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Coworking #Storytelling - Presentation at #coworkingEu 2013


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Coworking #Storytelling - Presentation at #coworkingEu 2013
Storyteling 4 non coworkers, coworkers, coworking communities.
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Coworking #Storytelling - Presentation at #coworkingEu 2013

  1. 1. Once upon a time: storytelling for freelancers and coworkers Stefania Burra - Simonetta Pozzi
  2. 2. What ‘s your story?
  3. 3. What’s your story? It’s your personal branding It is the impression you leave in the heart of others (Jordi Collell)
  4. 4. “Bio is dead” What people want to know is your story. What are your life experiences, and how have they shaped you?
  5. 5. Sometimes we don’t know our story as well as we think. Telling our story help us make sense of our life — why certain events happened , the way they did. We begin to make sense of who we are. If you simply state what happened in chronological order you will bore your audience to tears.
  6. 6. We all are our stories
  7. 7. Which are the basic elements of any good story ? What’s the conflict? Who’s the hero? Where is the suspense? How will the conflict resolve? What’s the point? Why does it matter to me?
  8. 8. Use your imagery and have a look at the details which can make the difference. Use a protagonist, because your audience can identify with the events. So, you can capture your audience’s imagination. Through stories you transfer your beliefs and values, you describe the world around you and your purpose.
  9. 9. For freelancers: You don’t need to reinvent yourself ; change the way that you talk about yourself. Through storytelling you can build a strong image of yourselves and your work in order to gain new clients.
  10. 10. Your customer doesn’t want to buy your skills but a vision, a dream. He’d like to know how he can increase his business goals with your help.
  11. 11. and now let’s talk about coworkers
  12. 12. A coworker is generally a freelancer, a student or even an employee who works a lot, and is trying to grow his job/business, improve skills and find a new way of working. How can a coworker find co-operation and job sharing without telling his true story?
  13. 13. Coworking is a life style You don’t share just space or office, but you believe in the  same values and live in the same coworking community,  take cafée together everyday; and that’s the reason why  storytelling is a good tool to talk about yourself, your  business or your coworking community either. Keywords: open mind, co-operation, job-share, network,  knowledge sharing.
  14. 14. What’s important? The synergy that can happen from working with like-minded talented  people in the same space.   You are part of a community and storytelling helps building the  community itself.
  15. 15. How can you tell your story? Lab121:   “Introduce yourself”.  - knowledge sharing and interaction  with other people. Business speed meeting: you talk about you and your job  in few minutes.     
  16. 16. You can talk about your passion and your job in  training sessions . 
  17. 17. You can share your skills with the community   during  cultural and also  fun events.  -Coworking pasta  (introduce yourself ,  eating  pasta  at cowo space) -Foodblogger’s night (we talk about food and blog with Lucy and  we cook finger food) 
  18. 18. How can a community tell an event? Using Storify and sharing it on the web. 
  19. 19. Espresso coworking in september 24th, 2012
  20. 20. Another example of storytelling of a coworking center
  21. 21. Lab121 Coworking: It’s just the beginning of our story