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Even if you've never sold a product before, you can do it with Motives. We make it easy to sell and succeed without limits. Our award-winning cosmetic, skincare, and anti-aging products receive worldwide media attention. We constantly strive for innovation in product technology, design, marketing and sales – and we pass those benefits and expertise on to YOU!
Participate in a growing, multibillion-dollar industry
Set your own hours — work when YOU want to!
The best trainers and support anywhere
Work and grow at your own pace
Earn 40%-50% retail profit plus commissions on everything you sel

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Motives Cosmetics Business Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Motives® by Loren Ridinger<br /><ul><li>Customizable cosmetics line
  3. 3. Custom-formulated
  4. 4. Complements every skin tone, type and color
  5. 5. Perfect formulas and pigmentation for easy and foolproof application
  6. 6. Powders are micro-pulverized for a smooth flawless finish</li></li></ul><li>Motives® by Loren Ridinger is…<br />Unlike Department Stores:<br /><ul><li> Custom Blend Color-Matching
  7. 7. Liquid Foundations
  8. 8. Mineral Powder Foundations
  9. 9. Mineral Blushes
  10. 10. Mineral Bronzer
  11. 11. Our Products Are Unique
  12. 12. Customized for you
  13. 13. Perfect color to match
  14. 14. your individual style</li></li></ul><li>Why Motives®?<br />Cosmetic selection process: <br /><ul><li>Crowded retail stores
  15. 15. The wrong lighting
  16. 16. Impersonal service
  17. 17. Overpriced designer products
  18. 18. Typical trial-and-error approach to makeup selection
  19. 19. Interruption by other shoppers</li></li></ul><li>Benefits and Features<br /><ul><li>Timeless color palette
  20. 20. Always fresh
  21. 21. Creates a healthy glow
  22. 22. Cutting-edge formulas
  23. 23. Vivid, rich colors
  24. 24. Innovative color combinations
  25. 25. High-end cosmetics
  26. 26. Highest quality ingredients
  27. 27. Hypoallergenic
  28. 28. Noncomedogenic</li></li></ul><li>Motives® Mission Statement <br />PEOPLE EMPOWERING PEOPLE…<br />The ability to make people look and feel better while achieving the lifestyle they have always dreamed about.<br />
  29. 29. Market America<br />A Product Brokerage Company<br />Founded in 1992 and Headquartered in <br />Greensboro, NC<br />Proven UnFranchise® Business Development System<br />One- to- One Marketing<br />
  30. 30. Disclaimer<br />The income levels mentioned in the following presentation are for illustration purposes only. They are not intended to represent the income of a typical Market America Independent Distributor, nor are they intended to represent that any given Distributor will earn income in that amount.The success of any Market America Independent Distributor will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent, and dedication which he or she devotes to building his or her Market America Business.<br />Canadian Distributors, if making an earnings claim, must disclose the earnings of a typical Independent Distributor. Please refer to the end of the printed presentation of the UnFranchise®Management System to see the Income Disclosure Chart. Canadian Independent Distributors should convert references of currency to Canadian dollars. Canadian Distributor commissions will be converted weekly to Canadian dollars. The conversion rate will be the exchange rate published by the Wall Street Journal immediately preceding the commission process for each week (typically the Tuesday of the week that a commission check is paid).<br />
  31. 31. Five steps to building a successful UnFranchise® Business<br />The UnFranchise Business Development System is a proven plan for qualified individuals to successfully attain financial independence.<br />Apply<br />Create<br />Qualify<br />Activate<br />Teach, Manage& Support Others<br />
  32. 32. Apply<br />Complete the Independent Distributor Application and Agreement<br />UnFranchise Owner (Independent Distributor)<br />Sales Representative <br />
  33. 33. Apply<br />Your Subscription includes:<br /><ul><li>Custom Web Portal
  34. 34. Online UnFranchise Business Account
  35. 35. Career Manual
  36. 36. Getting Started Guide & Getting Started Audios
  37. 37. Access to Audio Download Library
  38. 38. Preloaded MP3 Device
  39. 39. Monthly Powerline Magazine — print & digital
  40. 40. Training and Seminar System
  41. 41. Coaching and mentoring by experienced UnFranchise Owners</li></li></ul><li>Recommended Motives® Business Building Tools<br />Mini Website: Code: #6060 DC: $40.00<br />A direct advantage for Professional Representation for your business<br />Online purchase ability with MasterCardand Visa<br />Qualify for corporate referrals from national PR exposure<br /> downloads<br />All UnFranchise Owners have online access to all materials to aid in Business Expansion and Education Programs<br />Find a Motives Certified Trainer in your area and determine what Motives by Loren Ridinger can do for your business <br />
  43. 43. Recommended Motives® Business Building Kits<br /><ul><li>Motives Travel Case –
  44. 44. Motives Consultant Kit 2010
  45. 45. Distributor Cost: $225.00- Code: #2010MCK
  46. 46. Custom Blend Kit
  47. 47. Distributor Cost: $600 - Code: #2009CBCK
  48. 48. Custom Mineral Kit
  49. 49. Distributor Cost: $375 - Code: #3365
  50. 50. Consultant Kit
  51. 51. Distributor Cost: $750 – Code: #2009MLE
  52. 52. Motives Starter Kit
  53. 53. Light/Medium
  54. 54. Distributor Cost: $175 - Code: #2009MSK
  55. 55. Medium/Dark
  56. 56. Distributor Cost: $175 - Code: #2009MSKD
  57. 57. Pro Color Kit
  58. 58. Distributor Cost: $350 – Code #2009MPK</li></li></ul><li>Recommended Motives® Business Building Tools<br />Motives Press Kit<br />Motives Catalogs<br />Motives Business Cards<br />Motives Party Invitations- <br /> MA Print Center<br />Custom Formula Sheets – <br /> liquid and mineral<br />Motives Face Charts<br />Motives 4 steps - Client<br />Motives Retail Receipts<br />Motives Education Guide<br />
  59. 59. Business Volume (BV) and<br />Incentive Business Volume (IBV)<br />Ways to create BV and IBV:<br /><ul><li>Personal Use
  60. 60. Retail Sales
  61. 61. Merchandising Systems
  62. 62. Web Portal
  63. 63. Catalogs
  64. 64. Product Cards
  65. 65. Transfer Buying
  66. 66. Preferred Customer AutoShip
  67. 67. Internet Marketing
  68. 68. One-to-One Marketing
  69. 69. Building Share of Customer</li></li></ul><li>Motives® Offers Multiple Ways<br />To Create Business Volume <br />and Cash Flow <br />
  70. 70. Motives® Retail Events for in the Home<br /><ul><li>Martini Mineral Party
  71. 71. Skin Care Clinics
  72. 72. Motives Makeovers
  73. 73. Girls Night In
  74. 74. Special Occasions/Celebrations
  75. 75. New Baby
  76. 76. New Job
  77. 77. Birthday
  78. 78. Bridal Showers</li></li></ul><li>Motives® ClinicsSkin Care ClinicsMotives Spa PartyMotives WorkshopsMartini Mineral Parties<br />Each of these are basically the same set up; the difference is which products you will feature.<br />A set schedule to go by for any of the above events is in your handouts…<br />
  79. 79. Building Share of Customer<br />10-15 Customers shopping regularly<br />
  80. 80. Building Share of Customer<br />10-15 Customers - Shopping Regularly<br />30 – 50 Cosmetic Clients<br /><ul><li>Offer existing customers more products/services through the Mall Without Walls™ and Web Portal
  81. 81. Match products to people, and people to products
  82. 82. ma Incentive Programs allows customers to get paid for shopping</li></li></ul><li>Qualify<br />Accumulate 200 BV to qualify your Business Development Center (BDC) which opens both your left and right BV and IBV banks<br />
  83. 83. Qualify<br />Accumulate 200 BV to qualify your Business Development Center (BDC) which opens both your left and right BV and IBV banks<br /><ul><li>Once your Business Development Center has been qualified it will begin to accrue Business Volume (BV) and Incentive Business Volume (IBV)
  84. 84. The sooner you qualify, the sooner you will be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses!</li></li></ul><li>Motives® Retail Events for Outside the Home<br /><ul><li>Day of Beauty – Salons and Day Spa
  85. 85. Motives Clinics for Special Groups
  86. 86. PTA
  87. 87. Garden Club
  88. 88. Day Trading
  89. 89. Red Hat Society®
  90. 90. Executive Makeovers
  91. 91. Weddings
  92. 92. High School Prom Nights
  93. 93. Cotillions</li></li></ul><li>Organizing a Motives® Retail Event<br />Clinics and Spa Nights should only last about 2 hours<br />Agenda Example: (6 – 8 p.m.)<br /><ul><li>6:00 – 6:30 p.m. Welcoming guests and scheduling services
  94. 94. 6:30 – 6:45 p.m. Intro Supplements, Skin Care and Motives
  95. 95. 6:45 – 7:45 p.m. Services – custom makeup, mini facials, mini massages, spa soaks
  96. 96. 7:45 – 8:00 p.m. Answer questions, book appointments and close sales</li></li></ul><li>Hot Tips for Motives® Retail Events<br />Food:<br />Keep it simple…Do not serve anything complicated <br />Beverages:<br />Isotonix® punch in fancy glasses, (Açai, B Complex and Beauty Blend combination)<br />Bottles of water<br />Display Table: <br />Always cover with black tablecloth <br />Keep it sleek, professional and attractive <br />Display products with pride<br />
  97. 97. Hot Tips for Motives® Retail Events<br /><ul><li>Calendar: Always have day planner to book one-on-one consultations and future Clinics
  98. 98. Materials: Always order in advance
  99. 99. Motives catalogs, product cards, specials, business cards, Isotonix® and Hostess gift along with any giveaways</li></li></ul><li>Motives® Retail Events Drive Your Business<br /><ul><li>Girl's Night Out/“Girl's Night In”
  100. 100. Birthdays
  101. 101. Bridal Showers
  102. 102. Special Occasions
  103. 103. New Job/New Baby
  104. 104. Book a Retail Event with Motives
  105. 105. Every Event Supports the Results-Producing Activities
  106. 106. Selling the Product
  107. 107. Selling the Business
  108. 108. Selling the Education </li></li></ul><li>Benefits of Motives® Retail Events<br /><ul><li>Meet New People
  109. 109. Increase Your Cash Flow
  110. 110. Increase Your Profits
  111. 111. Expose Your Business
  112. 112. Build Base 10
  113. 113. Identify Qualified Prospects
  114. 114. Leverage Time
  115. 115. Create A Trial Run Opportunity
  116. 116. Have Fun!!!</li></li></ul><li>Activate<br />Personally sponsor and place one qualified Independent Distributor in your left organizationand one qualified Independent Distributor in your right organization<br />
  117. 117. Activate<br />Q:Why just two sales and distribution organizations?<br />A:The number 2is the smallest multiplier for the highest profit. Statistics show that the average person successfully develops 2.8 organizations<br />
  118. 118. Teach, Manage & Support Others<br />Teach others how to:<br />Apply<br />Create<br />Qualify<br />Activate<br />
  119. 119. Business builds<br />People lead to people<br />
  120. 120. Short-Term Business Goals<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />You<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />PS 1<br />PS 2<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C_<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />New BP<br />New BP<br />New BP<br />New BP<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />Build Base 10, Seven Strong<br />in Six Months <br />
  121. 121. Base 10, Seven Strong Objectives<br />Create 10-15 Preferred Customers – (monthly 30 BV orders each)<br />Personally Sponsor two Motives® Consultants – (PSMC)<br />Teach your PSMC to create 10-15 Preferred Customers<br />Teach your PSMC to sponsor two personally sponsored Motives Consultants and teach them to get 10-15 Preferred Customers<br />
  122. 122. Develop 2 Teams and Building Base 10 with Motives®<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />You<br />480 BV<br />To achieve this<br /><ul><li> Conduct 2 Motive Retail Events Per Month
  123. 123. Have 3 – 5 guests at each event
  124. 124. Goal for event retail sales is $500
  125. 125. Monthly Motives sales goal retail $1000
  126. 126. Monthly Summary
  127. 127. Gross Retail Profit $400
  128. 128. Distributor Cost $600
  129. 129. BV 480 (80%)</li></li></ul><li>Activate in 90 Days<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />You<br />480 BV<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />PS 1<br />480 BV<br />PS 2<br />480 BV<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C_<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />By Month 3<br /><ul><li>You and one PSMC on your left and one PSMC on your right are each doing 2 Motives® Events per month (duplication)
  130. 130. Total of 6 events per month
  131. 131. Total Retail Sales - $3000.00 per month
  132. 132. Total Monthly BV – 1,440
  133. 133. 480 BV on your left and 480 BV on your right
  134. 134. Each PSMC earns $400 in gross retail sales</li></li></ul><li>Activate Your Personally Sponsored Consultantsin Next 90 Days & Duplicate Your Retail Events<br />You<br />480 BV<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />PS 1<br />480 BV<br />PS 2<br />480 BV<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C_<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />New BP<br />480 BV<br />New BP<br />480 BV<br />New BP<br />480 BV<br />New BP<br />480 BV<br />New BP<br />480 BV<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />C-<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br />-C<br /><ul><li>By Month 6
  135. 135. A total of 7 Motives® Consultants including yourself
  136. 136. 14 Retail Events per Month
  137. 137. Total Retail Sales of $7,000
  138. 138. Total 3,360 BV
  139. 139. Total of 1440 BV on your left and 1440 BV on your right
  140. 140. You earn $300 in commissions and $400 in gross retail profit</li></li></ul><li>People lead to more peopleBV & IBV are generated as your organization expands<br />
  141. 141. The system searches for BV & IBV to infinity<br />Retail sales, expanding distribution, Preferred Customers ordering through your Web Portal, personal use, expanding customer base, and word-of-mouth advertising<br />System Search<br />System Search<br />
  142. 142. Horizontal Marketing<br /><ul><li>Horizontal Marketing is an organizational structure that most businesses use. With a horizontal structure, an economic incentive to help others succeed does not exist.
  143. 143. Examples of Horizontal Marketing:</li></ul>Real Estate Agencies (e.g., Century 21®)<br />Insurance Companies (e.g., All State®)<br />Chain Stores (e.g., Ace Hardware®)<br />Franchises (e.g., McDonalds®)<br />MLM/Network Marketing or Direct Sales (e.g., Avon®)<br />
  144. 144. Horizontal Marketing Organizational Structure<br />Insurance Company<br />Franchise Corporation<br />Regional Sales Manager<br />Agents/Brokers<br />Master Franchisers<br />District Sales Manager<br />Sales Representative<br />Local Franchise<br />Local Sales Territory<br />ALL IN COMPETITION<br />
  145. 145. Disadvantages of Horizontal Marketing<br /><ul><li>Additional locations multiply costs
  146. 146. Creates competition
  147. 147. Territorial restrictions
  148. 148. Time/resources spread too thin
  149. 149. No cooperation/collaboration
  150. 150. MLM — system to duplicate horizontal marketing</li></ul>ALL IN COMPETITION<br />
  151. 151. Vertical Marketing<br />Vertical Marketing is an organizational structure that provides an environment in which there is an economic synergy between the people participating throughout the entire enterprise.<br />
  152. 152. Vertical Marketing Organizational Structure<br />
  153. 153. Advantages of Vertical Marketing<br />The UnFranchise® System eliminates the pitfalls of horizontal marketing<br />Compounds efforts<br />Encourages teamwork/support<br />No territorial restrictions<br />When one succeeds, everyone benefits<br />Minimal costs to expand<br />Leverages duplication and standardization<br />Everyone receives 100 percent credit for sales and volume generated<br />Maximizes the probability of individual success<br />Synergistic<br />Gain from other’s work, volume and sales<br />
  154. 154. How Commissions are earned<br />5,000<br />5,000<br />System Search<br />System Search<br />3,600<br />3,600<br />2,400<br />2,400<br />1,200<br />1,200<br />1,200 total BV from your left and right = $300<br />| 1,200 total IBV from your left and right = $300<br />2,400 total BV from your left and right = $300 | 2,400 total IBV from your left and right = $300<br />3,600 total BV from your left and right = $300 | 3,600 total IBV from your left and right = $300<br />5,000 total BV from your left and right = $600 | 5,000 total IBV from your left and right = $600<br />
  155. 155. How Commissions are earned<br />5,000<br />5,000<br />System Search<br />System Search<br />3,600<br />3,600<br />2,400<br />2,400<br />1,200<br />1,200<br />As your business organization grows, the frequency of commissions earned increases until it occurs weekly<br />
  156. 156. How Bonuses are earned<br />Every time you and any BDC in your left sales organization plus any BDC <br />in your right sales organization completes the BV commission cycle <br />in the same week, you receive a management bonus of $600!<br />
  157. 157. Earn More Income<br />Open additional Business Development Centers to increase your commissions<br />Weekly earnings potential: $10,800<br />
  158. 158. Master UnFranchise® Owner<br />Enables you to leverage your efforts by opening multiple BDCs from the beginning<br />Put in twice the work for three times the pay!<br />Annual earnings potential: $561,600<br />
  159. 159. The One-to-One Marketing Engine<br />Market America provides entrepreneurs a complete and proven business system. The components explained in this presentation work together as a complete marketing engine to drive customers, sales and traffic into your UnFranchise® Business — resulting in a stream of ongoing income.<br />
  160. 160. Market America and Motives® By Loren Ridinger is your conduit to wealth!<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>You need to create customers for cash flow
  161. 161. Expand distribution to create wealth through ongoing income
  162. 162. Continue your ma education and share all you learn
  163. 163. With a great cosmetic line, fabulous training and the ultimate marketing plan... you have it all to realize your success!</li></li></ul><li>Components That Drive Your Success<br />
  164. 164. 1<br />Product Brokerage<br /> • Hundreds of exclusive ma-brands and products<br /> • Mall Without Walls™<br /> • Multibillion-dollar markets<br /> • Market driven<br />
  165. 165. 2<br />Internet Marketing Support<br /> • Web Portal — Ultimate Online Destination<br /> • Comparative shopping<br /> • E-commerce drives traffic to your site <br /> • Thousands of Partner Stores <br /> • Get paid to shop (rewards program)<br /> • Entertainment Portal<br /> • Social networking<br />
  166. 166. 3<br />Training & Support System<br />• Minimal start-up costs<br /> • NMTSS (National Meeting, Training and Seminar System)<br /> • Areas of interest (e.g., Health & Nutrition, Cosmetics, Personal Care)<br /> • Marketing tools and events<br /> • Most lucrative and realistic compensation plan ever created<br /> • International visibility, publicity and exposure<br />
  167. 167. 4<br />One-to-One Marketing<br /> • People power with global exposure<br /> • Personal relationships with customers<br /> • Identifies hottest markets and trends<br /> • High-tech, high-touch<br /> • Match people to products and products to people<br />
  168. 168. Components that Drive Your Success<br />Product Brokerage<br />Internet Marketing& Support<br />Training & Support<br />One-to-One Marketing<br />THROUGH POWERFUL SYNERGY, OUR PROVEN SYSTEM GENERATES TRAFFIC, LEADS AND SALES FOR YOUR BUSINESS — RESULTING IN A STREAM OF ONGOING INCOME.<br />
  169. 169. You are Probably Thinking….<br />Can Motives® By Loren Ridinger work for me?<br />We’re thinking...<br />Are you right for Motives® By Loren Ridinger?<br />
  170. 170. Motives Education Program<br />Motives Day 1 – Product Knowledge/<br /> Application & Technique<br />Getting the Look – Hands on Application Workshop<br />Eye Techniques- Hands on Workshop<br />Motives Day 2 – Custom Cosmetics / <br /> Liquid & Minerals – Distributors Only<br />Skin Care 101 – The Science behind our Products<br />Winning with Motives – Expanding Distribution<br />
  171. 171. Motives® Cosmetics<br />This is only the beginning<br />To the guests in the room...<br />Find out how Motives by Loren Ridinger can work for you.<br />Set an appointment today.<br />It’s later than you think!<br />