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Hello Goodbye Hello


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Hello Goodbye Hello

  1. 1. Hello Goodbye Hello  A Circle of 101 Remarkable Meetings
  2. 2. Book Description Hello Goodbye Hello is a daisy chain of 101 fascinating true encounters, a book that has been hailed by reviewers in London as “howlingly funny” (The Spectator), “original and a complete delight” (The Sunday Times), and “rich and hugely enjoyable” (The Guardian). Or, as the London Evening Standard put it, “the truth and nothing but the plain, bonkers, howling truth . . . It is partly a huge karmic parlour game, partly a dance to the music of chaos—and only the genius of Craig Brown could have produced it.” Who could imagine such unlikely—but true— encounters as these:
  3. 3. Book Description Martha Graham meets Madonna Igor Stravinsky meets Walt Disney Frank Lloyd Wright meets Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe meets Nikita Khrushchev President Richard Nixon meets Elvis Presley Harpo Marx meets George Bernard Shaw Cecil Beaton meets Mick Jagger Salvador Dali meets Sigmund Freud Groucho Marx meets T.S. Eliot
  4. 4. Book Description Brilliant in conception, Hello Goodbye Hello shows how the celebrated and gifted—like the rest of us— got along famously or disastrously or indifferently with one another, but, thanks to Craig Brown, always to our amusement and entertainment. From an opening story in which Adolf Hitler survives being knocked down by a careless English driver in 1931 to the Duchess of Windsor’s meeting with the FÜhrer over tea, and 99 others in between, Hello Goodbye Hello is the perfect example that truth is stranger than fiction (and infinitely more enjoyable).
  5. 5. Editorial Reviews “Captivating…Glittering…Engaging…Entertaining…[Brown] has whipped up a gratifying summertime confection — funny, diverting, occasionally sad.” --Michiko Kakutani, New York Times “Deliciously clever and amusing…Hello Goodbye Hello is splendid company, not to mention perfect for the beach, the lake or the pool.” --Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post “Hello Goodbye Hello is a hilarious book, clever and thoroughly researched…dip into this book anywhere and you will be rewarded with something delightful.” --Moira Hodgson, Wall Street Journal “Brown’s collection of odd encounters could be titled Famous People Behaving Badly. They’re irresistible.” --People
  6. 6. Customer Reviews “This book was far less interesting than I expected it to be. ”Lao T. Sue “This was a gift for a very special friend and he was thrilled to receive this book. ”Sandic “An occasionally engaging book, but largely not as advertised. ”T. M. Sell
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