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Online Payment Intergrations -Joomla Day Kenya

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Online Payment Intergrations -Joomla Day Kenya

  1. 1. Joomla Day Kenya 2014 Online Payment Integration
  2. 2. Laban Ndwaru Web and Mobile Software Developer Msc Student, MTI, Strathmore University
  3. 3. Payment Gateway ● A service used to process credit card transactions for the online customers ● These gateways enhance e-commerce ● Some of these gateways requires the user to have a merchant account ● They offer a transaction fee ranging from 2.5% to 5% based on the payment method and the volume of transactions
  4. 4. Why Online Payment Integration? ● Online Shopping ● Pay for Utility bills ● Make Donations
  5. 5. Payment Process System
  6. 6. Local Online Payment Gateways
  7. 7. Integration Prerequisites ● Joomla Extension- This can be any Joomla ecommerce component.
  8. 8. Integration Prerequisites ● API reference- This code enables you to link to the merchant website to the online gateway service provider. ● Enables you to monitor the state of transaction through IPN (Instant Payment Notifications)
  9. 9. Integration Prerequisites ● OAuth -this enhances the security of the gateway integration.Prevents interference once a payment request is sent to the gateway. ● Mostly uses; ○ Consumer Key
  10. 10. Integration Prerequisites ● Others-o Post pay redirection page to your customers.
  11. 11. Online Payment Integration-Security ● SSL- Secured Socket Layer, ensure you are using this protocol - enables encrypted, authenticated communication across the internet. ● Make sure the payment gateway is verified.
  12. 12. Future Contingencies ● Mobile Money Integration ● 3-D secure verification to the credit cards- Avoid manual checks. ● Develop quality websites which provide more reliable, user-friendly online payment services.-this will enhance customers confidence.
  13. 13. Resources ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
  14. 14. Thank you Laban Ndwaru. @labanish