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Tips and tricks_to_spot_a_bad_child_care_staffing_agency (1)


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When parents work full-time away from home, their only option is to leave the precious little one in day care.

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Tips and tricks_to_spot_a_bad_child_care_staffing_agency (1)

  1. 1. Tips and tricks to spot a bad child care staffing agency When parents work full- time away from home, their only option is to leave the precious little one in day care. It often
  2. 2. happens that parents personally experienced or heard unpleasant news committed by some bad child care staffing agency. So they are afraid leaving their baby or child to a new
  3. 3. child care center. Parents are the best critic to the facility their child attends. They said that mothers are more intuitive when there is something wrong. So Moms, use your powers
  4. 4. and perhaps open your third eye!
  5. 5. Here are tips to spot a bad child care staffing agency  Observe closely and look around the surroundings.
  6. 6. Be extra sensitive to smells and sounds emanating from the Center. Try to feel for the type of care your child will receive by interacting and the stuff. Also pay attention to
  7. 7. your little one if he or she comes home with concerns. Kids easily pick up bad vibes that parents have missed.  A environment is so still – there is no life
  8. 8. A still and non- stimulating environment will stunt the development of your child emotionally and mentally. Search for toys that are educational or safely structured play
  9. 9. areas. Be frank in asking questions; ask the staff how often they switched toys and time spent in cleaning. Also discuss with the staff if their activities are catered to the child’s age. Ask if
  10. 10. the center follows any special mission-vision statement, educational philosophies, etc.  Caregivers appear cold – lack in showing emotional support
  11. 11. In the absence of their parents, kids are looking for love and attention. Daycare workers are loco parentis when parents aren’t around. During the time you are in the facility, observe
  12. 12. the staff. Did they leave a child unattended or brush off the child’s need for attention? Are children ignored when they cry and caregivers bullied children to behave? These are all
  13. 13. positive signs that the center is bad not for your child or for any other child! The program of a Center uses positive guidance in handling children. They must have a stand
  14. 14. on the advantage of discipline over punishment.  Crowded with children The maximum number of children running
  15. 15. unattended in the facility is 14; if more, then it is illegal. Yes, it is an illegal practice for centers to be overcrowded as children are likely receiving inadequate care.
  16. 16.  Environment is unsafe Countless dangerous situations in the Center but are often times overlooked. With enough horror stories in
  17. 17. the news about dangers lurking in some childcare centers, parents no longer feel secured. Aside from physical dangers, they must double check all health and safety
  18. 18. procedures before selecting a day care. Observe little things around that might spell big disaster in the near future. For instance, does staff use gloves in changing a diaper or do
  19. 19. they wash their hands often? Are children’s special food properly labeled? Is smoking allowed in the place? Is the place safe from burglars as there are safety bars on windows?
  20. 20.  Environment looks unhealthy If there are sick children around, then your child has also risks of getting sick. In a good center, the management will
  21. 21. advise parents to keep their sick child at home or admitted in a clinic. Inquire about their policy regarding sick children. A sick child or sick baby is a lot of hardship for parents.
  22. 22. What will they do when your child is not feeling well or suffers from a toilet accident?  Activities are not promoting well- rounded growth
  23. 23. mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Analyze children activities on how well it is involved in educational advancement. Are
  24. 24. lessons taught in class or kind of books read, the toys and materials used motivate learning? A good center assures that children participate in the interaction and actively participating in
  25. 25. all daily activities. Ask if each provider is accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Members are committed to promote healthy
  26. 26. growth in children's care and education.  Does not follow State Licensing requirements A license is required for anyone caring for more
  27. 27. than one family aside from his or her own. License requirements vary from state to state. Child care licenses should be displayed on site that includes photos of family homes. Ask
  28. 28. your child for any signs of neglect, physical abuse, behavioral changes or physical injuries caused by care giver’s action.
  29. 29.  Open communication is lacking Parents must meet and discuss their experiences or issues. How readily available is
  30. 30. the management is in communicating with parents. Included is how openly the child is able to contact caregiver. A poor business practice is the difficulty in
  31. 31. scheduling a visit with staff or management. Steps in choosing the best childcenter 1. Do your complete research. Get recommendations of the center from parents,
  32. 32. friends and your pediatrician. You should include your OB-GYN, friends from the playground or other mommies. 2. Interview the centers. By screening the center
  33. 33. and in-home daycare providers over the phone, you will get answers. 3. Visit the centers in person. Once you have narrowed down your list, visit personally to
  34. 34. see if you got the right basics. Then stop to decide and it is safe to trust your gut. If something does not feel right, it is not right for your baby, either.
  35. 35. 4. Check your references. Call their former and current clients for information on how satisfied they are with the service. You might be short changed relying on letters of
  36. 36. recommendation that providers may supply as letters are easily edited or even forged. 5. Drop by unannounced. Before your final choice, stop by unexpectedly to get a
  37. 37. truer picture of what the group daycare center is like. What to look for in a Childcare Center
  38. 38.  Children and staff are happy and comfortable.  The environment is stimulating and you feel at home.
  39. 39.  . Groups are separated based on age.  Doors are locked for safety and protection.  Setting is clean and healthy.
  40. 40. No childcare center is perfect as there will always be flaws; however, all the bad practices are not found in the center you chose for your child. It has all the positive qualities
  41. 41. that help to grow and develop a healthy, well- cared and loving child.