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Task 2 Report Pdf

  1. 1. AIT task two By Laura Cheeseman Year 12
  2. 2. Table of Contents Part one Section 1 ....................................................................................................................... 1,2 Section 2 ..............................................................................................................3, 4, 5, 6 Section 3 .................................................................................................................. 7, 8, 9
  3. 3. Part One 1. Overview Prepare a brief report in which you address the following:  Describe the existing product’s content and the organisational structure/structures it uses. Products content: The “Kids love to cook” cookbook contains a range of recipes which as easy to understand as it is aimed at children and people who have very little experience in cooking. The book contains definitions of things such as boil and chops which is needed as the book is aimed at those who have had almost no experience in cooking. Organisation and structure The book is organised in chapters with the use of the wide tree format (allows the users to choose what page to go to without having to go through a series of pages first). The chapters are in the types of food which it contains such as snacks main meals, deserts and drinks. The chapter subheadings are then organised further in alphabetical order.  Define the purpose of the existing product and outline its aims and/or objectives. Purpose of existing product: The purpose of the current product is to teach children about healthy eating and how to be able to cook simple nutritious meals. The existing products Aims/objectives Aim: The cook book will teach children to know how to cook. Outcome: The Child will know how to cook. Objective: The Child will be able to cook.  Investigate and identify the intended audience and any potential markets. AGE: The intended audience are children. This is aimed at children who are aged at about 8 years old up to about 12 years old. (Although the 8 to 10 age group will need a lot more supervision even thought there are easy
  4. 4. recipes in the books due to their lack of experience and high chance of getting hurt. The 10 to 12 age group would be able to do some of the recipes with very limited supervision). GENDER: The target gender would be mainly females as this is the stereotype of females in the kitchen cooking and cleaning while the man goes to work. Although this is now not the case amongst children this is a enforced stereotype as all cooking toys that are advertised have girls using them. This is also shown in the picture on the back of the product which has an older girl about 14 to 16 years old who is supervising and assisting the children. Two younger girls with one at about 8 and the other girl at about 11. There is also one boy who looks about 12 or 13. There are three girls to one boy which is reinforcing the stereotype of girls in the kitchen. I intent my audience to be teenagers and young adults who have a very limited experience in cooking. Their age will range from 15 to 22 years old. The gender I am aiming my product at is females because they would have more of an interest in cooking then boys but boys can still use the product. CAULTURE AND ETHNICITY: This product would be aimed at children who can speak and reed English and who live in a western culture as the recipes are of that style with things such as hamburgers and nachos. ABILTY AND EDUCATION: The children would have to be able to read English to read the instructions. Their reading level would have to be about a year three or four reading level to be able to read it on their own or they would have to have a supervisor help them such as a parent.  Create time plans and/or production plans that identify important milestones and indicate your intended sequence of production events. See http://www.slideshare.net/lac_cheese/gantt-chart-1249632 for Gantt chart
  5. 5. 2. Situation Analysis Prepare a situation analysis in which you describe/address the following in relation to your product and its redesign: My product uses a screen simular to the one on the electronic photo frames (which electronically change pictures which are from a USB or SD card). The product will have recipes permeably stored in the hard drive. The user can choose different categories for the recipes which the user can choose either by touch screen or voice activate. This can be used for the entire interactive book. As the person is cooking they can use the voice activation function so they can change pages or go back and forth to different steps in the screens without touching the screen. This helps protect the screen and keep it clean. When the screen is not being used it has a picture frame function so the user can display all their photos as well. The frame will be able to hang up on the wall and can be used as a kitchen decoration.  Investigate and describe the redesigned product’s target audience, user attributes, user environment and the media types to be used. My new audience are teenagers and young adults who are aged 16 to 24. The product is for those who have little experience in cooking and have moved into their own home or who just want to learn how to cook. The gender would be mostly females but their would also be males. The cultures of the audience would be those that live in western cultures and can read English. My audience would have very little experience in cooking but would have a lot more knowledge then the original audience (children). They would have basic skills of how to cut up ingredients but this action would be shown to ensure that they do this correctly and safely. The target audience would have either high school, TAFE or university degrees or be part way through a course. Many of the people would be working but would not have a lot of money due to studding. I would have to make the product as cheap as possible as the target audience would be limited in funds and I would want as many people would be able to get my product. The user environment would be a kitchen. There will be able to multiple users using the product as it will be up on the wall so that all the users can view the demonstration at once. The media type used would be touch screen with imbedded microphone for the voice activation.
  6. 6.  Investigate and identify the computer specifications of the intended user and the hardware and software required to design and develop the product. For the use of the product the user would not need any computer specifications as it is a separate device which just sits on the wall will all required hardware and software included. However for the creation and development of the product there is quite a lot needed. The hardware needed is mice, keyboard, monitor (a big as possible preferably 22inch wide screen to suit the photo frame which is wide screen, this allows for greater space to design the program) and headphones with speakers (for testing of voice commands). The software required includes Photoshop (interface and other images), Flash (animations and other interactive sections of the product), voice recognition software, internet software (eg Internet Explorer) and Microsoft Word (for typing of steps and sending items such as letters and other documents to clients and/or staff.  Investigate, identify and evaluate any potential markets and the availability, strengths and weaknesses of similar products. Potential Markets: Simular products http://www.chefspencil.com/seasons/Mw==/SummerRecipes.as px
  7. 7. Availability Can be access by anyone even if they don’t have a membership. Only needs a internet connection (as well as required hardware and software to gain access to the internet) to access the web site Weaknesses Does not show animated or video demonstrations, Must have a computer and a internet connection The market is very small Does not have both metric and U.S system of measuring it only has the U.S system Strengths Cooking tips to help beginners Recipes are arranged in categories by the type of recipes eg summer, winter, drinks. The first sets of categories are further arranged to first course, main and desert. Some of the recipes have video demonstrations. Markets Adults, mainly women People who are rich and have quite a bit of money as the site has more luxury, gourmet meals which are generally associated with wealth. It also has been arranged into first coarse, main meal and desert which is quite often seen in very expensive upper class restaurant.
  8. 8. Availability On the internet Through email (new recipes are sent to the member) Weaknesses Colours are not attracting, The site looks very dull Title on first page looks untidy Strengths well categorised Many recipes Markets Adults Women mainly  Investigate and consider issues of budget, time constraints, delivery platform and any issues that you think will impact on the nature of the product and its interface. With my product I think that I would have lots of time constraints issues due to the product being completely different to the ones currently out in the market and it may have many problems with it. Their would also be many budget issues as it may be quite expensive to create. I would need quite a lot of video or animation and so I would try and use more animation as it is cheaper. I also need a lot of audio as the visually impaired need to have access to the product and this would also cost a lot of money and so there is many constraints for the budget. Their would also be copyright issues as I would have to get copyright on the idea to stop others stealing the idea as if they created a product the same as mine they could take all my customers which means I would lose money that could be made and so I would have to ensure that the idea was protected. As my product runs on its own system which is provided to the user I don’t need to worry about the compatibility issues that may occur with CD or DVD between different operating systems such as Mac and PC. With my product being touch screen I will need
  9. 9. to ensure that the interfaces buttons are quite large to make it easy to press for both disable and able people. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0001723.html (20 Mar. 09) http://www.online-cookbook.com/goto/cook (20 Mar. 09)
  10. 10. 3. Design documentation This section has three sub-sections. Information design, instructional design and interface element design. The work you are required to complete for this section is to be hand drawn and annotated in your sketch book. Information design  Reorganise the information in the existing product using appropriate structures and/or techniques, for example; alphabetical. For my product I will reorganise it in a different way. It will involve using a number of levels in which use a number of ways to organise. The first level will have three choices concerning the level of the cook using the product including Kitchen Hand (beginner), Sous Chef (medium), and Head Cook (hard). The second level will have the types of recipes such as starters, mains, deserts and drinks. There will be then a third level in which the types of food are further organised by alphabet. This way it is easy to find a particular recipe quickly. The first two levels are organised by hierarchies.  Identify how your redesigned product will achieve its goals, its aims and outcomes based on your understanding of how people use IMM products. There are a number of features which will assist in achieve my goals, aims and outcomes of my product. These include: Control of what recipe to complete: With the user being able to control what recipe they will complete, they can choose what recipe they think is suitable for their level of cooking and what food that they will like to eat which will make the recipes more appealing to cook and so the user will feel more relaxed when cooking and will use the product more often which means they will learn to cook a lot faster. Choose of level of cooking: with the user being able to choose the level of cooking which they are at the user can slowly work their way up through the levels and slowly get better rather than a big jump from one level to the next level. A help guide feature: if a user is unsure of something they can enter the help guide and when they understand the problem then they can move on and continue cooking. This feature can also be used to learn new things about cooking.
  11. 11. Video and animation demonstrations: Videos and animations of cooking will help the use through harder steps which they may have not been able to understand through just images such as folding of raps or kneading of doe.  Describe and justify which interactive style you are going to use (presentation, tutorial, demonstration etc). My product will be a combination of presentation and demonstration. This is because the user will need to be shown or demonstrated the cooking methods such as kneading dough. It will also have video with a person presenting how to cook. This suits a cook book because to learn to cook a person needs to be shown how to which is done through demonstration and presentation.  Identify a method for determining the ability, intelligence and expectations of the user, including issues concerning accessibility for disabled users. To determine the ability of the user would be quite hard to do with a quiz or test and so I will level the recipes so that the user can choose a level that they seems at their level and if it is too hard or too easy they can then change. There is also a help section for the users if they are having trouble which contains information such as glossaries and information about cooking terms and ingredients. For the disabled users I will have a function in which the user will be able to either have the instructions read out and video demonstrations explained for those who are vision impaired. For those who are hearing impaired I will have all the speech in text and the demonstrations can have sub titles.  Design and complete an assets list. There is a number of things that I will require to create the product. The computer (Vostro™220’s slim tower) needed to make my product will have: Intel core 2 duo processor E7400 Vista with XP 4 GB DDR2 SDRAM memory 320GB hard drive 22 inch monitor 256MB ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphic card 16x DVD burner Instructional design
  12. 12.  Determine a navigation structure for the product.  Determine a method for reducing the cognitive load on a user through a variety of metaphors. I will use a real looking kitchen to reduce the cognitive load on the user. It will allow the user to learn how to cook in a familiar environment and depending on what section they go to they use a range of simple metaphors (such as a book to go to the tutorial) to reduce the cognitive load on the user. Interface element design  Prepare sketches of the interface control elements (audio and video controls, buttons and menus) complete with annotations. Handed in.