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Blockchain Health and Crypto Wellness Futures


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The blockchain is a new class of information technology that could be like the Internet in terms of pervasively reconfiguring all of human activity, at minimum facilitating decentralized models as a technologically-resilient and liberty-enhancing complement to centralized hierarchical models. There are many potential applications in health and life sciences

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Blockchain Health and Crypto Wellness Futures

  1. 1. Finland, May 5, 2015 Slides: Melanie Swan Digital Health Revolution: Blockchain Health and Crypto Wellness Futures
  2. 2. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health What is the Blockchain? 1 The blockchain is a new class of information technology … that could be like the Internet in terms of pervasively reconfiguring all of human activity, at minimum facilitating decentralized models as a technologically-resilient and liberty- enhancing complement to centralized hierarchical models
  3. 3. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health What is blockchain technology (literally)? 2,,  Open-source software upon which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies run  A technology protocol layer like TCP/IP  A decentralized database/ledger  Giant ‘interactive Google doc spreadsheet’ that anyone can view and administrators (miners) continually verify and update to confirm that each transaction is valid  Secure network where any transaction can be independently confirmed as unique and valid without a centralized intermediary  Blocks (batches) of transactions posted sequentially to a ledger (chain)
  4. 4. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health What is blockchain technology (conceptually)? 3  A decentralized database, a transaction ledger  A new form of information technology  A globally-distributed always-on database system for secure, permanently-recorded independently-validated transactions  A universal organization and coordination system  A registry, listing, and management system for all of the world’s assets, smart property, and itemizable quanta  Asset registry, inventory, tracking, and exchange  A society’s public records repository, a representative and participatory legal and governance system  A tool for large-scale science and health applications
  5. 5. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health 4 Melanie Swan, Blockchain Scholar  Founder, Institute for Blockchain Studies  Singularity University Instructor, EDGE Contributor IEET Affiliate Scholar  Swan, M. Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy. Sebastopol CA: O'Reilly Media, 2015.  Swan, M. We Should Consider The Future World As One Of Multi-Species Intelligence. Response to The Edge Question 2015: What do you think about machines that think? John Brockman, Ed., 2015.  Swan, M. Cognitive Applications of the Brain as a DAC. Cognitive Science 2015: The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society: Mind, Technology, and Society, Pasadena CA, July 2015. submitted.  Swan, M. Philosophy of Big Data: Expanding the Human-Data Relation with Big Data Science Services. IEEE BigDataService 2015, Redwood City CA, Mar 31-Apr 2, 2015.  Swan, M. Blockchain Thinking: The Brain as a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation). Texas Bitcoin Conference, Austin TX, March 27-29, 2015.  Swan, M. Machine ethics interfaces: An ethics of perception of nanorobot-aided cognition. Journal of Responsible Innovation. submitted. Traditional Markets, Science, Arts Background New Vision,
  6. 6. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health 5 Blockchain (non-technical overview of blockchain possibilities)  What people are saying…  #mindblowing – SD  Intriguing - JH  Great to read your book! Willing to transform your ideas to real life – AW  I find it amazing … a good mix of explanation about state-of-the-art products as well as visionary ideas. I was waiting for awhile for this kind of book – JM  A compelling and unique overview of the possibilities – DC  Thank you for helping bring about a new era in finance – JW
  7. 7. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Health Applications 6 Immediate Near-Future Longer-term Future Universal EMR Smart Contracts and Health Insurance Blockchain Happiness: Personal Development Chains Health Databanks Smart Property: Drug and Inventory Management Virtual Patient Modeling Quantified Self Data Commons Health Token: HSN, Research Blockchain AI Applications: Big Data File Storage, Access, and Analysis Smarthome, Personal Robotics, QS IOT Friendly AI Health Document Notarization and Tracking Environmental Monitoring Blockchain Deep-Learners Identity Verification Demurrage Redistributions Blockchain Health Advocates Health Vendor RFPs Health Policy Voting Digital Mindfile Services HSN: Health Social Network, IOT: Internet of Things
  8. 8. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Health  Universal EMR: finally ‘health XML’?  Personal health records stored and administered via blockchain  Users key-permission doctors and other parties into records  Apple HealthKit, Bluehub Health, Google Health (concept)  Health Databanks and Research Commons  Aggregated personal medical records, quantified self data commons, genome and connectome files  Health Document Notary Services  Proof-of-insurance, test results, prescriptions, status, diagnoses, conditions, treatments, physician referrals  Doctor Vendor RFP Services  Doctors and health practices bid to supply medical services; automated bidding via health exchanges (OpenBazaar) 7
  9. 9. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Notarization  Notary Service, Attestation  Register health documents, diagnoses, EMRs, contracts, agreements, wills (Proof of Existence, Factom)  Register, protect, and transact IP (Monegraph, Ascribe)  How it works  Hash + timestamp + blockchain record 8
  10. 10. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Big Health Data  Proprietary genomic datasets and cloud-based tools  Baylor College of Medicine (3,751 whole human genomes (of 7 bn) and 10,771 exomes (440 terabytes) as of 2013)  Genomic Data Commons (open only to US scientists)  DNAnexus (cloud-based data analysis and management platform for DNA sequence data)  Decentralized projects: big data access + query tools for scalability, practicality privacy, liberty, availability  DNA.bits ( blockchain-based  Large genetic dataset access with correlated clinical records  Dexter (  Enduser-targeted, browser-based, domain-independent, structured- data explorer; run big data queries from browser  CrowdMed ( crowdsourced disease diagnosis 9
  11. 11. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Genomics 10  Censorship-resistant blockchains counter jurisdictional regulation preventing individuals from accessing their own data  Global organization uplift to blockchain cloud: WikiLeaks, ICANN, Genome Chains
  12. 12. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health What is Smart Property?  Register assets to blockchain via unique key  Real-time GPS ‘LoJack’ tracking for any asset  Blockchain becomes an inventory, tracking, and exchange mechanism for all hard assets  Smart Property Health Applications  Drug and equipment inventory (example: Blocktrace ledger tracks diamonds); equipment servicing records  Test results logged as smart property  Digital authentication and RT keyless entry  On-demand real-time inventorying of all hospital’s, city’s, country’s equipment  Supply chain provenance  OpenBazaar health exchange markets (equipment) 11,, Provenance: A decentralized CraigsList
  13. 13. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health What are Smart Contracts? 12  Agreements between parties posted to the blockchain for automated execution  Examples  Bet on high temperature tomorrow  Inheritance pay-out at age 21 or death of benefactor  Mortgage with automatic interest-rate resets  Blockchain-based Greek tax receipts in Ricardian Contracts (Yanis Varoufakis)  Code: Ethereum and Eris    ,,
  14. 14. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Smart Health Contracts 13  Hospital Visit Dapp (distributed application)  Runs in the background, automatically manages visit  Admittance: retrieves universal EMR, verifies identity, insurance, and payment information from health wallet  Annotates universal EMR, facilitates checkout  Peer-to-peer Insurance  Peer-evaluated and peer-adjudicated health claims  Dynamis, BitSilk  Peer-based mediation and legal system  Precedent  Quantified Self Personal Health DAC  Codified QS data collection and action-taking  Automated integration of health data streams DAC: distributed autonomous corporation
  15. 15. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Digital Health Wallet 14  Private key identity card + EMR + health insurance info + payment data  Use HealthToken to pay for services
  16. 16. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain IOT 15,  M2M/IOT Bitcoin payment network to enable the machine economy & mThings  The economic layer the web never had  IOT 2020: 26 bn devices in a $7 tn market  IOT agricultural and environmental sensors posting to blockchains  Quantifying processes; insurance data  Smartcity orchestration  Example project: IBM Adept  Blockchain + Messaging + BitTorrent  Communication + coordination mechanism  Scale from thousands to millions of sensors Smartcity Infrastructure and Connected Car Orchestration IOT Sensor and Drone Agricultural Monitoring
  17. 17. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Smarthome IOT and Health 16  Smarthome IOT networks  Tool for managing device proliferation  Provide security and privacy of sensitive smarthome data: physical and mental health, product consumption  Devices: personal robotics, digital health assistants, artificial companions, health optimizers, quantified self-tracking wearables, smartwatch, Fitbit, health tracker  With permissioning, smarthome, connected car, smartcity infrastructure to provide daily health check for the whole populace, including quality-of-life mental state Personal Robotics Coordination Smarthome IOT: Hue Go Wireless Smartlighting and Amazon Dash Button
  18. 18. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Health Policy Voting  Futarchy, two-step program 1. Traditional vote, on outcomes not people 2. Prediction markets to determine specific proposals for achieving the outcome  Delegative democracy (Liquid Democracy)  Voting power temporarily vested in delegates not long-term representatives  Group proposition development  Chain-orchestrated Random Sample Elections  Health Prediction Markets  IEM Flu Markets  Uncover hidden information in institutions  Community physical/mental health markets 17
  19. 19. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health GBI and Demurrage HealthToken  Nationally-denominated GBIToken  Freicoin: Switzerland GBI (Guaranteed Basic Income)  Nationally-denominated HealthToken  Health services payment administration, health research token  Demurrage currency: deflationary, built-in mechanism for expiry, reissuance, redistribution; = action-incitory  Fitbit and smartwatch are demurrage health currencies  Health itself as a demurrage currency, a continually auto- redistributing commodity among synapses, cells, humans, societies; body and brain as a DAO/DAC AI  Concept: demurrage resource-allocation via Dapp: Automatic redistribution of any commodity within a system (brain or mindfile (potentiation, optogenetic stimulation)), body (‘health’ (oxygen, waste removal nanobots, circulating lab-on-chips)), work team (ideas), society (liberty) 18 Fitbit is a demurrage (action-inciting) health currency
  20. 20. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Economic Principles: not just for Economics 19 Economic Principles  Traditional Deployment  Markets  Blockchain Deployment  Any interaction is a discovery and exchange process  Abundance mindset and overcoming scarcity  Decentralized models supplement hierarchy  Demurrage incitatory potential and resource redistribution across network nodes  Reciprocal mining communities Blockchain technology is prompting us to rethink economic principles in markets, and apply them much more extensively to other situations in a non-monetary sense
  21. 21. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Happiness  Virtual patient modeling: AI/DL algorithms over integrated health data streams  QS wearables, smarthome, smartcity, connected car  Blockchain-based personal development contracts  Programmable Utility Functions  Impute utility function from QS-biometrics and integrated health chain data  Time and quality-of-time spent in different activities  Complexity math (power laws, coefficients, cellular automata, fractals, Eigenvalues, nearest neighbor,) to instantiate both the qualitative and the quantitative  Actualization Chains, Maslow Contracts  Extend our capacity to become ‘more’ of who we are and can be more quickly 20
  22. 22. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain AI Applications Artificial Intelligence 1. Friendly AI 2. Blockchain Deep-Learners 21  Instantiating thinking as a blockchain process  Blockchain thinking applications for the immediate progress of intelligence and the longer-term transition to digital societies Human Enhancement 3. Blockchain Advocates 4. Digital Mindfile Services
  23. 23. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health App #1: Friendly AI 22 Artificial Intelligence  Digital intelligences running on consensus-managed smartnetworks  Good reputational standing required to conduct operations  Resource access, fund-raising, services, contracts  Consensus only validates and records bonafide transactions from ‘good’ agents Sources:,
  24. 24. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health App #2: Blockchain Deep-Learners 23 Artificial Intelligence  Crucial moment for AI: large data corpora and ‘simple’ machine learning algorithms  Narrow AI: Google News, Translate, Image Recognition  Broad AI: Genomes, Connectomes  Example: Enlitic ( disease diagnosis via deep learning  Large databases of personal connectomes reveal brain structure  Blockchain EMR, genome, connectome file sharing Sources:,
  25. 25. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health App #3: Blockchain Advocates 24 Human Enhancement  Smart contracts: independent third- party advocate in uncertain future time frames  Wikipedia of the future: blockchain- based oracle lookup services “You are running on the current standard, Windows 36 on a Quantum Itanium 3” - smart contract valet  Security for digital intelligences, both AI and mindfiles Source:
  26. 26. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health App #4: Digital Mindfile Services 25 Human Enhancement  Digital Mindfile Uploads  ‘Digital you’ services: LifeNaut, CyBeRev  Brain scan, personal connectome  Instantiate your mindfile as a DAC  Personal Thinking Chains  Life-logging, QS biometric datastore  Chain-based Memory, Ideas, Identity  Mindsim chains  Like digital health sims (Entelos) Source:
  27. 27. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Enterprise Blockchain Apps by Sector (selected) 26 Crucial Blockchain Properties • Cryptoledger • Decentralized network • Trustless counterparties • Independent consensus-confirmed transactions • Permanent record • Public records repository • Notarization time- stamping hashes • Universal format • Accessibility Government & Legal • Transnational orgs • Personalized governance services • Voting, propositions • P2P bonds • Tele-attorney services • IP registration and exchange • Tax receipts • Notary service and document registry Markets • Currency • Payments & Remittance • Banking & Finance • Clearing & Settlement • Insurance • FinTech • Trading & Derivatives • QA & Internal Audit • Crowdfunding IOT • Agricultural & drone sensor networks • Smarthome networks • Integrated smartcity, connected car, smarthome sensors • Self-driving car • Personalized robots, robotic companions • Personalized drones • Digital assistants • Communication (messaging) • Large-scale coordination • Entity ingress/egress • Transaction security • Universal format • Large-scale multi- data-stream integration • Privacy and security Real-time accessibility Health • Universal EMR • Health databanks • QS Data Commons • Big health data stream analytics • Digital health wallet • Smart property • HealthToken • Personal development contracts • Large-scale infrastructural element for coordination • Checks-and- balances system for ‘good-player’ access • Community supercomputing • Crowd analysis • P2P resourcenets • Film, dataviz • AI: blockchain advocates, friendly AI, blockchain learners, digital mindfile services Science, Art, AI
  28. 28. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Decentralized Application (Dapp) Ecosystem 27 Project Name and URL Activity Centralized Equivalent OpenBazaar Buy/sell items locally Craigslist Twister Gems Reveal Project Groundhog Social networking, peer-to-peer microblogging, messaging; private token-based social messaging Facebook, Twitter Bitmessage Secure messaging (individual or broadcast) SMS services LaZooz On-demand ride service Uber, Lyft Storj Maidsafe IPFS File storage, file serving Dropbox, Google Drive Onename BitID Bithandle Digital identity verification VeriFone, Verisign, Facebook Provenance Supply chain management Oracle, SAP Mist (Ethereum) ProTip Add-on to-peer-tipping-for-the-web Dapp browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  29. 29. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Blockchain Philosophy 28  Liberty-enhancing  Participative, inclusive, expansive  Equality technology  A flexible structure accommodative of diverse value systems  Eradicates illiberty  Authority: shifts locus to individual  Already: news, entertainment content, stock-trading, quantified self  Now: currency, economics, government  Decentralization: Abundance mindset  GBI/demurrage currencies build certainty, free cognitive surplus, basic needs met
  30. 30. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Summary 29  One of the most important emerging technologies for enacting the future of health and the empowered biocitizen is blockchains  Health (research, care delivery, and personal self-wellness management) is a big data analytics and security challenge that is solvable by blockchain technology  Also - integrate protected health data with smartcity, smarthome, and connected car infrastructure  Blockchains are a new form of information technology, a decentralized system of checks- and-balances, an infrastructure, an organizing system that is universal, secure, and granular
  31. 31. May 5, 2015 Blockchain Health Conclusion 30 Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts are truly a new kind of thing…technically, conceptually, structurally, and socially…with tremendous potential to decentralize and transform the manner in which we conduct all activity…to realize futures that are more efficient and participative, scalable at a planetary level, and enhancing of core values such as liberty, equality, and innovation
  32. 32. Finland, May 5, 2015 Slides: Melanie Swan Kiitos! Questions? Digital Health Revolution: Blockchain Health and Crypto Wellness Futures