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Colegio Labor Comenius - Demography presentation


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Colegio Labor Comenius - Demography presentation

  1. 1. DEMOGRAPHY Carlota Fuentes, Guillermo García, Irene Garrido, Abel Grande, David Maceiras . GERMANY SPAIN ESTONIA POLAND
  2. 2. GERMAN DEMOGRAPHY •Germany is the most populous country in the UE with 82 million inhabitants. •Its population density is high, 230 inhabitants per km2. •Because of its low birth rate, the population will fall between 69 and 74 million people in 2050.
  3. 3. GERMAN DEMOGRAPHY • Germany is the largest recipient of immigrants from around the continent, with 19% of its foreign population. •And internationally is the third largest recipient of immigrants. •Most of the German population is between 15 and 64 years.
  4. 4. SPAIN DEMOGRAPHY •The Spanish population is 45 million and a half inhabitants, putting him in 29th place in the world. •Its population density is 89 inhabitants per km2.
  5. 5. SPAIN DEMOGRAPHY • Overall in Spain there are more number of women than men. • Of the four countries we are talking about Spain is the most birthrate has. • In Spain, with the current economic crisis, there is a lot of emigration. • The Spanish population in 30 years, will be a fully aged population. Due to high life expectancy. The largest of the four countries.
  6. 6. ESTONIAN DEMOGRAPHY • Estonia has a very low population density, 29 hab/km2. •It has a million and a half inhabitants, divided into eleven ethnic majority. •Its people have a life expectancy of 72 years.
  7. 7. ESTONIAN DEMOGRAPHY •Most of the population is between 15 and 64 years, as in Germany. •69% of the total population and urban population. •Estonia is in the four countries that fall within the Comenius project, which has more mortality.
  8. 8. POLISH DEMOGRAPHY •Poland has a population of 37,783,000 inhabitants. •Its population density is 116 inhabitants per km2. •In Poland the immigration rate is very low, only 1.3%.
  9. 9. POLISH DEMOGRAPHY •Poland, in 2050, have a fully aged population. • In Estonia, currently living more men than women. •As in the other countries for which we have already discussed, the majority of the Polish population is between 15 and 64 years.