Question2 d


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Question2 d

  1. 1. Question 2.How does your media product represent different social groups?
  2. 2. How does your media product represent different social groups? My media product represents young females aged 12-17, I think my media productrepresents this in many different ways. For example on my front cover my house style is very bold and simple and colourful which I think applies to teenage girls why because all they want is the key gossip and they are not interest in all the writing. The colours I used which are soft colours relate to my target audience because I believe they are very ‘girly’ colours. My feature artist comes across as very ‘girly’, important and sexy. The way in which this comes across is the type of shot I chose to take of her which is a mid shot I think this shows the important side to her and the pose she is giving with her hand on her hip shows the sexy side to the artist. The choice of clothing I decided the artist to wear also relates to the socialgroup my media product is aimed at, teenage girls would look up to her and look at her as anicon which is what features in pop magazines. The language I have used is aimed at my target audience, words such as ‘princess’ ‘new look’ and ‘topless’ are what would interest them to read the magazine is why I have chosen to have these words bold so they catch there eye. The language through out the media product is formal. I also believe that the font I decidedto use which was ‘Franklin Gothic Demi Cond‘ goes well with my house style, keeping it bold and simple which is why I decided to keep this font through out my media product. I think that the soft colours through out give a very ‘girly’ feel to the magazine and would interest my readers. I feel like I haven’t used to many colours on the pages and I have kept the same colour range the same for each individual page which I like the look of.