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World history dream trip


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World history dream trip

  1. 1. Brought to you by:The History Magazine (and channel)
  2. 2. Pearl Harbor is a memorable, yet very sad place. It was where the Japanese bombed the UnitedStates, luring us into WWII. Now all that’s there is a beautiful memorial, that remembers the day.
  3. 3. Honolulu is the biggest island in the Hawaii chain. It has beautifulbeaches, tropical forests, and best of all, a place where memories are made everyday. But, that’s not the main reason I want to visit the beautiful island. The main reason is, about six months ago, myparents visited the island without me and my brother, and I think it’s time I return the favor.
  4. 4. The Vatican City is the smallest country in the entire world.The Vatican City is where the CatholicPope lives.The City consists of one the most beautiful churches in theworld, St. Peter’s Basilica (background).Also in the palace, is the Sistine Chapel (top left) which is aChapel, that the famous Michelangelo painted. It even haspaintings on the ceiling.
  5. 5. Venice is mainly known for it’s beautiful street canals. But some don’t know that Marco Polo was born in Venice. And ofcourse, everyone knows Marco Polo is, or will in the near future.
  6. 6. Barcelona is a very historical place. Their soccerteam, FC Barcelona is probably the most storiedteams in all of sports. Theiraquarium is one of theMost beautiful in the world.Overall, it is a definitelyA place to visit.
  7. 7. Madrid, is the other city in Spain that is home to one of the moststoried soccer teamsin history, Real Madrid.FC Barcelona, in fact is itsbiggest rival. But, that’snot the only reasonMadrid is such ahistoric city. The PradoMuseum is one of theleading art galleries inthe world owning over 7,600 pieces of artwork.
  8. 8. Verdun was home to the longest battle in WWI.Verdun was a city in France, that guarded a ringof forts. It took the Germans 10 ½ months to seizethem all. The battle of Verdun was never a bigvictory or loss in the course the war, being a smallcity on the Western Front, but it will still beremembered for the hard fought the French andGermans displayed.
  9. 9. Paris, France is one the most famous cities in theentire world along with London, Beijing, Pisa, andNew York City. Paris’ best attraction is the EiffelTower and at night, it doesn’t disappoint. But, Parishas it’s historical events as well, such as Paris PeaceConference that took place at the end of WWI. ThisPeace Conference was actually one of the reasonsAdolf Hitler started WWII. Paris is the perfect venuefor a historical trip and family trip.
  10. 10. London is anotherone of those cities thatis one of the mostfamous in the entireworld.Two of the top historical attractions in London are the CabinetWar Rooms, where Winston Churchill and his advisors plannedwar tactics while the battle went on above them. Then there isthe Tower of London which is where Churchill watched the airbattle take place above him. Another must do, for a soccer fan, while in London isto visit a Chelsea soccer game. Chelsea is one the top teams in the Barclays Premier league.Chelsea, this season, won the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League Cup.
  11. 11. Sheffield, England is more of apersonal stop in the trip for me. Themain reason I’m going, is because I wantto see my second cousin Gage, whomoved to England in August. He isthe only cousin on my mom’s side of thefamily, who is my brother and I’s age.So, when he moved we got to spend alot less family time. Also while I’mthere we might as do something fun, soI thought we should go to AerialExtreme Sheffield, which is a courseof obstacles of a sort, in the trees.
  12. 12.  Aerial Extreme: Tower of London: Cabinet War Rooms: Chelsea Soccer game: Verdun: Paris Peace Conference: Eiffel Tower: Barcelona soccer game: Barcelona aquarium: Real Madrid soccer game: Prado Museum: Vatican Palace: St. Peters Basilica: Venice: Pearl Harbor: harbor-memorial