Forming Questions


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Forming Questions

  1. 1. Forming Questions <br />
  2. 2. What is a question?<br />A question is a request for information or action<br />When writing a question you should always end the sentence with a question mark (?)<br /> CLOSED<br /> OPEN<br /> TAG<br />Types of Questions:<br />
  3. 3. TYPE 1: CLOSED Questions<br />Closed questions demand a yes/no, true/false or right/wrong answer.<br />For closed questions use do/does, am/is/are or have/has as question words and switch positions of the subject and verb:<br />use do or amor havewith personal pronouns (I)<br /><ul><li>I do => Do I? / I am => Am I? / I have => Have I?</li></ul>use does or is or has with third person singular pronouns (he, she, it) and with singular noun forms<br /><ul><li>(he, she, it) does => Does (he, she, it)? / (he, she, it) is => Is (he, she, it)? / (he, she, it) has => Has (he, she, it)? </li></ul>use do or are or have with other personal pronouns (you, we, they) and with plural noun forms<br /><ul><li>(you, we, they) do => Do (you, we, they)? / (you, we, they) are => Are (you, we, they)? / (you, we, they) have => Have (you, we, they)? </li></li></ul><li>TYPE 1: CLOSED Questions Activity<br />Are you from England? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />2) Is she nice? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />3) Are the friends at school? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />4) Is the dog in the garden? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />5) Are you 12? - No, _____________________ .<br />6) Is your school bag black? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />7) Is he a teacher? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />8) Are your parents from Italy? - No, _____________________ .<br />9) Are we students? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />10) Am I your friend? - Yes, _____________________ .<br />
  4. 4. TYPE 2: OPEN Questions<br />Open questions leave room for a description or opinion as answer.<br />These question words are used to gather particular kinds of information as an answer: <br />what – when asking for information about something<br />when - to ask about the time that something happened or will happen<br />where - to ask questions about place or position<br />which – when asking for information about one of a limited number of things<br />who- when you asking about someone's identity<br />whom - when you asking about someone's identity<br />whose - to ask about possession<br />why - to ask for a reason <br />how - to ask about the way in which something is done<br />
  5. 5. TYPE 2: OPEN Questions Activity<br />John is writing a letter.<br />2) She walks home from school.<br />3) The children are sitting in the garden.<br />4) Peter runs with his dog on Sundays.<br />5) My rabbit has a cage in the garden.<br />6) They go to work by bus.<br />7) David likes cats because they are nice.<br />8) Jenny isn't sleeping late today.<br />9) We are going to the cinema.<br />10) I'm leaving now.<br />
  6. 6. TYPE 3: TAG Questions<br />Tag questions are short questions added to the end of a positive or negative statement.<br />Tag questions are used to verify or check information that we think is true or to check information that we aren't sure is true.<br />Normally a positive statement is followed by a negative tag, and a negative statement is followed by a positive tag. <br />The statement and the tag are always separated by a comma.<br />The verb in the statement should be the same tense as the verb in the tag.<br />Present tense Present tense <br />You are a good singer, aren'tyou? <br />Past tense Past tense <br />You didn't go to work yesterday, did you? <br />Present perfect tense Present perfect tense <br />You have been to London, haven't you? <br />
  7. 7. TYPE 3: TAG Questions Activity<br />She is collecting stickers, _____________________ ?<br />2) We often watch TV in the afternoon, _____________________ ?<br />3) You have cleaned your bike, _____________________ ?<br />4) John and Max don't like Maths, _____________________ ?<br />5) Peter played handball yesterday, _____________________ ?<br />6) They are going home from school, _____________________ ?<br />7) Mary didn't do her homework last Monday, _____________________ ?<br />8) He could have bought a new car, _____________________ ?<br />9) Kevin will come tonight, _____________________ ?<br />10) I'm clever, _____________________ ?<br />
  8. 8. PRACTICE QUESTIONS Activity<br />1) Speak you English? <br />2) What can I for you do? <br />3) Where live you?<br />4) Played you football?<br />5) From where do you come? <br />6) Understand you the question? <br />7) Does Frank works in Sheffield?<br />8) What did you last Sunday?<br />9) Where did Peter went? <br />10) Like you Hip-Hop?<br />