The Mobile Device of the Future


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This is really not some NASA space technology stuff, it’s more of a hint on possible improvements of the already implemented technology.

I have a feeling that this presentation is going outdated as it’s being written…

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The Mobile Device of the Future

  2. 2. CONTENTS intro and general idea design user interface ideasa few ideas for the future
  3. 3. intro and general idea The mobile phones came a long way since the “big bang” in the80’s. They evolved in every possible way they could – the size, the shape, the technology etc, and all the way up to the purpose and the way we are using them.With every new generation, new much higher standards were set, constantly introducing some new ways to improve the quality oflife – messaging, internet access, multimedia library, a powerful game console, navigation system and many more.
  4. 4. intro and general ideaThe hot trends of the moment include location based social media, augmented reality, shopping, biometrics, community recommendation etc. Hot trends that marked the beginning of the so called Mobile 2.0revolution and will definitely be the "talk of the town" in the future. The whole 2.0 episode was triggered by the appearance of the Smart phones followed by the explosion of touch screen devices.With the birth of the iPhone came the app explosion that broughthundreds of thousands of applications [ current figures: iTunes - 400,000+ apps; Android Market - 200,000+; 35,000+ ]
  5. 5. intro and general idea The device of the future, whether its the cell phone, tablet, gaming ormultimedia device, or perhaps a single device that is all that, will be the information central, a fusion of social networks updates, latest news headlines, essential information [ weather, traffic, notes...], email, webbrowsing, shopping recommendations, IPTV and many more services we increasingly depend on.Complete data synchronization between different mobile [ and desktop ]devices is, let’s say finally usable and will have to dramatically improve inthe years to come, perhaps powered by one of the services like OpenID, Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect etc. - the story seems to be developing in the right direction.
  6. 6. “The” design “The” device [ Of the future ] above :) ]AT&TS Video Phone [ illustration om 1992 to 1995.was sold to the general public fr found on Swissmuss ] [ as
  7. 7. The device to come [ these days ] will need topay a lot of attention to the visual component asthe last few products that came out yesterday.That will definitely have to apply to thehardware and software parts. Minimalisticapproach to the design combined with theabsolute ease of use and upgrade, simple,customizable and clean user interface.We’re not quite there yet, but it’s getting better and better!
  8. 8. user interface …needs to pay more attention to what user experience is talking about… This is really not some NASA space technology stuff, it’s more of a hint on possible improvements of the already implemented technology. I have a feeling that this presentation is going outdated as it’s being written…fast contacts viewer with contact data with socialletters for easier finding networks data [ fb status, last tweet, location on the map if its shared… ]
  9. 9. user interface …with new user experience latest generation hd video call/chat system with easy access to any socialmedium, and run on a 4G or what ever better solution there is, will probably render the old fashioned voice only calls useless… It’s like Video killed a radio star thing all over again :)
  10. 10. It would also be nice if wecould “dock” anywhere, but without having to carry an extra item along :) … we just didn’t quite invented it jet… :)
  11. 11. a few other thoughts on the future Mobile device of the future will be "more human". Besides beingthe life organizer, personalized and fully customized tool, it will bethe tool for creation, sharing, collaboration, productivity, learning,shopping etc, bringing different people to the new kinds of online communities - networks of blogs, discussion forums, twitter feeds etc, the places to practice free speech, give opinion, get critics, meet people, find a dream job ... It would become a true DigitalUrban Network - user generated, user moderated, user exploited.
  12. 12. a few other thoughts on the future Mobiles in social networking already offer amazingthings, but in the future, mobiles will be the driving forceof the social development projects and programmes withorganizations like UN, UNICEF, WHO, WFO, WWF, Amnesty International, Greenpeace...  
  13. 13. a few other thoughts on the future In some African countries, mobile phones are not only a valid payment system but a powerful tool against corruption. The future might bring some exciting new banking services on our smart phones, including online banking, currency exchange,stock exchange, and hopefully fast web shop checkouts allowing the purchase with just one click. Then there are enormouspossibilities with QR Codes - for example: QR code placed on a City Light, poster, direct mail... which is then scanned using a Smartphone. The link takes you to a mobile web store with oneclick purchase button. If you decide to buy the product, just click the button and wait until its delivered to you.
  14. 14. a few other thoughts on the future Its not just something from the SciFi movies, smart phones are already capable of replacing your wallet and its contents, its amatter of day when our phone is going to host our drivers license, I.D. card, passport, medical record...
  15. 15. a few other thoughts on the futureTravel guides on mobile - absolutely amazing! No way youll be lost with GPS navigation, Location Based Services, Local offers, buying tickets for museums, public transport, Layer services and all thatenhanced with rich media, audio, video, social media... Definitely a publication that can deserves the "All in your pocket" title.
  16. 16. In order all those ideas to stop being the Future and actually become the Present, there will have to be more cooperation, more freedom, and a lot of patience. And yes, a little money issue perhaps? :) In that case, there is a YouTube clipthat it would only be appropriate to end the slide:
  17. 17. thanx for reachingthe last slide anywayz:)