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Energy in Construction - Kubik

  1. 1. Energy in construction (Bldg-E) Outline Proposal
  2. 2. Energy in construction (Bldg-E) General Outline Bldg-E PROD Bldg-E CERT Product Development Energetic Certification Bldg-E KUBIK Laboratory Building Bldg-E EB + Energy Positive Buildings
  3. 3. Energy in construction (Bldg-E) KUBIK
  4. 4. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK Why KUBIK? High rise in the price of Serious failure to Construction sector Need to increase energy that reduces our comply with the undergoing strong the presence of competitiveness due to Kyoto protocol and a economic readjustment. technology both at high dependence on need to reduce our It needs to redirect its a national and at an external sources. environmental efforts towards international level. footprint. technological improvements, searching for new market niches and greater levels of competitiveness.
  5. 5. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK KUBIK For the construction business sector It provides a real possibility for It searches out new niches in Possibility of using the building PYMES to work on innovation the market through as a platform for the launch of at a minimum cost thanks to technological innovation, new products on the market as the technological network of turning a risk situation – well as a test laboratory under TECNALIA. increase in energy prices – real conditions of use. into a market opportunity.
  6. 6. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK KUBIK For society as a whole Transference of R+D+i to Research into the Promotion of research in the industrial fabric of our reduction of our energy the field of sustainability country, increasing wealth consumption, with the working directly with and the use of high added threefold advantage of industrial agents. value. reducing our energy dependence, increasing our efficiency and reducing our environmental costs.
  7. 7. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK KUBIK For public sector bodies Participation in a project to Participation in a project to Participation in a top flight support research applied to a support the reduction of project with strong sector undergoing strong greenhouse gas international alliances. readjustment. emissions through the reduction of our dependence on external Promotion of contacts with energy sources. national and international business agents. Participation in a project to support increased energy efficiency throughout the Pre-normative, normative and entire country. post-normative support activities.
  8. 8. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK What does KUBIK do? Concrete functions of the new building laboratory demonstrates Start up & execution Passive of works elements In real Thermal-energetic Thermal- Constructive KUBIK analyzes behaviour Solutions conditions of use Industrialized Comfort, security and air Comfort, validates components quality Optimizes/improves Maintenance Installations
  9. 9. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK What does KUBIK look like? A completely modular Total monitorization Building with a square Orientations of and deconstructable to analyze each one layout and a surface area the facades to the laboratory building made of the elements under of 100m2 at 4 levels: four cardinal of a metallic structure. real conditions of basement +ground + 2. points and without use, from the point of nearby obstacles view of comfort and (facades thermal/energetic completely free). behaviour.
  10. 10. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK What is KUBIK like?
  11. 11. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK What is KUBIK like?
  12. 12. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK What is KUBIK like?
  13. 13. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK What is KUBIK like?
  14. 14. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK Where is KUBIK?
  15. 15. Energy in construction (Bldg-E): KUBIK USA France Mexico Bulgaria Spain China Brazil Chile Argentina Passion for the future Australia Bilbao Madrid Chile Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia C/Basílica, 19 - 6º B Román Díaz 228, oficina 305 C/ Geldo. Edificio 700 28020 Madrid Providencia 48160 Derio- Bizkaia Tel.: +34 91 598 06 83 6640297 Santiago (Chile) Tel.: +34 94 404 14 44 Fax: +34 91 598 06 84 Tel.: (56-2) 346 89 08 Fax: +34 94 404 14 45 Fax: (56-2) 264 06 00
  16. 16. Thank you Muchas Gracias Eskerrik asko