with your parents.
  81. 81. And they also have a kiddie stove. These things are lifesavers in asylums and OWBCs with bad apples. Seriously. If you don’t have them in your game, you’re missing out.
  82. 82. Spring is sprung along with the triplets. I’ve also renovated the house, I think I have more room to work and we also have alien baby potential.
  83. 83. So this is where I’ll leave you. Up next is Arya’s house where we will discover Merlin’s fate. Stay tuned! Happy simming!