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Alcohol alert


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Alcohol alert

  1. 1. Alcohol Alert-Accident Prevention • By • Dr.Ashok laddha • MBBS, PGDC ,PGDD, PGDEM, AFIH • Diploma in Workplace Health and safety. MBAHA(In –Progress
  2. 2. Alcohol Alert • Drinking and Driving A Fatal Combination
  3. 3. Facts about Road traffic accident • 1.2 million people killed in road traffic accident world wide • 73% of all road traffic accident fatalities are male • Speed is the single most common traffic rule violation is responsible for Road traffic accident
  4. 4. Effect of Alcohol on Driving • • • • • Impaired Brain Function Poor JUDGEMENT Increased Reaction Time Lower Vigilance Decreased Visual Perception
  5. 5. Effect of Drinking and Driving • Irreconcilable conflict between alcohol and safe driving • The cost of conflict is very high • Greater impact of Young Generation • Drunken driving is the leading cause of death and disability among young people
  6. 6. Indirect impact Affect • Seat belt wearing • Helmet Use • Speed Choice
  7. 7. Health Consequences of Alcohol • Cancer –Upper respiratory Tract --Colon --Liver --Rectum --Breast • Alcoholic liver disease • Alcoholic Pancreatitis • Fatal alcohol spectrum disorder-(ladies)
  8. 8. Chemical Breakdown of Alcohol • Alcohol-----------acetaldehyde--------acetate----- • ------water + carbon di-oxide
  9. 9. Carcinogenic Bi-product of Alcohol • • • • Acetaldehyde Highly reacting oxygen molecule Reactive Oxygen species (ROS) Fatty acid ethyl esters
  10. 10. Effect Of Acetaldehyde •Behavioral Effect •In –co-ordination •Memory Impairment •Sleepiness •Physiological Effect •Low Blood Pressure •Depresses Consciousness •& Respiration
  11. 11. Effect on Medical Management • Apart from Road accident, the presence of alcohol in the body of road crash victim adversely affect the --Diagnosis --Management --Treatment of Injuries
  12. 12. Prevention Prevention of Road Accident/others accidents Through Interventional Strategies
  13. 13. Take Home Message Drinking Kills Driving Skill Say No To Alcohol--By Dr.Ashok Laddha Ex-CMO,WELSPUN HOSPITAL,SALAV