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Digital Inspiration

  1. 1. Browse Archives Become a Member Search What's Popular How-to Guides Become an Author Get Widgets Favorite Websites Tech Support The New Windows Live Movie Maker is Here Sign up for our daily email newsletter Download the new Windows Live Movie Maker - a free video editing software for Windows 7 Enter your email address Sign Up and Vista. Add our headlines to your online news reader How Well Do You Know the Google Logo?       You use Google search and other Google products all day but can you identify the correct Google Logo. This was recently asked at the ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ game show on TV. SMS Alerts: Get news headlines on your mobile phone for free. Write Your Own Music Online with Noteflight MEET THE AUTHOR Create your own musical notations online for free with Noteflight - a web tool that lets you Amit Agarwal is a professional blogger and personal create a score using standard music notation. You can also print music sheets online. technology columnist for a national newspaper. He launched this site in 2004 more » Comparison of Online Screen Recording Tools Online screen recorders help you create screencast videos of your desktop screen in seconds without any software. Here we compare the various online screencating tools to STAY CONNECTED help you pick the best. Email me Facebook Twitter Linkedin Find Keyboard Shortcuts for all your Adobe Software in one place! With the Adobe Keyboard Shortcut app, you can easily find shortcuts for any Adobe software that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite application. Available for Mac and PC. WHAT'S NEW - DIGITAL INSPIRATION 1. Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to your Favorite Scary - Facebook Message Points to a Phishing Site Websites There are some rogue applications in the Facebook ecosystem that are trying to harvest your Facebook credentials. You are taking to a phishing site that looks exactly like the 2. Most Popular Email Clients Facebook start page. 3. Find People by their Family Name on Facebook 4. How to Sign Documents Electronically - No Ink or Find Software Updates for your Windows PC Automatically Paper Required Windows Update will only finds fixes and security updates for Microsoft software but there 5. A Better Alt -Tab Replacement Tool for Windows are some free tools that will help you discover new updates for software applications and 6. Upload Photos from a Mobile Phone to your hardware drivers on your computer. Facebook Album 7. MS Paint Features You May Not Know Bing Can Tell Which Other Domains What's Popular Here Are Hosted on a Web Server 8. The World ’s Largest iPod June 16, 2009 9. Shifted to a New Office Learn how to find web sites (or domain names) » Turn Your Home Computer into a Web that may be hosted on the same web server. Server in 2 Minutes 10. How Parents Can Protect Their Kids from The reverse IP lookup is performed using Bing. Inappropriate Content on the Internet October 13, 2008 » How to Host Images on Amazon S3 Text Ads on the Google Homepage Storage Service - Step by Step Guide Move towards the Center July 6, 2009 TV INTERVIEWS If you have used Google lately, you may have » Choosing the Right Social Bookmarking already noticed that Google has moved their Widget for your Website text ads (that were earlier displayed near the right edge of the search page) towards the March 26, 2009 DIGITAL INSPIRATION TOPICS center of your screen. » What Twitter Can Learn from Google Reader 1. Software 2. Internet Generate Short URLs for your March 16, 2009 Blog Posts » How to Check Multiple Email Addresses 3. Web Apps for New Mail At Once 4. Email If your site is hosted on, you can use instead of a third-party URL June 18, 2009 5. India Inc. shortening service (like or tinyurl) to » Now Download Your YouTube Videos 6. Gadgets generate slim URLs for your blog articles. Legally MORE RESOURCES Yes, You Can Email Pictures to Google Docs In addition to Office documents and PDF files, you can also email your photographs to 1. AdSense Sandbox Google Docs or upload them online via the web browser. 2. India Blog School 3. Advanced Image Download Your Google Reader Stories as PDF via the ‘Send To ’ Option Search Learn how to download Google Reader stories as PDF files using the new Send To menu. 4. Tech Podcasts You can also email web pages, share them on Twitter or Facebook via Google Reader. Directory 5. ASCII Art Do More From Your Browser Address Bar 6. Best Indian Blogs You probably use the address bar in your browser to search web pages. Now learn how to use the address bar to capture screenshots, send emails, download videos or even shorten 7. Flickr Photos the URLs. 8. Press Clippings & Testimonials How to Manage Your Collection of PDF Files Learn how to efficiently manage your library of PDF documents using free software. Also learn how to use Scribd as an online PDF organizer with full -text search for your ebook and
  2. 2. other private files. What’s Common Between an iPod and Google Wondering what ’s common between the design of an iPod and Google ? Got a question? Ask in the forums Web Clippings & Videos »  max7 on "Keywords" »  From Mail Today in Delhi »  techlee on "Vista Bluetooth Sony Vaio" »  ZooZoo Ad for India ’s Independence Day »  Amit Banerjee on "Forum software for »  Most Popular Virus Threats Blogs" »  Cooling Pads for Laptop – Are they »  bhatiacane on " not Design Effective? LOGO on India Independence Day: August »  Why Did Yahoo! Sell Its Search Business to 15" Microsoft »  Aneesh on "My posts on this Forum are »  Which Browser Do You Want to Install with becoming invisible." Windows 7 »  dhana on "My tyroo tags are not working?" »  Avoiding a Google Penalty »  Anonymous on "transfer and backup your »  Google Chrome Operating System – It’s Windows Mobile SMS with your desktop Linux vs. Windows Again computer." »  Take Screenshots of Web Pages in Google »  umashankar on "redirection problem for Chrome domain" »  Web Analytics Software for Small »  ashish963 on "Twitter is down" Businesses »  Balaji on "HeadPhones Not Working" MORE CLIPPINGS » VISIT HELP CENTRAL » Most Popular Articles » Browse Archives » BACK TO TOP ^^ About Digital Inspiration RSS Feeds Contact Us / Send a Tip Get news on the go Digital Inspiration is an award winning Subscribe to our Write to me at if you have Type in your mobile technology site with over 5,000 articles, feed and get all the any comments, questions or suggestions phone web browser for free tutorials and how-to guides. latest news from about the site. access anytime, from any place. Digital Inspiration in your We launched in 2004 and get over 2.5 million newsreader. Please only use forums to ask tech related The content is formatted specifically page views a month. Read FAQ. questions. for cell phones and mobile devices. © 2004 -2009 Digital Inspiration. The content is copyrighted to Amit Agarwal and may not be reproduced on other websites. Statistics | Advertise | About | Wiki | Terms | Sitemap