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Ticketfriend and digital m grainne o reilly 06.02.13


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Ticketfriend and digital m grainne o reilly 06.02.13

  1. 1. Grainne O ReillyDigital and Social Media
  2. 2. •My Background•Ticketfriend•Why Work for a Start-Up?•Email Marketing•Content Marketing•Networking• Recommendations•Q & A•Helpful Links
  3. 3. •Background in Media Production &Management and Print Journalism (DCU,BCFE)•Marketing MBs (DCU)•Digital and Social Media Marketer•I Love Cats, Travel, Music & eBooks•Retired Waitress 
  4. 4. •Bar & Events Promotion Manager:(Loki Hostel Chain, South America)•AIB (C.S.A)•Freelance Journalist(Leinster Leader, Daily Mail, Tallaght Echo)•Hospitality Industry•Kildare County Council (Planning Sector)
  5. 5. Ticketfriend
  6. 6. Our Technology•Online Ticketing & Event Promotions•Paperless Technology (NFC)•Scalable Ticket Sales (Cloud Computing)•Responsive Website Design (HTML5 & CSS3)•Social Integration•Optimisation for SEO
  7. 7. We Offer:• Remarketing: Promoters and Event organisers should know who their fans and community are, so they can offer new events without high marketing costs.• Niche Event Referrals: Why Spam, when you can position tickets into the hearts of online tribes? Your fans can be your best promoters.• Box Office Solutions: are available with our free Android App (Tablet and Phone). Tickets have NFC/QR Codes.• Cheaper Tickets: Combining Remarketing and Promotional tools, we hope Event Organisers will be able to reduce the ticket prices for everyone.
  8. 8. Ticketfriend Events
  9. 9. • Rewarding and Unrestrictive•Creative Marketing Freedom•Insight and Experience•Career Potential•Exploring All Areas•Help Shape Business•Fun and Team Orientated
  10. 10. • The Subject Line (UpWorthy).• Personalising it.• The Content• Text above the fold.• Sender Address needs to be correct.• Drive Social Likes.• Can add a Twitter/Facebook feed in the email.• Working Links.• The Call to Action.• Proof it and Test it.• Don’t Spam People.
  11. 11. • Do not put Image at the top.• Name the Image and add alt text.• Open Rate: Count when the image is downloaded, not the mail opening. So no image can mean a greater open rate but maybe poorer conversions.• Timing is Everything: B2B 10.30-11am on a Tuesday morning. However it is industry specific.• People tend to click on Images.• Surveys and Polls can work well in an email.
  12. 12. •Use an Online Solution (i.e. Mailchimp)•To Track, Send, Manage (Analytics)•People on average open 1 in 3 marketing emails.•Segmented Lists•Scheduled Mails•Direct to Inbox (Obama “Hey”)•Maintains Relationship•Social Integration•Generates Traffic•Writing Top Product Lists can help you find out whatpeople like (Top Five, Ten etc.).
  13. 13. 1. Subscribe.2. Forward/Send to a friend.3. Navigation (if required).4. Useful links.5. Unsubscribe (Law).6. Privacy Policy (Law).7. Archive (to see previous issues).8. Print.9. Contact details.10. Ability to Share.
  14. 14. •ItsNot New: The medium and consumption haschanged.• Less Costly than other marketing forms.•Gives brands a Personality.•Has Longevity.•Content for PR purposes.•Many different channels: Social Networks,Articles and Guides, Blogs, Emails, etc.
  15. 15. Creating Content• Think Like a Publisher.• Tell a Story.• Create Value .• Research Subject Lines.• Use Copywriters.• Invite Influential Guest Bloggers.• Guest Blog.• Use Anchor Text Links.• Make it Great not Good.• Tag Relevant Influencers.
  16. 16. • Use Images and other Visuals.• SEO• Use Googles Keyword tool.• Social Share/Engage.• Recycle Content . (Lesson 1, 2, 3 etc.)• Know Your Audience.• Listen to Feedback.• Create User Generated Content.
  17. 17. NetworkingStart Now!!
  18. 18. Online•Linkedin, Quora, G+, Reddit etc.•Press, Bloggers, and Forums.•Facebook and Twitter: Re-Connect with people.•G+: Meet New Circles of people.Tools: Reportive for Gmail (Profile people),Bottlenose (Find Influencers), Majestic SEO, SEOMoz for backlinks.
  19. 19. Offline•Industry Meet-Ups.•Every Contact has an Opportunity.•Create your list of industry contacts.•Go to relevant events and seminars (WebAwards, Blog Awards etc.).•Get to know your friends circles.•Always get/give contact details to relevantpeople you meet.
  20. 20. Recommendations
  21. 21. • Make Your Online Mark: Reddit, Twitter, Blog etc.•Subscribe to Smart People like Seth Godin, RandFiskin SEOMoz, Hubspot, Wil Reynolds, Chris Brogan,Brian Carter etc.•KeepUp to date with Digital and TechnologyChanges (Facebook Graph etc.)• Join Google+, UpWorthy and Quora.•Get Familiar with ShortStack (Competition App) andother tools.•Sign Up for MySpace (its coming back!).
  22. 22. • content-strategy-whats-the-difference/••••• use-of-social-media/•••• __u=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS