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Carlos Klink - NDCs & the Private Sector: Brazil


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LAC Climate Business Forum 2016 in Bogotá, Colombia, June 14-15, 2016.

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Carlos Klink - NDCs & the Private Sector: Brazil

  1. 1. NDCs & The Private Sector: Brazil Carlos A. Klink University of Brasilia, Brazil
  2. 2. Brazil´s GHGs emissions (annual estimates by MCTI, 2014) Elaborated by Ministry of the Environment (2015).
  3. 3. Brazil´s NDC Type: absolute target in relation to a base year (2005) Coverage: economy-wide, 100% of the territory, including CO2, CH4, N2O, PFCs, HFCs, SF6 Metric: GWP-100 (IPCC AR5) ADAPTATION: Social dimension (more vulnerable as priority) New public policies (National Adaptation Plan) 37% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction by 2025 (Contribution) 43% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction by 2030 (Subsequent indicative contribution)
  4. 4. The Private Sector & Brazil´s NDC PUBLIC CONSULTATION: Ministers, civil society, academia, political leaders, Congress representatives, private sector, think-tanks, experts, the Church, BNDES. KEY INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS: Joint climate change statements • CHINA • USA • GERMANY • NORWAY (during Paris) PRIVATE SECTOR: Bank association, Beef, Biotech, Business forums, Cement, Chemicals, Coal, Construction, Ethanol and Biodiesel, Farmers associations, Forestry, Industry associations, Mining, Oil and gas, Renewables (solar and wind), Soy, Steel. WHAT: Political engagement and compromise; Scenarios; Climate financing. EXAMPLES: Ag & Forestry Coalition; FEBRABAN.