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Are you a designer or a free lance photographer? Have you pledge before to love your clients? Well, while on one hand our standard of living depends on how many clients we satisfy, on the other hand some clients are not exactly "easy". Inspired by the hilarious reviews on we will simulate a typical case of miscommunication between Designer and Client. When things go from bad to worse.

Presenter: Stefano Virgilli, Adobe Photoshop Community Professional and User Group Manager Singapore. Stefano is an expert in print, web and video. He is Design Master Instructor at LAB School Singapore (

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Designer vs Client

  1. 1. DESIGNER vs CLIENT by Stefano Virgilli, Adobe Design Master @ LAB School Photo: All rights reserved by aaardvaark
  2. 2. Take a designer...
  3. 3. Take a designer... Characters designed with WeeMee iPhone application.
  4. 4. Put on some clothes!
  5. 5. Give him a computer...
  6. 6. Give him a computer... Apple computer ;)
  7. 7. Put him in the right creative environment...
  8. 8. with lots of caffeine ;)
  9. 9. And here you go... an happy designer!
  10. 10. Ready for your first client?
  11. 11. Ready for your first client? YES!
  12. 12. Ladys and Gentlemen...
  13. 13. Ladys and Gentlemen... THE CLIENT
  14. 14. Designer is very excited!
  15. 15. Designer is motivated! I am going to use my creativity to make a lot of money!
  16. 16. Designer is determined! Design is my passion and will impress the client!
  17. 17. But The Client...
  18. 18. She is NOT a designer.
  19. 19. FIRST MEETING:Client describes job scope
  20. 20. SCOPE:“Make a poster for our products.”
  21. 21. FIRST MEETING:Designer listen carefully and thinks...
  22. 22. FIRST MEETING:“This is an easy task. I will do this, that...”
  23. 23. ...then he leaves.
  24. 24. SCENE ONE... Action!
  25. 25. Client send the images for the poster to the Designer...
  26. 26. 2 Microsoft Word documentsand 3 Power Point files (including logo).
  27. 27. ERROR #1: Missing file requirements.
  28. 28. A good Designer should have informedClient that source images are required.
  29. 29. Also, define “source images” and require specific file formats.
  30. 30. Logo file format should be .AI or .PDF Worst case a vector encapsuled in a EPSAll the other images should be in JPG or TIF
  31. 31. Client may ignore the basic rules ofdesign. Designer should guide Client.
  32. 32. GUILTY!
  33. 33. SCENE TWO... Action!
  34. 34. Designer show the first proposal to Client.
  35. 35. Client is very excited.
  36. 36. Well... not really. Client says: “I don’t like it.”
  37. 37. “What?!”
  38. 38. “I spent hours on it. I have also used agolden formula to balance the layout. And the colours are just awesome!”
  39. 39. ERROR #2: Ask and listen. Don’t comment.
  40. 40. A good Designer should think as a client, and work as a designer.
  41. 41. Client does not want to become a designer. Golden proportion and colour tehory are out of client’s scope.
  42. 42. Client may not be able to articulate thereasons why does not like the artwork.Ask the client to provide some reasons.
  43. 43. Maybe the problem lies in something assimple as “wrong font”, but Client may not know how to formulate.
  44. 44. GUILTY!
  45. 45. SCENE THREE... Action!
  46. 46. After 20 hours and 4 proposals, Designeris no longer motivated, and keep changing everything without directions to follow.
  47. 47. Designer says: “I have worked 20 hours and made 4 changes. Do you know how much money I am losing here?”
  48. 48. Designer says: “I want more money.”
  49. 49. Client replies: “You gave us a price. We agreed on it. No changes.”
  50. 50. ERROR #3: Money, hours and edits arestated upfront. Changes are not welcome.
  51. 51. A good Designer should write properquotations. State everything on black and white. And stick to the contract.
  52. 52. State clearly:• Number of proposals• Max number of edits• Max number of hours• Price of extra edits• Price of extra hours
  53. 53. As long as Edits and Hours are notstated, Client may assume that they are unlimited. Better to clarify upfront.
  54. 54. GUILTY!
  55. 55. “You price yourself like dirt,you’ll be treated like it.” Other clients from hell:
  57. 57. Links: Crew (Singapore) - Adobe User Group Authorized Training Centre Singaporehttp://www.virgilli.comStefano Virgilli’s website