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ICT in learning workshop Desenzano Del Garda,IT


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Second Short Term Pupil Exchange Desenzano Del Garda,IT
ICT in Learning Workshop

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ICT in learning workshop Desenzano Del Garda,IT

  1. 1. ICT  in  Learning  Workshop  /  2nd  Short-­‐term  Student  Exchange   Desenzano  del  Garda,  Italy  5  -­‐  9  October  2015   ICT  in  Learning  Workshop  was  organized  by  Hacettepe  University.  This  workshop  is  aimed  that   students  using  ICT  to  learn  the  three  tasks  of  Hercules.  A  gamified  approach  was  used  for  this   purpose.  Learner  had  a  game  board  which  includes  workshop’s  steps.  Learners  collected  awards  and   virtual  gold  that  performs  at  every  step.       Each  product  published  on  Facebook  group  which  name  is  SFTLOH-­‐ICT  in  Learning.  All  the  students   and  teachers  had  chance  to  see  the  students’  product.    
  2. 2.  The  following  activities  were  carried  out:   o Group  study  was  conducted  about  three  labours.  Groups  analyzed  all  of  the  labours  by  using   worksheets.  Storyboards  were  drawn  in  each  labour  individualy.     o Toondoo  Comic  Creator  workspace  was  introduced.  Toondoo  was  used  to  create  Hercules   cartoon.  Some  examples  of  student’s  product:       o Pixlr  was  introduced  for  creating  poster.  Pixlr  is  a  photo  editing  tool.  For  using  this  tool  layer,   effects,  image  cropping  tools,  color  adjustment  functions  were  taught.  Then  each  learner   designed  a  poster  about  4th  labour.  Students  used  their  own  Hercules  which  they  produced  in   ToonDoo.  
  3. 3.       o Powtoon  was  introduced  for  creating  an  animation.  For  using  this  tool  use  of  characters,   motion  effects,  scene  transitions  were  taught.  Then  each  learner  created  an  animation  about   5th  labour.     The  links  are:   o­‐presentation/dj6S2vs1SHT/   o­‐presentation/eEvUNIH7stW/  
  4. 4. o­‐presentation/diKiunBMsB6/   o­‐presentation/d2Qts5M4TyB/   o­‐presentation/bj7DqF16N3V/   o­‐presentation/dqeI8b9Zbt0/   o­‐presentation/fVFXKwRTP7u/untitled3/#/   Scratch  code  blocks  are  described.  First,  the  students  practiced  with  small  exercises.  Then  the   game  which  theme  8th  labor  (Prepared  by  our  team)  was  explained  the  logic  of  the  game's   algorithm.  Then  each  learner  created  an  animation  or  game  by  using  Scratch.   The  links  are:   o   o   o   o   o   o   o   Aforementioned  products  and  syllabus  of  the  workshop  are  attached.