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Spanish Educational System - Comenius Project


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Spanish Educational System - Comenius Project

  1. 1. Comenius Project
  2. 2.  Infant education is the first level of the Spanish education system. It is for children from 3 years old to 5. It isn’t compulsory, but almost all children do it. It is divided into three courses. From 5 years old you start the primary education.
  3. 3.  It is compulsory. When you finish it, you must know:  Read  Write  Basic calculation  Some essential cultural concepts. It purpose is to give to all the pupils a basic formation. It is for children that they have from 6 years old to 12. It divides into three cycles, and six courses (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) After it, children start Secondary Obligatory Education.
  4. 4.  It is compulsory till 16 years old It is for boys from 12 years to 16 years. You only can study Secondary Education till 18 years old. The purpose of the Secondary Education is to train the pupil for they can continue studying superior education or prepare them to the workplace.
  5. 5.  Is a education for adult people from 16 years that it teach you knowledge and skills of current and future workers over a lifetime. There are two types of Professional Formation: ◦ Medium Grade: you can do it when you finish the Secondary Education. ◦ Superior Grade: you have to do baccalaureate and then you can do it.
  6. 6.  It is a type of studies which you obtain the Baccalaureate grade. You can do it with all ages, but the normal is do it when you finish Secondary Education. It lasts 2 years. When you finish it, you can go in two ways: ◦ You can do the selectivity (test that include all things that you learn in baccalaureate) and then if you pass it you can go to the university. ◦ You can do a professional formation of superior grade.