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BL Labs Presentation at ASyMMuS Workshop on Audio Symbolic Music Similarity Modelling

  1. 1 #bl_labs ASyMMuS Workshop on Audio Symbolic Music Similarity Modelling 8 July 2015, 10:40 Foyle Suite, Centre for Conservation British Library Mahendra Mahey Manager of British Library Labs
  2. 2 #bl_labs 2 Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and Knowledge Quarter •Partners include Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, University College London, Warwick •Initially funded at £42m over 5 years •Headquartered @ British Library •Part of Knowledge Quarter
  3. 3 #bl_labs BL Labs Team Mahendra Mahey - Manager @mahendra_mahey Ben O’Steen - Technical Lead @benosteen Hana Lewis- Project Officer @HanaHistories
  4. 4 #bl_labs Competition Tell us your ideas of what to do with our digital content Awards Show us what you have done with our digital content, deadline in Sep 2015 Projects Talk to us about working on collaborative projects, e.g. supporting DML, ASyMMus and other projects
  5. 5 #bl_labs Adam Crymble (@adam_crymble) Image Credit: Sam Howzit Drawing on downtime Drawing on scarcity of access Drawing on energy reserved for ‘play’ Adam Crymble Crowdsourcing Arcade BL Labs Competition Winner 2015
  6. 6 #bl_labs Political Meetings Mapper BL Labs Competition Winner 2015 Katrina Navickas
  7. 7 #bl_labs Snipping out images from 65,000 Digitised Books Face recognition Mechanical Curator Flickr Worked better for female faces than men’s Press > 260,000,000 views > 380,000 tags 1,020,418 images need tagging! Creative uses of images
  8. 8 #bl_labs Crowdsourcing Flickr and Other Digitised Maps
  9. 9 #bl_labs Crossroads of Curiosity at the British Library until Nov 8 2015
  10. 10 #bl_labs Visibility - Technology Strategy Board Competition Winner 2014 Understanding value / impact of making the BL’s data open / in the public domain Peter Balman developed an analytics dashboard for the Library showing what is happening to our Flickr Images Initial Pitch: Challenge details:

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  1. Knowledge Quarter partnership of 35 academic, cultural, research, scientific and media organisations in and around the King’s Cross and Euston area of the capital.
  2. Add image of Peter Balman