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  1. 1. AIT Task 4 By Laura Cheeseman Task Page Part one 1,2 Part two 3 Part three 4, 5 1. Complete the following interface designs:
  2. 2. (a) Create a site map diagram of your navigation. Determine the navigation structure (number of pages) for the website. Your design must include at least a home page (from task 3), a menu page, an ‘about us’ page and an online booking, pre -order and prepay page.
  3. 3. (b) Create a single page ‘Style Guide’ - See page 7 of Planning a website in week six course readings. Back ground Name Description Back ground Consist of black squares sounded by white out line Text White text on a black background, Images Name Description Muffin A chocolate muffin place on the right one away from the middle. No plate Coffee Plain white cup with black coffee, on saucer. Place in middle of images. Chocolate cake Place on the right, second from middle, not on plate with strawberries Ice coffee Glass cup, no plate, third left from the middle milkshake Two common milkshake glasses, cherry on top, no plate. On the left of the middle coffee. Round cake Far right, no plate, cream on top. Ice chocolate Tall glass, cream on top, straw, no plate, second on left. Text Name Description Buttons Arial, size 16, white Other text Size 12, Arial, if one white background then black text and reverse if black background
  4. 4. Annotation of all designs: • Create annotated sketches of the following pages and online retail processes i. A menu page which includes a thumbnail gallery of the menu items and appropriate user controls ii. An online booking form iii. A pre-order form, which is linked to a payment form or Checkout page • Include in the annotations how you have used the elements and principles of design. Include evidence of the following (new) design elements; focus point, contrast, alignment, texture, colour harmony, pattern and movement. • Typography is a very important element of website design. When used correctly, it can dramatically enhance a websites appear and function. Briefly summarise your selection and use of typographic elements in your designs. ALL HANDED IN’
  5. 5. 3. Complete the following: (a) With consideration of the intent of branding a product so that it is able to be recognised in global markets, explain how your website design has been, or could be branded for worldwide recognition (150 words) To further brand the cyberia cafe web site I would look at other means of spreading the brand name by use of the internet. This could include using you tube to create viral videos which feature the cafe and its logo. Such as the MasterCard viral video. The YouTube video would also suit the target audience of generation Y and X. Another way of branding is to create fan pages in social networking sites such as face book. This way people who already know about the cafe and like it will become a fan. Their friends then see this and with be able to find out the cafe. This would be another form of viral advertising with the use of Web 2.0 technologies. Face book is also suited to the advertising as much of that age group uses the site. (b) Explore present and emerging ICT trends that you have or could have applied in your website design. List and describe some of these trends and how you have included them in your design (200 words) In my designs I could have included more web 2.0 technologies such as twitter, face book and YouTube. Twitter would allow the cafe to post updates if things such as when a new menu item was added. This would be a great way of keeping people up to date without sending emails which can annoy people. Another ict trend being used by more business is You Tube. It is a cheap way of advertising as the site can be used for free. Face book can be also used by creating groups and fan pages for the cafe. This will increase the presence in the internet. Some web 3.0 technologies can also be used. I have included a login in so that customers only have to enter their information in once when booking a table or pre- ordering a meal. It will not store credit cards numbers to ensure that it is safer. This will save the customer time and also make the process easier for the customer. (c) Consider the specific requirements of computer users with disabilities. Briefly describe how you could modify it with appropriate annotations to reflect these specific users’ needs. (150-300 words) For the blind - For those who are blind I would ensure that all images contained an alt tag. This would ensure that even thought they did not know what the picture looked they can still know what the picture is. - I would also recommend having text in an appropriate location (proximity) including placing in a table so that it remains in that location. - I will also have an option to increase the size of the text so that it makes it easier for people to read the text especially for older people whose eye sight is disappearing. For the death people
  6. 6. - If there are any videos I would ensure that there are subtitles to ensure that they can get all the information from the video. (d) In a global market, Internet users are making decisions that affect the life expectancy of web sites. Analyse factors identified in your website designs that reflect modern web design trends. (200 words) My website has been designed to load as fast as possible. This is due to people becoming increasingly impatient with slow loading web sites with faster loading sites now available. I have done this by using the same back ground on every page. This then only has to load once when the user first goes on the page. The middle section of the page is the only section loading. By reducing the amount loading in the pages it will increase the load time of the site. Also by choosing the correct file size it can increase the loading time of the page. By having only photographic images in jpeg it will greatly increase the loading time as the other file formats will be smaller and will take less time to load. If my site in the future was to have an introduction animation or video then it would be important to allow the user to skip the introduction. People who have already seen the video or just don’t want to watch the video should be able to skip it. If the customers can not skip the site then it may annoy them and they may just leave the site. The site will also need to be updated continually. By doing this it will increase the life span of the site as it will not become boring. This can include updating the menu and adding new videos. (e) What present or emerging technologies could be used on the website to increase Cyberia Café’s market presence (100 words) As more people have access to internet via mobile phones, smart phones and PDA’s it is important for the site to be able to be used by these above devices. This may include making another site or just making one web site compatible with the devices while still looking appealing on the internet. When people order online there may need to be incentives to do this such as a discount for ordering online. This will also keep people coming back to the site. The site will also need to incorporate online ordering. This will increase the market presence in that many people find it easier to order their meals online. To entice more people into the cafe the site can also incorporate web 3.0 technologies of virtual tours.