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Don't Turn Your Back on Bullying


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My entry for the Australian finals of the Young Lions.
We built a campaign around testing people's moral fibre, forcing them to confront the tricky issue of bullying (something very difficult for an adult to relate to or deal with for their kids).
This was delivered in a 5 minute presentation in front of a panel of judges.
We were unanimously voted the winner and were sent to Cannes to compete in the global competition (we came 4th there with a Highly Commended)

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Don't Turn Your Back on Bullying

  1. 1. Facing up to bullying in Australia A  communica*on  solu*on  prepared  for  the  AMF  “Buddy  Week”   By  Jessica  Woodford  &  Lachlan  Williams
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE 1. Establish  the  AMF  as  the  facilitator  of   communica*on  around  bullying 2. Make  bullying  an  important  issue Buddy  Week  is  hard  for  parents  and  teachers  to   relate  directly  to.   Making  it  unlikely  that  they  will  be  involved  and   ul*mately,  become  donors.
  3. 3. CONSUMER INSIGHT If  people  don’t  know  what  to  do  about   something,  their  natural  insBnct  is  to  turn  away.
  4. 4. STRATEGY Forcing  parents  to  take  responsibility  for   changing  behaviours  around  bullying  in  our   schools  and  support  the  AMF. We  are  going  to  test  the  “Genovese  Syndrome”
  5. 5. IDEA DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON BULLYING We  understand  that  it  is  easier  for  parents  to  try  and  ignore  bullying So  we  aim  to  sBmulate  conversaBon By  engaging  them  with  bullying  in  a  personal  and  surprising  way
  6. 6. Turn  our  consumers  into  a  channel  and  force  them  to   experience  what  the  AMF  offers  by  having  someone   intervene  in  a  surprising  act  of  bullying
  7. 7. A LIVING VIRAL CAMPAIGN BUILT ON PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS 12,500 PERSONAL CONNECTIONS 100 “VicBms” 125  sBckers   each 25  “Recruited   VicBms”  per  original   “VicBm” 4  sBckers  each 125  total  connecBons  per  person
  8. 8. BRINGING THE IDEA TO LIFE ELICITING AN EMOTIONAL RESPONSE Tagging  “vic*ms”  with  s*ckers  and  challenging  other  people  to  intervene   A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: Force  our  consumers  to   confront  bullying  by   challenging  their  moral  fibre BUILDING SCALE AND DRIVING MOMENTUM Turning  this  social  experiment  into  content  and  spreading  across  broadcast   channels  as  TVC’s,  Online  Video  and  Interac*ve  ads  online.  Leverage  NAB   proper*es  and  assets  to  deliver  the  message  to  a  wider  audience.  Leverage   media  partnerships  with  Channel  9  and  News  Ltd  to  secure  coverage. DRIVE WIDER INTERACTION AND TRIGGER DONATIONS Ac*vate  interac*ve  touch-­‐points  to  drive  dona*ons  and  brand  interac*ons.   (through  digital  formats  –  ATM’s  EFTPOS  Machines,  Mobile  &  Online  adver*sing)   Create  sharing  experiences  through  social  media  with  “I’ve  got  your  back”  tags  in   posts
  9. 9. MEASURING SUCCESS SUCCESS WILL BE MEASURED IN 3 KEY WAYS: 1. PR  coverage 2. DonaBons  raised  (with  codes  for  each  format  to  help  opBmise  effecBveness  for  next   campaign) 3. ConnecBons  through  social  media