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Dream trip


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Dream trip

  1. 1. Dream Trip Project By: Reaghan
  2. 2. London – Crystal Palace RuinsThe Crystal Palace ruins is whatis left of the Crystal Palace afterit was destroyed by a fire onNovember 30, 1936. The CrystalPalace has a lot of historicalsignificance. The Palace put allof themachines, technology, andthings that people did for workon display. Queen Victoriavisited forty times in fivemonths, because of her delightwith the exhibition. The Crystalpalace relates to thingstoday, because people still lookdown on some classes ofsociety.
  3. 3. London – Tower of London The Tower of London was built in 1066-1067. It was built for protection, but it was also used to control the city. There were many historical figures who stayed or were imprisoned there. For example, Thomas Cromwell, Anne Boleyn, Guy Fawkes, and Rudolf Hess, a Nazi.
  4. 4. Florida - Central Florida WWII MuseumThe Central Florida World War 2Museum is planned to be thenext great tribute to those whofought in World War 2. TheMuseum will be constructed as areminder of the effort from all thesoldiers and people in WWII. TheMuseum will have interactiveexhibits that will bring guestsback in time to experience thegreatest conflict in history.
  5. 5. Orlando, Florida – Universal Studios Universal Studios is a theme park in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 1990, it features many exciting special-effects exhibits, rides, and more. Universal Studio’s main theme is the entertainment industry. In 2010, with about 5.9 million guests, Universal Studios was ranked the eighth most-visited theme I would love to visit Universal Studios park in the world.because of all the activities andinteresting things. I think it’s cool tolearn about the entertainment industryand it’s past, as well as plans for thefuture.
  6. 6. Rome, Italy – Roman RuinsRuins are spread all over Rome. Newones are still being found. There arealso some very famous ruins in thecity. For example, theColiseum, Roman Forum, and thePantheon. The historical significanceof the Roman Ruins is that it heldmany historical activities, includingthe Roman’s gladiatorial games. TheRoman Ruins would be a great placeto visit because each part of theruins, or each structure, holds adifferent story in history.
  7. 7. Rome, Italy - The Coliseum The basic design of the Roman Coliseum is a tribute to the Roman builders. Basically, two theaters were formed together to create an arena. The Coliseum is make of concrete and bricks and is covered in the Roman’s signature arches. The Greeks were the artists and the Romans were the builders. The Romans held their gladiatorialThe reason I would like to visit the games in the Coliseum.Coliseum is because I would love tosee the unique design andinteresting features. I think it wouldbe interesting to see where theRomans fought.
  8. 8. Germany - The German Military MuseumThe German Military Museum has manyexhibits about theequipment, uniforms, and more that theGerman Military used in battle. It also tellswhat the military did in battle, and aboutthe wars. It has on display the things thathappened through history involving theGerman Military. This would be aninteresting place to visit because I wouldlearn more about the German Military, aswell as learn more about the war and whathappened during the time of war.
  9. 9. Berlin, Germany - Berlins Hitler Museum Berlin’s Hitler Museum is a museum that is all about Hitler, his actions, how people were effected, and what happened other places because of Hitler. This museum is a great place for people who didn’t know much about Hitler to learn all about him. Hitler’s actions also affected other countries or other places, so the museum isn’t only forI would like to visit this museum people in Germany.because I would like to learn moreabout Hitler’s actions and how heeffected other countries.
  10. 10. Hawaii – Pearl HarborPearl Harbor is a very importantpiece of history. It’s the reason thatthe United States joined the war.When Pearl Harbor was bombed, theU.S. was forced to join the war, whichwe learned about in class. I think thiswould be a very interesting place tovisit because it’s very historical, and itwould be great to learn more aboutwhat happened.
  11. 11. Hawaii – Maui The beach is a very well known part of Hawaii. Maui has bright blue sunny skies, soft sand, and lots of activities. I would love to visit Maui, Hawaii because of all the fun activities and great beaches. Hawaii is a great last place to visit on my dream trip because I can relax on the beach.
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