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Landscapes Paula-Isabel-Susana


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Landscapes Paula-Isabel-Susana

  1. 1. Landscapes.By Paula Gascón, Isabel Mitrán and Susana Saló.
  2. 2. Definition of landscape.• All the different features of the Earth´s surface make up the landscape• For example :• Mountain landscape• Coastal landscape• Flat landscape
  3. 3. Definition of mountains and hills• Mountains are raised • Hills have a lower parts of the Earth´s altitude than surface mountains .
  4. 4. Definition of mountains and valleys.• Mountains • Valleys are low areas landscapes are made between mountains . up of mountains and • River are often found valleys in valleys.
  5. 5. Different mountains• Mountains range are a • Mountain chain is long line of mountains . made up of a long• Several mountains line of mountain range grouped together are called mountain range.
  6. 6. Plains definition .• Plains are large areas of flat land with no hills or slopes .• They are different types.
  7. 7. Different Plains• A plateu: is a plain at a high altitude.• De presions: are plains which are lower than the surrounding land .• Coastal plains: are flat land near the coast.
  8. 8. Definicion of the coast• The coast is the place where the land meets the sea .• There are two types of coast.
  9. 9. Different types of coast• Low-lying coast: are • High coast are plains by the sea. mountains or high• They often have sandy areas by the sea. beaches • They ofent have rocky cliffs.