Midterm Pecha Kucha


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Midterm Pecha Kucha

  1. 1. Laura Simpson Major Studio – Interactive
  2. 2. Who do I see myself as? A Fine (Video/Installation/Mixed Media) Artist : Electronics Geek : Social Observer
  3. 3. I didn't include “Designer” There are many reasons that a non-designer would want to be in a design program: I did not include “Designer” Technical Expertise in peers and faculty Design Process is extremely well suited for large scale installations And interactivity. Available learning opportunities that appear in design programs that Do not materialize in fine arts programs.
  4. 4. Who/ What work am I interested in? Every Year my influences grow and change. This year is heavily skewed towards Contemporary Canadian artists from my last year in Montreal. L-R: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Nelson Henricks, Allyson Mitchell
  5. 5. Projects/ Problems to explore 7 in 7 Game Re-Design Reconciling Design and Art
  6. 6. Days 1 & 2: Photoshop Composites of book covers 7 in 7
  7. 7. Days 3 & 4: Max/MSP/Jitter Patches 7 in 7
  8. 8. Days 5 & 6: Found Video Re-edits – Repurposing 7 in 7
  9. 9. Day 7: Rewriting a game Rule Set 7 in 7 7 in 7
  10. 10. Revising/Testing a Project from 7 in 7
  11. 11. Revising an Existing Game
  12. 12. Outside of my comfort zone Interactive Art and Game Design Interactive Narrative and Gameplay Artificial Barriers to making a larger work? Overlap in areas of Human Computer Interface
  13. 13. Thinking about the Original Syllabus Assignment A Game based on using Movie Tropes to Competitively write a screenplay.
  14. 14. Environmental Adventures
  15. 15. Where do I see myself going? Panels: Storytelling in the world of interactive fiction Losing Should Be Fun Memes, Microcultures, and 2D Chicks MMO gamer behavior 101 Next Year: CAA 2011 and hopefully SXSW Or NXNW, eventually Ars Electronica
  16. 16. Where do I see myself going?
  17. 17. Where do I see myself going?
  18. 18. Where do I see myself going? Final/ Mini Thesis
  19. 19. Final/ Mini Thesis Mirror state, reflecting the inner environment. Activated state, when visitor is in front of Hidden sensor.
  20. 20. Final/ Mini Thesis Possible Future Questions: Can Game Design Principles be expanded to apply to Large scale art installations? How to apply design theory when there isn't a specific audience? Interactive Narrative is like a proto-game. What is the interactive Art object when you strip it of narrative?