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My self learn -Php


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My self learn -Php

  1. 1. My self Learn -PHP <ul><li>What is PHP?
  2. 2. Characteristics of PHP?
  3. 3. Requierments to run PHP?
  4. 4. Syntax of PHP?
  5. 5. PHP Loop Types
  6. 6. Arrays and Strings
  7. 7. PHP File Inclusion
  8. 8. GET and Post Methods
  9. 9. Cookies
  10. 10. Sessions
  11. 11. File upload
  12. 12. PHP Date & time method. </li></ul>
  13. 13. What is PHP? <ul><li>PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.
  14. 14. It is server side scripting Language.
  15. 15. It is used for web designing
  16. 16. It is integrated with a number of popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server. </li></ul>
  17. 17. Characteristics Simplicity Efficiency Security Flexibility Familiarity
  18. 18. Requierments to run PHP 1. It is serverside scripting language so probabbly We need follwing severs. Apache PHP XAMMP MySql Software Perl So if weinstall Xampp everything will be installed . 2.Any Editor to write coding like notepad. 3.Browser to to view the output of program.
  19. 19. SYNTAX <? php type coding here ?> Example: <? php echo Hi ?>
  20. 20. LOOP TYPES 1. if else 2. for loop 3.for each 4. while loop while loop 6.break 7.continue Syntax and codings similar to C language.
  21. 21. Arrays and Strings Array is data structuer that stores one or more Similar types of variables in single name. * Numeric array - An array with a numeric index * Associative array - An array where each ID key is associated with a value * Multidimensional array - An array containing one or more arrays
  22. 22. Strings String is sequences of character EX: $string_1 = &quot;This is a string in double quotes&quot;; There are more number of function. For functions refer:
  23. 23. FILE INCLSION 1. include(): The include() function takes all the text in a specified file and copies it into the file that uses the include function Ex: menu.php file contains <? php home-> user1->user2 ?> X.Php include th menu.php file using following coding <?php include(&quot;menu.php&quot;); ?> OUTPUT OF X.php: home->user1->user2
  24. 24. FILE INCLUSION requier()-The require() function takes all the text in a specified file and copies it into the file that uses the include function EX : if we want to use x.php file which already include the menu.php file <?php require(&quot;x.php&quot;); ?>
  25. 25. GET &POST METHODS GET: It sends the encoded user information appended to the page request. The page and the encoded information are separated by the ? Character . Ex: output contains the submitted page information. <form action=&quot;welcome.php&quot; method=&quot;get&quot;> Name: <input type=&quot;text&quot; name=&quot;fname&quot; /> Age: <input type=&quot;text&quot; name=&quot;age&quot; /> <input type=&quot;submit&quot; /> </form> OUTPUT: fname=Peter&age=37
  26. 26. POST METHOD Using the GET method is restricted to send upto 1024 characters only but if we want to send more then 1024 char we will go forthe POST method does not have any restriction on data size to be sent. Ex: <form action=&quot;welcome.php&quot; method=&quot;post&quot;> Name: <input type=&quot;text&quot; name=&quot;fname&quot; /> Age: <input type=&quot;text&quot; name=&quot;age&quot; /> <input type=&quot;submit&quot; /> </form> OUTPUT: The url does not store vaue but the page retrive the value