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Shawn Qu - Latin America 2030 targets the need for renewables


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LAC Climate Business Forum 2016 in Bogotá, Colombia, June 14-15, 2016.

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Shawn Qu - Latin America 2030 targets the need for renewables

  1. 1. IFC Conference Colombia, June 14 – 15 2016 CSIQ NASDAQ Listed LATIN AMERICA 2030 TARGETS THE NEED FOR RENEWABLES
  2. 2. 2Canadian Solar Inc. Latin America in 2030 341 GW generation capacity $350 billion investments 276 GW renewable capacity 102 GW solar capacity Significant emission reduction by 2030 Shift to non- hydro renewables Electricity demand to double 2011 2030 • CO2 emission levels at 569 milion metric tons by 2030 • Countries to lower emissions 15 – 60% by 2030 as part of Paris Agreement • Diversify energy sources & improve energy security • Limited resources & high fossil energy price • Volatile hydro capacity • 3% annual economic growth over next 20 years • 0.85% annual population growth over next 20 years • 3.7% CAGR electricity demand growth • ~25 million people without access to electricity Source: World Bank 2010, IDB 2014, BNEF 2015, ECLAC 2030
  3. 3. 3Canadian Solar Inc. Why Solar • Abundant solar resources • Decreasing cost of solar installations • Attractive investment returns • Most cost effective energy solution for distributed generation and off- grid applications Drivers IFC support for: • Strengthening energy market regulatory framework • Expanding financial markets for solar projects • Increasing private sector investments Sustained Solar Growth Source: GTM Research Latin America PV Playbook Q1 2016 Market Update Latin America PV Demand 2015 - 2020
  4. 4. 4Canadian Solar Inc. Case Study: Utility Scale Brazil RS SC PR SP MG GO MT AC AM RR RO BA PI MAPA AP TO CE RN PE AL SE MS RJ ES DF PB Pirapora Canadian Solar’s Utility Scale Project in Minas Gerais, Brazil 190 MWp 593,750 locally manufactured modules 423 ha 392,456 MWh / year BNDES Financing 20 PPA w/ CCEE COD: 2017 Q3
  5. 5. 5Canadian Solar Inc. Case Study: Distributed Generation Samaca Farm, Ica, Peru Key Figures Issues • Small farm needs irrigation system • Closest electricity network more than 20 km away • Costs and operation profitability Solution • 96 kW solar ground- mount installation • 320 Canadian Solar modules • Two banks of batteries Results • Completely replaced diesel motor pumps • 50 kW PV DG for 5 hour daily pump operation • able to produce high quality organic products 30,417 liters diesel saved / year 5 year payback period 179,000 kWh per year 82 tons of CO2 saved per year $21,000 in savings annually
  6. 6. 6Canadian Solar Inc. Case Study: Off-Grid Applications Maple + Atlas Systems • 22 million people without access to electricity, 15% of the rural population • Cost effective power solution for essential services such as lights, cell phones, personal computers 3/5 W Weighs less than 1 kg Adjustable LED lamp 1.5W 8h charging time Enough energy to charge two iPhone 6S Maple Light & Charging Solution 20/30/50 W Weighs 19.6 kg 3W LED as bright as a 25 W light bulb 12V and 5 V output for small devices Integrated FM Radio with 3W speaker 7200 iPhone charges during battery system lifetime of two years Atlas Solar Home System
  7. 7. 7Canadian Solar Inc. EL LIBERTADOR June 2016