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Lab13 Business presentation


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Business Presentation Lab13

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Lab13 Business presentation

  1. 1. Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity We build your innovation AUGUST 2011
  2. 2. FactsSome numbers... • Over 3.000 clients • 110.000 web pages, 65.000 query/hours managed • 10 years of web projects experience • Over 40 professionals at your service • Presence in 4 countries; Italy, France, Spain and Albania Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  3. 3. Our pastFAMA Consulting, ours world before Lab13 The experience to be able to serve more than 3000 customers in the SMEs and to face any need for custom projects from a distance. FAMA Consulting was founded in 1997, based on 3 seats (Milan, Rome and Madrid) and 5 business units, more than 100 professionals, Internet projects with major Italian companies, this was our world... before the Web 2.0 Areas and projects: • Transportation - CIPAV • Telecommunications - Telecom Italia Web application for the access control in the construction Development of a platform for web hosting site of high speed • Public Administration - Ministero dell’Ambiente • Telecommunications - Albacom GID - Internal project for the computerization of the Project for integration between the CRM of Clarify and the internal flows of employees CTI system • Telecommunications - Fastweb • Public Administration - Ministero del Tesoro Design of data warehouse to monitor the sales Development of the project SILDPT to manage payroll for performance of the movies (pay per view) public employees Some of the companies we worked with: Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  4. 4. ProfileYour parner’s identity • Lab13 is a company that designs and develops software solutions using the most advanced technology available, with a strong focus on web and mobile platforms. • Lab13 was set up around the “Magic” project, to date one of the best Content Management System (CMS) solutions for micro-businesses offered on the market. • Lab13 is an international company. Lab13 - Europe Magellano - Italy Keywords: Headquarter, Management Our Web Agency in Lodi Lab13 - South East Europe WebNext - Spain Keywords: Development, Dedication Our Web Agency in Barcelona YooWeb - France Our Web Agency in Montpellier AlbWeb - Albania Our Web Agency in Tirana Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  5. 5. Mission, Vision & ValueThey provide inspiration and momentum to our group Mission & Vision: •M. Provide the best user experience combining leading-edge design, technology and innovation •V. To become a partner of large companies in the supply of innovative solutions for the construction of the web and mobile worlds around us Value: •Ethics. Relating to colleagues, customers and suppliers with respect, honesty and sincerity •Listening. Paying attention to the present and future needs of customers and end users •People. Developing the talent and skills of each person •Innovation. Courageously promoting new ideas, different approaches and views •Partnership. Creating strong connections with customers and suppliers by adopting shared objectives and strategies •Future. Facing up to the challenges of our work with our eyes on tomorrow, designing innovative solutions Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  6. 6. Our StrategyBusiness model, international geographical expansion and vertical solutions • Firstly, we are continuing to build on a strategic choice made in the past to spring off Open Source base technology only. Part of our commercial product line shall be itself teered to the Open Source model in the short term. • The geographical plane compasses opening wholly owned sales subsidiaries in European country rated “demographically similar” to Italy, together with developing our East-Europe and R&D officies. • In terms of product and market development, focus on the specific and specialised needs of a limited number of verticals key. Evolving our offering and working together with the relevant communities with personalised approaches. Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  7. 7. Management TeamTalent makes difference Fabrizio Maldura Matteo Lauriola Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer Fabrizio has over 15 years of experience in the Matteo began working with Fabrizio in 1999, IT market, including 8 years of research in the and was immediately a key figure in the field of web services. definition, development and creation of the first web platform. Renzo Maldura Valter Carboni Chief Financial Officer Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Renzo has more than 30 years of experience in Valter bring in his over than 20 years of financial operations and management in experience and consulting approach to project catering industry. and clients management. Marco Baldo Chief Experience Officer Marco manages the group experience of the designers and oversees the team of incubation for the new opportunities for business. Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  8. 8. What We DoWe create value for you and for your customersLab13 partners with Businesses From idea to product innovation. All Lab13 solutions permit end usersinvesting in ICT innovation through its multi-channel access to products and In our Laboratory we help acceleratehigh profile technical and technological services and guarantee full integrationconsulting services. the development of software products with computer systems that are being and reduce time to market through set up or those already in use in theWe are staffed to be effective on proven processes, methodologies, and company.several topics tools.• myLAB13.LAMP • Strategical Model • Content Management System • E-Commerce• myLAB13.OPEN • Tactical Model • Invoicing• myLAB13.MOBILE • On-demand Model • Sales Force & CRM• myLAB13.SECURITY • Web TV• myLAB13.EXPERIENCE • News Portal • Multi-site Platform Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011
  9. 9. Thanks! Business Presentation Technology, Innovation and Creativity AUGUST 2011