Space and Time


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Article, Thermodinamic probles, energy coming from space and time, entrpy.

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Space and Time

  1. 1. Ecuación EcMmtiii 1 1 1 2 3 E-c,M,m,t, x- i, i, i, Equation
  2. 2. Equation 1 1 1 1 2 3 E-c,M,m,t, x- i, i, i, Index Energy Circumstances Matter Movement Transformation Infinity Uncertain Unpredictable Entropy Law Thermodynamics Intelligence Time Space The human race Preface Article Epilogue Estimados lectores, esta es una traducción electrónica del documento original escrito en lengua Española, pedimos disculpas si la traducción difiere en alguna forma del documento original, agradeciendo a ustedes su interés por este articulo.
  3. 3. It is important before making a comment on any issue, or express a view, first make an analysis, based on this, take a position, let us first see the definition in the dictionary to each of these words Energy 1 .- Force or power. 2 .- Strength of will or character. 3 .- Physical hydropower capacity of bodies to develop a job. 4 .- Kinetic energy, which has any body movement. 5 .- Atomic Energy produced by nuclear fission. Circumstances 1 .- accidental element that is attached to the substance of something. 2 .- Quality or requirement under certain circumstances. 3 .- The situation or condition that affects around something or someone. Matter 1 .- substance which composes the physical body, consisting of elementary particles and has the properties of extension, inertia and gravitation. Movement 1 .- Change of position or location of something. 2 .- shock or shaking of a body. 3 .- State of the bodies while changing place or position. Transformation 1 .- action or result of transforming or transformed. 2 .- A phenomenon by which certain cells acquire genetic material from others. Infinity 1 .- That is not and can not be completed. 2 .- Very large, too large. 3 .- No order. Uncertain 1 .- False 2 .- Uncertain insecure. 3 .- imprecise, fuzzy, undefined. Unpredictable 1 .- Impossible to predict.
  4. 4. Entropy 1 .- Measurement of the molecular disorder of a material or substance. 2 .- The role that thermodynamics is a measure of the unused part of the energy contained in a system or subject. Law 1 .- Each of relations and universal constants involved or participate in a phenomenon. Thermodynamics 1 .- Some of the physics that studies the work and heat exchanges that occur between a system and its environment and causing changes in the internal energy of it. Intelligence 1 .- faculty to know, understand and analyze. 2 .- Ability skill and experience. 3 .- Artificial Intelligence, a set of techniques through the use of information, allow the automatic execution of operations so far unique to human intelligence. Time 1 .- Times subject to change things or beings that have a finite existence. Space 1 .- Extension of the universe where all objects are contained sensitive coexist. 2 .- Location of the extension that each object occupies sensitive. The human race In this meaning, not including what the dictionary says, because we all know that common sense is, and who we are. But at the end of the article will give a small view of it.
  5. 5. Preface Equation is an item analysis, which try to give an order to some concepts in physics, presenting a view based on universal realities and facts known by all, this article make an equation, such as simplest, known as the equation EcMmtiii like any other, is in some ways both simple and complex, with which basic human errors in physics, which as we shall see, led to erroneous conclusions, these errors were developed by have changed the basis of science, for simple mathematical formulas, but combined with this, having reached the wrong conclusions, which lead to the wrong prospects, and these false perspectives, erroneously define the entropy, which is the first link in a chain of errors that led to the current results. For centuries scientists try to consolidate into a single equation all the foundations of the universe, which was not possible and this is due to our limited human knowledge, and false foundations, and if the fundamentals are wrong everything else will also be The error began between 1844 and 1865, when speaking on the scientific scene, the German physicist, Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausius. This article was done in simple language, without mathematics, and is designed for anyone with or without knowledge of the subject matter of physics, can understand in a simple manner, the reality of matter and energy, and to with this understanding can draw your own conclusions, EcMmtiii is the equation which consolidates fundamental truths of physics in a simple manner without many complications, and this opens a new view on the matter. This article will exhibit two of our species, the human race, on the one hand, it will expose the arrogance and ostentation, show that some university graduates in the field of physics, know everything. And covered in mathematical formulas, disdain their colleagues, and underestimate the knowledge and skills of others, and not only that, but to ridicule those who do not support their line of thinking and dogmatic approach. On the other hand was drawn to the intelligence, skill, and ingenuity characteristic of our species as a result of this there have been major advances in technology and science. 1 1 1 1 2 3 E-c,M,m,t, x- i,i,i, Autor
  6. 6. Arturo Raúl Cortés
  7. 7. Article This article will take us step by step by a complex tangle of ideas and mechanisms findings, a series of tests, but the simplest way possible, and to have a better understanding of these, such mechanisms as the prelude to raise awareness . We all have knowledge of a city, this may be the city of our birth, where we lived many years, and the passage of these, we know very well, under this idea, we have that for example in our town of birth, we know streets, avenues, monuments, squares, important public places, homes of relatives and friends, parks, government offices, stores, and much more, so when someone wants to give us an address and use a reference like a square, We can learn with ease in a very precise, is the place where we are stating this because with such knowledge of the city, we can see on the surface of it, and this quite clearly, that is why in the beginning of this article includes the definition that the dictionary of words, power, circumstances, matter, movement, transformation, infinite, uncertain, unpredictable, entropy, laws, thermodynamics, intelligence, time and space, and in doing so take the reader and the knowledge of the facts on the subject, and thus has a very comprehensive and accurate, than expose. Joke; King vain, had once a very vain king who liked to wear clothes Excellency fabrics manufactured with the best of his kingdom, and designed by the best designers of the world, which was visited frequently by those in his castle and changed their clothes frequently, and always demanding more and better clothes, to satisfy his ego and arrogance, and designers no longer to have more things to submit to the king, they chose to say that the latest and best was an invisible web, and they designed a suit with him these fabrics, and the king was astonished that he would accept a suit, and after a time the designers were presented to the king and he dressed in the costume fabrics invisible and this to satisfy his inordinate vanity and ego, I am holding a parade in his kingdom in order to showcase its magnificent costumes, and the date agreed, the king and all his court came out to show to his subjects, and the convoy was in the crowd who came to see the parade, was heard a cry of a child of humble people, who had gone to see the parade, which was screaming, The king is naked!, The king is naked! before this cry, the whole crowd was that indeed the king was naked, which also made it to the king his nudity. At present the physical, rather than physical appear to apparently psychic, because not wanting to expose those who made laws and theories, inaccurate and imprecise, which most scientists seem to be science fiction, not present their views at this point so as not to be ridiculed or evidence, they chose to accept such things as absolute truths, and quiet. We need the cry of a child in the crowd, saying, The king is naked!, The king is naked!. .
  8. 8. Observation, observation is the most important tool in the field of physics, because with this tool, has become the greatest discoveries and fundamental truths of our universe, by science. The Greek astronomer and mathematician, Aristaco of Samos, 310 a. C. 230 a. C., in these times, it was believed that the solar system was geocentric, ie that the earth was the center of the universe and everything revolved around it, but Aristaco Samos proposed a heliocentric model, namely that the sun was center and the planets revolved around him, this was something really cool from Aristaco, but his idea was soon rejected, Aristaco, based his theory on observations and measures, simple, but it took more than a thousand years for that to happen again to be submitted. And by Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer, 1473 to 1543 because of our age, I return to the heliocentric theory and thanks to its great capacity for observation, but the theory was unsuccessful, and was not taken seriously until 1604 years in who invented the telescope in Holland, and this, be improved by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, thanks to this tool and the observations of Galileo, we are convinced that the heliocentric theory was correct, and later at the University of Padua presented the openly theory of Nicolaus Copernicus, and because it was branded a heretic by the Roman Catholic Church, in the year 1633, and forced to recant publicly, and even then was sentenced to life imprisonment. The originality of Galileo as a scientist, is its method of analysis, which reduces the problems and looked to logic and common sense, and solved with simple mathematical formulas, they paved the way for modern mathematics and physics, Galileo died in 1642, even the birth of Isaac Newton, this is the man who is considered the greatest scientist of all time, and was the first to demonstrate that the natural laws that govern motion on Earth and which govern the movement of all the planets in the universe are the same. Each and every one of these, they have in common are their observations, logic and common sense. We can also talk to others who made major contributions to science, such as James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, André Marie Ampère, Karl Friedrich Gauss, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, and Albert Einstein, among others, in the same manner in which these they recognize that made great contributions to science, we must mention that this fact does not make them infallible, and his scientific contributions makes absolute truths, which does not seem to take into account the scientific community at present, which Not only that, but go beyond, to hinder the work of others, and even go beyond, ridiculing his colleagues underestimated, and putting them on display to public ridicule, as in the middle ages, and just because we do not
  9. 9. have criminal laws to , because the dissenting scientists were also sentenced to life imprisonment, repeating the same mistake of the Roman Catholic Church in the times of Galileo Galilei. Time and space, a little later we see the meaning of these two words in each one separately, we now focus on trying to give an explanation, these two words by joining them, and I will give a meaning of the combination, Time and Space , space. Presents it as the place and time, which we focus on a specific point, and with this tool you can see or perceive what the naked eye can not be done, as we now see the time and space appear as the framework within the image which will, under this idea, the concept, time and space, taking a perspective, and whether this perspective, we added mechanisms, it becomes a useful tool to try to explain things to the naked eye can not see or perceive. . Entropy The concept of entropy as a scale, was introduced in 1865 by Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausius, German physicist, and his perspective it is totally opposite to the nature of such magnitude, the best way to describe the entropy, as is a phenomenon, since this word is the aspect of things that are offered to our senses, as the first contact we have with things, what we call experience, the word itself suggests that behind the phenomenon, there is no structure directly perceptible, as the philosopher Emmanuel Kant. And indeed if we analyze this phenomenon of nature, we find that structure. Here are some examples of what is entropy, if we put in a tank of air pressure for example 100 pounds and then open the valve, the pressure introduced into the tank, the pressure is equal to that outside, another example might be this, if we take a pan and put in 20 liters of water and then turned, as we will spread the water on the floor without a certain direction, a third example may drop 10 marbles in our hands, and these struck by falling to the ground, and separated into different directions, with these examples we can say that entropy is related to disorder and chaos, but if we take into account the statement of Emmanuel Kant, and analyze the phenomenon, I believe we can discover structure not visible in this, and this is a series of natural mechanisms. In the first example, the pounds of pressure inside the tank, in this case, the basic mechanism among others, is space, because there is insufficient space on the exterior of the tank pressure dissipates, equal to the pressure outside, the second example, the water in the basin, the mechanisms here are not the same, in this example we see as the central
  10. 10. mechanism is the force of gravity, this will cause the water is directed downward, and the of the ground will do the rest, the water will turn to where this inclination, in the third example, we can also say that the central mechanism is the force of gravity, and as in the second example, the shape of the surface determines the direction of the marbles, making them go into many directions, but there are others involved, as is the rigidity of the marbles, the stiffness of the soil surface, the weight of the marbles, and also the inclination of the ground, we can see from these examples, because the reputation of the entropy, is worthy representative of the chaos, that's what we can see with the naked eye of the phenomenon, but that happens in these cases if we change some things for example if instead of entering into the tank 100 pounds of air pressure, we introduce 100 pounds of pressure helium gas, and this introduces balloon, escape to quit, in this case, rather than dissipated as did air, helium balloons in the lead up and it being lighter than air helium, so that we can begin to understand the phenomenon of entropy, so far we can say is that it acts on instinct, this is the natural way, throwing the hand of the mechanisms that can be applied in each case in particular, now, would happen if the second example, instead of turning the tank 20 liters of water on the floor, on the Volta another tank, which fits the 20 liters of water, in this case the change of a single water basin to another, staying the full 20 liters of water, perhaps we can say that in this case the entropy was circumvented, no, what we can say is that entropy had no mechanisms, and only use the force of gravity, and this did its work, we can just find that the entropy is not acting on whim, acting instinctively, using mechanisms applicable in each case, but not fancy, but acts in an impartial manner in each case in particular, but we could not discover, no perceptible structure of the spoken Emmanuel Kant, and as we will see this is totally the opposite of the reputation we have given to the entropy, entropy, is the phenomenon of nature that avoids using all available mechanisms, the chaos in the universe, not in the form of synergy, since this can not happen naturally, the entropy can not get out of a sleeve that is not naturally available, and give order to things organized, and now your as a reader, you're asking, how can we say such a thing, seeing the results of the examples that we set ourselves, well able to explain the assertion that entropy is the masterpiece of nature, to prevent chaos universal and power as a universal kind of catalyst, we will put a further example, which we will explain this. The energy in almost
  11. 11. all cases is not multiplied, in most cases only be transformed, and the natural entropy is entrusted this task, through the mechanisms available in each case in particular, as we have seen. In thermodynamics is where this work is more visible as the temperature of one place to another is not multiplied, but tends to fade, but that would happen, for example, if solar activity was interrupted by a shield to prevent the photons escape the sun, preventing let out the heat, as it does of course, this shield dummy desarticularía mechanisms entropy, to develop their work, what would happen, simply, is that sooner or later the sun explode, or an implosion happen , so this situation can happen in all aspects and situations in the physical universe, if not activated entropy, chaos would rule and the rule to follow in all situations. The laws of thermodynamics. The first law of thermodynamics, formulated by Sadi Nicolas Loeonard in 1824, which was later completed by mathematically, Rudolf Julius Clasius and Lord Kelvin, and these made the foundations of thermodynamics, the second law of thermodynamics was formulated numerous statements stressing the Clausius and Kelvin. The third law of thermodynamics was proposed by Walter gold ultramicroelectrodes. About the characters mentioned above, it is noteworthy that such laws are made, not with bases and experimental work, they have done in person, but rather the laws were formulated based on the work of others, and in this way purely mathematical it is important to note that, because as we said at the beginning of the article, the main tool of the outstanding discoveries in science have been made based on observation, logic and common sense. The laws of thermodynamics now accepted by the circle of professionals in physics, ie Academies of Science, Association of physical scientists, universities, and other key lessons that energy is neither created nor destroyed but only transforms, and this is essentially a mathematically that this fits, fits, and is consistent with a model, and this model is based on a blackboard. And it applies to macroscopic. Well with this equation EcMmtiii affirm that this statement is vague, and inaccurate. It is a half-truth because it only applies in certain circumstances. We need to see that energy, we saw that the dictionary provides the definition of energy, force or power, but mainly he is known as having the ability to perform work, whether you look at the energy, we find that this rather than being an independent body or entity, it is not, energy is a consequence,
  12. 12. and that the movement or transformation of matter, energy, is the only word that describes this action, the energy has no life of its own, This is subject to the matter, no matter without energy, to be precise, although this is seen as radical, the energy does not exist, is just the consequence of matter in motion or transformation, and this is variable, depending on the circumstances that surround the energy, or more specifically the circumstances are about the matter in motion, under the current laws of thermodynamics, it is understood that the amount of energy in the universe is always the same, like the area and if it moves from one to achieve, it is said that only change of place, this is accepted, it is truly amazing is that this is accepted, and this for more people trained in physics. Let's take a look, here is where we must talk a little bit of time and space, let us begin by recalling that the dictionary says of the time, finite duration of things, or subject to change, to expand on this a bit shall we usually all know the time, and this is that time is a measure, which we know as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades, centuries, etc., a measure which is not flexible, such as a parallel measure, we can speak of the metric, of which the unit is meters, and with this we can describe distances, and these can be enormous with millions of miles, and also very small as a centimeter, these two measures, time and the metric system, we can say that are not flexible, nor can be, because in the same manner that one meters can not be longer or shorter, and in the same way, a second, can not be longer or shorter, these two are measured, and both are accurate, precise and absolute, and in no way are elastic. About the Area, as we saw the dictionary describes it as the extension of the universe where all things exist, and in a simple manner, we can say that is the place, but these two words together, Time and Space, opening a door, but not to another dimension, but rather a different perspective, and whether this perspective, we added mechanisms, this will serve us, and will be useful to describe, explain, or rather, a series of events in a simple, could not be explained without the combination of these two words, this perspective is a bit complex, the simple idea that had from the analysis of each word individually, for example, through this perspective we see the mechanisms, and we explain the increase of energy, from the time and space, this multiplication of the energy is visible in many cases, but some will use as examples. Well this happens not only in energy but also in the field, the amount of matter and energy in the universe constantly changing. With evidence that we can support this
  13. 13. assertion, we will put some examples to support this, we will start with the energy, the mechanisms for energy multiply or termination, are manifold, but in all there is a mechanism which we call central, and this is circumstances. For example, an asteroid in a distant place in the universe that is trapped by circumstances, in a group of asteroids, in this case as an example will, known as Lagrangian or Trojans, which are close to Jupiter, is one of these asteroids impacted by an asteroid much smaller, but it travels at high speed, making this the largest asteroid out of the lethargic state, and begins to travel between the planets and because of the circumstances in this particular case, the product of his career, which come into play, the force of gravity and the position of the planets, including they do escape the force of gravity, beyond our solar system, in doing so your speed will be reduced, but as you move away from the solar system at a time and this because of the gravity of other systems to which this is addressed, its speed will increment, and therefore its energy is increased, such that when the system reaches it is attracting, the same energy because of its speed, and inertia him, turn away from the system that attracted, until the asteroid, find a path more or less stable between solar systems, and this trend may be over billions years. What I can tell, this short story is that a small amount of energy, which, in all cases present this matter, I shall add, which was initially a small amount of energy from , multiplies, this example is one of billions of asteroids that are in constant motion throughout the universe, many of whom make frequent visits to our solar system, and are a spectacle for our imagination, but this amount energy and multiplied, may also cease, as it may be possible, under what circumstances the power may cease, in the circumstances of the trip occurred when the asteroid is attracted by the force of gravity of a planet which is in progress and distant and our asteroid after perhaps billions of years of travel, is interrupted by the collision with the planet, the amount of energy released by the impact, perhaps 1 000.000 times more than that originated its first movement, but this energy released by the impact is not enough to divert the course of the planet, and one time all the energy released by the impact is dissipated in the planet, here is an example with this one little story, which repeats every moment in our universe, where a small amount of energy multiplies, and after it dissolves. Other evidence, we can use to support the fact that the amount of energy in the universe is never the same, that is
  14. 14. our planet earth, we leave this time, because the explanation was formed as our planet is just speculation, and perhaps seek to explain this, maybe we can get would be a half truth, or an assumption, but we know that our planet spinning around the state to the sun for billions of years, any amount of energy that is needed to train and get in orbit and was overcome with the amount of energy used during the rotation of it, however, independently, this will add to the special circumstances that our planet is rotating on its axis, this once every 24 hours and add the special circumstances of our planet, we have made it atmosphere, also add the special circumstances in which our planet took 3 quarters of the water, it does not try to explain it, so I just called the special circumstances, the mechanism as we see it, is the circumstances, if we compare to our planet earth, with all others will see that each one is different and very different mechanism that was used in the formation of all the planets in our solar system, the mechanism is the same, the circumstances, but as we see all the planets are different, this means that the mechanism, called the circumstances, is composed of a group of mechanisms working under the command of the central mechanism, and these are the circumstances in which we call the plural form, and in this way we can say that the earth is the product of a group of mechanisms which are the circumstances, these mechanisms now This time, we show that there is great diversity in the structure of each planet, either by returning to our planet, this time, we have to turn on its own axis, has atmosphere and is formed by three-quarters of water on its surface and within its atmosphere is oxygen, which makes it a special place, we now have a satellite, the moon is now on our planet, thanks to a group of special circumstances, hurricanes are formed, which move a lot of energy, which is where all this energy, we can say that the circumstances in plural form, these include temperature, pressure, the location of our planet over the sun, to mention some of the conditions or circumstances that allow that hurricanes are formed, but under normal conditions when no hurricane this, our planet, we can say that the same energy on the planet long, certainly not, never have the same energy on the planet, and we can say that when a hurricane energy increases, and this is due to the circumstances prevailing in environment, but when a hurricane hits the coast of any continent, the amount of energy released is enormous, and the play ground, usually the circumstances that made possible the formation of Hurricane disappear, and the storm disappears, and we can say the energy released, perhaps now the energy was transported from the ocean to land, we can say for sure not
  15. 15. in any way what happened, simply, is that energy is dissipated, since the formation through their movement until the dissipation of the hurricane, we can say with absolute certainty is that the circumstances are causing the deployment of forces and tremendous waste of energy, in short we can say that under certain circumstances the power may appear, and under dissipates some circumstances and with this again reach the same conclusion, that being said and taught that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it's just a fact quite vague, we can say for this statement , is also under certain circumstances, this dogmatic that happens. Time and Space, as this is the framework, which will reflect the circumstances, one thing leads to another, we need time and space, to enter into the, matter and energy, this is a circumstance or a consequence of matter, what makes us go into the pragmatic world of physics. Another example we can use to talk about the power of Time and Space, is the terrestrial tides in the oceans, the tides are formed due to the circumstances involved, which basically is 2, the rotation of the earth, and the presence of our satellite, the moon, and mainly to the liquid state of the oceans, this combination of circumstances, resulting in a large amount of energy for space and time, this on a daily basis and permanently, this fact, it's been happening since the beginning of the creation and consolidation of our planet as such, nothing in the universe is inanimate, it is all a bustle of movement, of Time and Space, and we can also add the ocean currents, which are also related, but we must add to these, other circumstances such as temperature, and other circumstantial factors, that show us in a tangible way, that said that energy is neither created nor destroyed but only transforms, it is only a partial conclusion, those who in time came to that conclusion, according to his vision and knowledge of his time, Another example is the tsunami, could serve as an example the tsunami in Asia in 2004, in which there were hundreds of thousands of people dead, but will not use this as an example. Unless we're talking about an alleged Tsunami happened in the past. On the banks of the ocean, there was a huge hill, like many who are at present which break off and callus over the ocean, this triggered a huge tsunami, which reached the shores of the Indian Ocean, this high-energy impact, causing the destruction of beaches and reefs, killing hundreds of millions of people and animals. With this example, show an aspect of energy, which happens constantly, and it seems to energy as a ghost, subtle stealth that comes and goes, but as we see in all cases the substance is present in this small example,
  16. 16. we see the matter, in this case is the hill, because of special circumstances, which do not mention, but we can say that they were, moisture, slope of the hill, the tide of the ocean, including those that caused so much area, drop in the ocean, we should mention here that comes in the force of gravity, and this caused such a display of energy and time, this, energy is dissipated through the entropy, which fulfilled its role, the force of gravity was the trigger, but the question is, where does this energy come ¿, we can say that from the time and space. With all these examples, at this point we can see another perspective, several things, fundamentally, matter, energy, entropy, circumstances, mechanisms, and time and space. It is worth mentioning that the phenomenon of entropy does not apply to intelligent life, these words are very important, because intelligent life can create mechanisms that disrupt and neutralize the natural mechanisms of entropy, and using mechanisms such physical laws in our favor, as we show in the next two examples. Example 1, the energy coming from the Time and Space, is the discovery of the German physicist, Rudolf Henrich Hertz in the year 1888, which demonstrated the existence of magnetic radiation, with the construction of a device for producing radio waves , was not aware of the magnitude of their discovery, as he died very young at the age of 36 years, after discovering he used to great technological advances, which are all wireless, with its discovery electromagnetic radiation, electric generators can be built, the time and space, since its discovery is based on a perpetual motion of electrons. Example 2, we also have the energy space and time, the discoveries of Dr. Irving Langmuir of U.S. origin, about the atomic hydrogen, which contributed to the theory, the electrons shared, to expand this information, it would be good to read article, name, Irving Langmuir and Atomic Hydrogen, edited by Nicholas Moller, created the first of March 2004. Reference only mention the theory of Dr. Myron W. Evans, of British origin, since this is just a theory not use it as an example, but not for that reason cease to be less important, it is also important to cite the article by Dr. Horst Eckardt, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies known stands for AIAS Munich of Germany, about the devices of Time and Space, which are of great value in the experimental work done at present. Other examples include the fact is the magnetic attraction between opposite poles and repulsion between magnetic poles equal in both cases we have movement of matter by a physical reaction of the permanent magnets, which is where this energy, we can say that of Time and Space Another example is the force of gravity, when something is
  17. 17. close to a planet, such as an asteroid, the speed increases, and takes more energy, hence the energy the conclusion is the same, time and space. As seen in this article entropy, is the protagonist in all the examples in a given time is offset by the circumstances, but in all cases the entropy is the sovereign, since after its neutralization may return to action in time, for example in the first example we saw as our asteroid belt asteroids of Jupiter, accumulate energy, but after this, the impact, the entropy, takes its authority and dissipates the stored energy in making do with That time is a very important mechanism in it. Organic life, is the best example that the laws of thermodynamics are wrong, because the organic matter was moving to and from inorganic matter, and under special circumstances. Organic life is the second most important singularity after the Big Bang, is the unique space of the universe, the uniqueness of this call, life. Our planet is the best example, the entropy of how it interacts with matter and energy in the universe, to show how energy can be accumulated and then dissipated. We do this because trying to explain these things by using the scale of the universe would be much too complicated and that our planet can be used, representing the area, and in this organic life, such as energy, and man , in particular as a direct example, and substances that provide energy to human beings, we will use these to illustrate the mechanisms that neutralize and momentarily appeared to have circumvented the entropy. And the death as the return of the tight control exercised by the entropy, the universe, and which after having been neutralized is activated by our planet, an example of a small universe, and thus show how the entropy is the regulator for excellence. Matter Matter, the dictionary defines as the art, substances that contain physical bodies, consists of elementary particles. The law of conservation of matter was developed by, Antoine Lavoisier, the 18th century, scientists and others who came after him, this man, after many experiments concluded that changes in substance, no real creation or destruction of matter. Very respectable concluded Antonie Lavoisier, and very respectable work and experimentation, in the field, this respect from the scientific community took into law, its conclusions. Recent experiments, they came to draw other conclusions, which indicate the exact words of those who made that the findings of Antonie Lavoisier, are not
  18. 18. exactly accurate, as another example to put the sun, which is known to lose mass , we can also say, what we now know that at certain temperatures and pressures, it forms new subjects. Just for reference we mention the Big Bang theory, which is also known as a unique space, which refers to the moment of creation, that we are not using as an example. What we can say that it is very interesting about this theory is the fact that the material appears before a huge explosion, this time singularity space, which is creation. And as the second organic uniqueness space and thus intelligent life. Epilogue. At present the view of many physicists, that universities are teaching new generations of physicists, but only to be used merely as workers, as mere tools for large corporations, and this because of large economic interests and maintain control of the masses. In conclusion we can say that our universe is a vast laboratory in which all sorts of experiments are being carried out at every moment of this trajectory into the future, and we as intelligent life are not subject to entropy, if Currently there is any criminal law that compels me to retract my assertion that the laws of thermodynamics are wrong I have vague inaccurate and had to do, saying that a perpetual motion machine can not exist, but would do the same Galileo Galilei who, in my mind would say, however, and there is this perpetual motion machine is our universe. The James Clerck Maxwell Demon Arturo Raúl Cortés The king is naked!, The king is naked!. / laboratoriokazumi