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Chopin (2º ESO Bilingüe 12/13)


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Published in: Education
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Chopin (2º ESO Bilingüe 12/13)

  1. 1.  Frédérick is a Polish composer (a writer of music) and pianist, was one of the creators of the typically romantic character piece. All of the music included the piano.
  2. 2.  When he was seven years old, he composed his first piece When he was eight years old he gave his first public concert
  3. 3.  Regarded as the greatest Polish composer, lived during the romantic period, the pèriod after the French revolution.
  4. 4. Some people say that he washomosexual because his musical phraseswere a little feminine. And despite havingmany girlfriends, he never married.
  5. 5. THE ENDThank you for listen