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Ludwig Van Beethoven (2º ESO Bilingüe 12/13)


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Published in: Education
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Ludwig Van Beethoven (2º ESO Bilingüe 12/13)

  1. 1.  The period in which Beethoven lived was the Classical Era but he was the first composer the Romantic Period.
  2. 2.  Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on 16th of December in 1770 in Bonn, Germany and died on 26th of March in 1827 in Vienna, Austria. Beethoven was a composer, conductor and German pianist. He is one of the most important composers in the history of music and his legacy had influence on later music.
  3. 3.  He was a very proud man who refused to be treated as a lowly musican.Beethoven learned to play the violin, piano and organ. In 1792 Beethoven left home and moved to Vienna to be around great composers, like Mozart and Haydn. He did not want to follow the rules of the Classical Era because they were too restrictive. Beethoven became deaf at age 28.
  4. 4.  Simphony nº 1: b7tF4&feature=player_detailpage Septet op.20: VvGY&feature=player_detailpage Simphony nº 3: ayer_detailpage&v=9XL2ha18i5w
  5. 5.  Violin concert: &feature=player_detailpage Rassumorski Quartets op. 59: &feature=player_detailpage Fidelio Opera: &feature=player_detailpage Kreutzer Sonata op. 47 for violin and piano: Y&feature=player_detailpage
  6. 6.  Missa Solemnis in D major: ure=player_detailpage Symphony Nº 9: page&v=qblh1Wora1Y For Elisa: ure=player_detailpage