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The Poetic Prosthetic


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Since reality is not fixed, because space and time are contingent, movement is possible and reality can be intentionally composed, with the aide of the poetic prosthetic. The poetic prosthetic is any technology that creates a relation of meaning between the individual and his or her possibilities for greater capability realization.

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The Poetic Prosthetic

  1. 1. Ways of Knowing, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard, Cambridge MA, Oct 29, 2016 Slides: Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained Melanie Swan Philosophy & Economic Theory New School University, NY NY The Poetic Prosthetic Oneness and Moreness in Contingent Spacetime Part of a Series on Posthuman Philosophy cryptophilosophy
  2. 2. April 2, 2016 Blockchain Cloudminds The Poetic Prosthetic Extending body and brain into composable reality 1 I. Addition Accepting the foreign into the body Merging body-brain with the foreign Blind man’s cane Extending the reach of the physical body Heart transplant II. Integration III. Synthesis BCI cloudminds Time and space are fixed and immobile Time and space start to become contingent Time and space are fully contingent and composable Melanie Swan, Philosophy, New School, Oct 29, 2016