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  1. 1. Question 1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Before constructing my media product I researched other magazines to see which styles I like and to get some ideas I liked for my own magazine. I found the magazine ‘Blender’ and liked it very much and it looked simple yet effective. Blender is a more R&B styled magazine but I wanted to do mine a more POP magazine but decided to use some of the qualities Blender had. There are many things alike about my magazine and Blender such as the solo artist been the dominant and only image on the page. The use of only a few colours keeping the house style smart. Also I used the idea of the artist’s and other key language been in either a larger or different colour font to make it stand out. The title I used was a lot like Blender magazine because it was bold and used capital letters to make it noticeable. But there are also many things that are not alike for example my dominant image is not in the centre of the page it is too the side. The magazine Blender inspired me and caught my eye because its simple but yet stands out. There isn’t too much on the cover but there is just enough to drag the readers in and I felt that my target audience been teenage girls this is the effect my magazine needed to have. When constructing my magazine I also made another front cover with a different format and when doing research my feedback came back that most of the audience I asked preferred the layout of blender too any other. As it’s the first time I did media I think that the Blender magazine cover helped me a lot to produce my own magazine cover but at the same time make it very different, I don’t think the two covers look alike they just use the same elements.
  3. 3. I think I have used conversions well on my contents page. I liked the style ofthe contents page but didn’t think that it was enough and felt like I had to do mine much bigger and bolder to fit in with my house style. I wanted to keep it simple not with extra information such as quotes which I don’t feel was needed for my target audience, I believe they just want to know what the magazine is going to contain so they buy it. Certain aspects of my contents page are alike the Blender contents page such as using just one dominantimage for the full page and have the features of the magazine down the right hand side of the page. The writing on the Blender contents page was verysmall and I felt that it was for a much more mature audience so I made mine much bigger so they stand out for the younger audience I aim to reach. Overall I am happy with my contents page but feel it is the weakest page I constructed.
  4. 4. My article page is my favourite page and I am very pleased with the end product of it. I like my article so much because I think it’s the one pagethat looks most professional and is the one that is anyone near looking like other articles that havebeen produced. I have used the conversions of an article very well with having pull quotes from what the artist has said and choosing the correctones to use when it came to drawing the audiencein. Also the pull quotes been in italics catches the readers eye. By just using two images I feel it looks very professional and isnt just filled with images to fill up the page, by just using two I feel that the readers get to know the artist but not to much is given away. When looking at other articles I found that they look slightly like mine but some look messier. I think this styles applies well to my audience by keeping it simple for the younger readers but still has all the juicy gossip.Compared to other pop magazines such as smash hits I think this article is a lot less cheesier giving it more class as I havent used bright colours or taken cheesy pictures of the artist I used. I am very happy with my final article page.