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Silicon Valley Android Apps Brochure


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Silicon Valley Android Apps Brochure

  1. 1. ID IONS T RO AT EN AY ND LIC PM EY W PM 12:00 A P O LL AP VEL ON VA DE E SILIC Melbourne Hong Kong TH 15 Aug 2011 19 Aug 2011 22 Aug 2011 26 Aug 2011 Kuala Lumpur Singapore 12 Sept 2011 19 Sept 2011 16 Sept 2011 23 Sept 2011 Google supplied API demos ScrollView Welcome, Orientation TableLayout Android UI (Part 1), android. Applications-The Silicon Valley Wayday one content.Intent Widgets Android Market android.widget.Button android.view.View Devices android.view.ViewGroup android.widget.CheckBox Java vs Browser Event Listeners android.widget.DatePicker Android Overview, Platform Menus android.widget.DigitalClock Architecture Platform Versions Styles/Themes android.widget.EditText Platform Components Layout Managers android.widget.RadioButton Lifecycle AbsoluteLayout android.widget.TextView Development Environment FrameLayout android.widget.TimePicker Toolchains LinearLayout android.widget.ToggleButton Project Directory Layout RelativeLayout Demo application SlidingDrawer “Hello World” android.widget.RatingBar Lab Assignment android.widget.Gallery android.widget.ImageSwitcher android.widget.SeekBar two day Android UI (Part 2), android. android.widget.TabWidget android.widget.ToggleButton widget.Adapter android.webkit.WebView Pop up dialogs android.widget.Toast Demo application Screen Orientation android.widget.Spinner Android UI (Part 3), android. Assets vs Resources android.widget.ListView widget.ImageButton Demo application android.widget.GridView three compass, orientation 2D Graphics, Frame Animation a Camera Tweening:scale, rotatate, translate, alph Touch Events Interpolation Trackball Eventsday Canvas/Drawing into a view Demo application SurfaceView/SurfaceHolder SQLite DB, SQLite Demo application er, Demo application Sensors, Sensor overview: acceleromet
  2. 2. Demo application Demo application Lab Assignment Audio,  AudioManager four Location Services,  Network, day TelephonyManager Audio Recording Location Manager ConnectivityManager Audio Playback GPS lication MapView HttpClient/Simple JSON GET Demo app Java Sockets/Simple JSON Wrap up Questions? Demo application POST Assignment: add an error User Preferences,  File I/O Java XML dialog to lab assignment Preference Manager five day al App. Lab - Implementation of Sample Individu VASSILIS LEGAKIS A Silicon Valley VeteranVassilis Legakis has been technologies. Best sellers Mobile Development of Sandeveloping applications such as the Tagem Project, Fransisco based Velti Inc. ,and software for mobile CU there! Project and the following the company to itsdevices and embedded Puntalo Project are his successful NASDAQ listingsystems since 2002. creations. In 2007, he won (NASDAQ:VELT). VassilisDuring this time he has also the first prize at NOKIAs is currently pursuing abrought to completion a inter national C++ Master degree in Algor ithmicvast area of projects from competition for his multiple Complexit y and Logicwarehouse IT logistics to runtimes intercommunication at Athens University ofgaming physics engines engine LHS. Since 2008 various platforms and he has been the Head of Brought to you by LABSCHOOL | | (+65) 6250 6204 and | | +603 8996 3033