2010 WEC reg form special rate


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2010 WEC reg form special rate

  1. 1. RegistRation foRm Special Rate Deadline: April 22, 2010 1 RegistRation infoRmation MPI Member/Customer Number: ________________________________________ Last Name: ____________________________________________________ First Name: ________________________________________________ Title: __________________________________________________________ Company Name: ___________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Province_____________________________________________________ Zip or Postal Code/Country:_____________________________ Phone (Country Code/Area Code/Number):_________________________Cell (Country Code/Area Code/Number): _____________________________ *Airline: ______________________ Arrival Flight Number:__________ City Departing From: _________________ Arrival Date/Time: _____________ Number of Guests Traveling With You: ______ Departure Flight Number: __________ Departure Date/Time: _____________________ *E-mail:____________________________________________________ Twitter ID (if applicable): __________________________________________ *E-mail addresses and cell phone numbers will be kept private, unless specific approval is granted for opt in services. Email addresses will be used for MPI correspondence regarding your registration. Badge Information (as you wish it to appear) Name/Nickname:_________________________Professional Designation:_______________________ First-time attendee? Yes No Would you like to participate in the Ambassador Program? Yes, I would to receive information about the program What most influenced you to register? (Check all that apply) No, I am not interested in the program Conference brochure or postcard ONE+ magazine ad/article Have you ever booked a meeting in Vancouver? Promotional product Yes No E-mail from MPI Phone call from MPI Do you plan to host an event in Vancouver within the next 5 years? Messages from my chapter Yes No Word-of-mouth Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other) Do you plan meetings outside the US and Canada? Internet Yes No If so, where? (Check all that apply) How much purchasing power do you influence annually in US dollars? Europe Central America Asia Up to $50,000 $1,000,0001 to $5,000,000 Australia Africa Middle East $50,001 to $100,000 $5,000,001 to $10,000,000 South America $100,001 to $500,000 Above $10,000,000 $500,001 to $1,000,000 None Regarding the meetings you plan, on average, how many attendees are at each? Your purchasing role (check one) ___ Less than 50 attendees ___ 501-1,000 Make final decision Part of recommendation process ___ 51-100 ___ 1,001-1,500 Make final recommendation No role ___ 101-250 ___ 1,501-2,500 Your age range: ___ 251-500 ___ 2,501+ 25 or younger 36 - 45 56 - 65 Prefer not to respond Regarding the number of peak rooms needed for your meetings, 26 - 35 46 - 55 66 or older on average, how many do you book? Do you authorize MPI to publish your contact information (name, ___ Less than 50 attendees ___ 501-1,000 company and address) on the registration list to ___ 51-100 ___ 1,001-1,500 all program attendees? ___ 101-250 ___ 1,501-2,500 Yes No ___ 251-500 ___ 2,501+ Be in the know! Select “yes, share my email” to share your email with suppliers to receive product updates and information about Please rate the factors below in terms of how important each is in your decision to attend an MPI educational conference. special events during the conference (Please rate each factor on the following 1-5 scale) Yes, share my email (1) extremely important; (2) very important; (3) somewhat important; No, do not share (4) not very important; (5) unimportant I would like to opt out of receiving a conference bag ___ Educational Session Content ___ Budget Considerations ___ Conference Location ___ Schedule Considerations Yes, I do not wish to receive a conference bag ___ Networking Events No, I prefer to receive a conference bag
  2. 2. Page 2 Last Name _____________________________________________ First Name _______________________________________________ 2 PLEASE INDICATE ANY SPECIAL NEEDS Dietary Diabetic Vegetarian Food Allergies: ________________________________________________________________________ Physical Please check here if you require special accommodations to participate. Please specify: ________________________________________ 3 IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY DURING CONFERENCE, PLEASE CONTACT Name (Please print clearly): __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone: ______________________________________________ Evening Phone: ________________________________________________ 4 REGISTRATION FEES Special Rate by April 22, 2010 *Non-Member Planners may receive the rate of $399 without be- Check Only One ing “recruited” by a Supplier Member or Non-Member. MPI Planner Member $399 *Supplier Members and Non-Members must “recruit” a Non-Mem- Planner Non-Member $399 ber Planner to receive the full conference registration fee of $399. This offer is not valid without an accompanying Non-Member MPI Supplier Member $399 Planner reg form. MPI Supplier Non-Member $399 Return forms to MPI via fax 972.406.6614 or via email to *Planner Non-Member Name: bshaddox@mpiweb.org Early Discount Rate Advance Rate by by June 25, 2010 July 23, 2010 Onsite Rate Check Only One MPI Supplier Member $625 $935 $995 MPI Supplier Non- Member $936 $1,045 $1,205 NBTA members $625 $935 $995 One-day Member (planners) $395 $625 $785 One-day Non Member (planners) $560 $780 $835 Student Member $120 $235 $315 Member Faculty $310 $550 $760 Section 4 Subtotal US$ ________________ 5 CONFERENCE EVENTS / OTHER FEES Early Discount Rate by Onsite Rate June 25, 2010 Friday/Saturday - ROI Workshop (Member/Non-member) $595 / $795 $695 / $895 Saturday - RISE Awards Presentation Complimentary Complimentary Saturday - Community Service Project, 8-11:30am, # of tickets ______ $50 $50 Tuesday - Orlando Promotional Lunch Complimentary Complimentary MPI Foundation Events Saturday MPI Foundation World Series of Poker Tournament Ticket $100 $100 Ticket is for admission to the tournament, food and drink, only Saturday MPI Foundation World Series of Poker Tournament Player Ticket $275 $275 Player Ticket must be purchased to participate in poker tournament Power Play Pass - 1 Rendezvous ticket and 1 Poker Tournament Ticket $200 $200 Poker Tournament ticket is for admission, food and drink only Sunday - 1 Rendezvous Ticket (location Commodore concert venue) $110 $125 Sunday - 2 Rendezvous Ticket Package (location Commodore concert venue) $200 $200 Sunday - 3 Rendezvous Ticket Package (location Commodore concert venue) $250 $250 I would like to make a donation to the MPI Foundation in the following amount*: $35 $75 $100 Other:__________ *Tax-deductible contribution to the extent provided by law. The MPI Foundation’s Federal Tax ID Number is 31-112696 Section 5 Subtotal US$_________________________ Total Amount Due US$__________________________
  3. 3. 6 PAYMENT • Payment must accompany your registration form. • Return check fee - $30 • Checks must be in US Dollars • Copies of checks will not be accepted 7 SEND REGISTRATION FORM TO: Please check one: Promotional Code (if applicable): __________________________________ Showcare Enclosed is Check # ____________ in the amount of US$______________ MPI 2010 WEC • Payable to Meeting Professionals International. • Please write the registrant’s name on the check. 1200 G Street NW Enclosed is my money order. Suite 800 Washington, DC Credit Card: Charge US$_____________to the following credit card.* 20005-3967 Visa Mastercard American Express Diner’s Club Discover Credit Card Number:___________________________Expiration Date:__________ Fax: 514-380-9378 or 866-654-0920 Cardholder’s Name:_______________________________________________________ Email: wec@showcare.com Cardholder’s Signature:____________________________________________________ *All non-U.S. members will be charged the U.S. equivalent at the time the credit card is processed. IMPORTANT REMINDERS • Special Rate Deadline - April 22, 2010 • Discount Registration Deadline - June 25 2010 • Advance Registration Deadline - July 23, 2010 • Deadline for Attendee List – Register by June 25, 2010 to guarantee your name and contact information on the attendee list published on the MPI website. • Mailed Registrations Deadline – Please do not mail registrations after June 25, 2010 as we cannot guarantee receipt in a timely manner for processing. Payment may be required onsite for registrations not received. • Questions Regarding Registration – Please call 514-380-9377 or 866-654-0919 or email wec@showcare.com. Registrations received without payment will not be processed. • Questions Regarding Membership – Please call 1.972.702.3053 • Guest Registration (US$250) – All guests must register onsite at US$250 and must not be in an industry-related position. Co-workers or associates in the industry do not qualify. Guests must be at least 18 years of age. Guests are welcome to participate in the opening reception, closing reception and other official evening events, excluding MPI Foundation Poker Tournament and Rendezvous Vancouver. • Cancellations – Cancellations must be received in writing prior to June 25, 2010 and are subject to a US$75 processing fee. Refunds will be processed within 30 days after the conference. Refunds will not be granted after June 25, 2010 nor will they be given for no-shows. Please mail, fax, or email cancellations to wec@showcare.com. • MPI Ambassador Program - MPI will be having an Ambassador Program to pair first time attendees and new members with experienced members, to learn what to expect and how to get the most out of WEC. If you selected “Yes, I would to receive information about the program” you will be contacted with information about becoming a mentor or mentee. • Community Service Project - Restoring Salmon Habitats with the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation. MPI volunteers will be taken by bus to Vancouver’s North Shore. Working stream-side in a forest park, volunteers will be supervised by local experts and will be involved in activities such as species identification, surveying, and replacing invasive plants with native species that provide critical shade, shelter and protection from erosion. Volunteers will have lunch provided and will visit a local fish hatchery. Waterproof hiking footwear is recommended. • For complete details regarding conference events, please log on to mpiweb.org.