Postcards Dream Trip


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Postcards Dream Trip

  1. 1. BELGIUM
  2. 2. Greetings from Belgium! I Insert Stamp I I Here IMessage Here:____________________ Address:_______________________________ ___________________________________________________________What you see on the front of the postcard is Atomium, the sculpture of anatom in amazing 3D form, and also one of Belgium’s amazing cathedrals.The beautiful country of Belgium has many amazing sights, but during WWI, itwas invaded by Germany, despite being a neutral country. While the citizens ofBelgium fought bravely, the country was subdued within a week and Germanymoved on to Paris.
  3. 3. France
  4. 4. Wish you were here! [ Insert ] [ Stamp Here ]Message Here: Address: __________________________ ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________What you are seeing on the front of this postcard is the beautiful palace ofVersailles, the site of the Paris Peace Conference that ended the Great War.Unfortunately, this only ended up causing WWII, because Germany believedthat the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh. You are also seeing the site of theBattle of Verdun, which the French bravely fought to keep Paris. Theyfortunately won this battle and were able to save Paris!
  5. 5. Russia
  6. 6. Having Fun in Russia! I Insert Stamp IMessage Here: Address: __________ I Here I___________________ ___________________________________________________________________________What you see on the front of this postcard is Gorky Park, an amusementpark with many things to do, including ice skating!You also see the beautiful Palace of Alexander, where the last Czar, CzarNicholas the 2nd, lived for most of his life. His family was unfortunately shotand killed one morning when they were told to come to the basement for afamily photo.
  7. 7. Rome
  8. 8. Come and visit! I Insert Stamp I I Here IMessage Here: Address: ______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________What you see on the front of this postcard is the Colosseum, originallyknown as the Flavian Amphitheater. It was used for gladiatorial gamesand reenactments of Classical Mythology. You also see the NationalMuseum of Rome, which is split among various branches of the city, andhas mosaics, paintings, and sculptures from centuries ago. It is sure tobe a magical experience.
  9. 9. California
  10. 10. Having a great time! I Insert Stamp I IHere I Message Here: Address: ______________ _________________ _____________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ What you see on the front of this postcard is Six Flags Magic Mountain, the starting place for all coasters around the country. Roller coaster designers come to Six Flags Magic Mountain to see if the people like their roller coaster. If the people love it, they duplicate it all over the country. There are a few exceptions. One is X, the 4D coaster that is the first of its kind! You are also seeing Knott’s Berry Farm, fun for the whole family!