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Dream postcard project


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Dream postcard project

  1. 1. Dream Postcard Project By: Vincent Ingram
  2. 2. The Winter Palace was from 1732 Winter Palaceto 1917 the home of many Saint Petersburg, RussiaRussian Monarchs. It is nearPalace Embankment and thePalace Square. In 1917 thestorming of the palace became asymbol of the RussianRevolution. This palace was builton monumental scale to showthe might of Imperial Russia. Iwould like to visit this placebecause we studied a lot about itin language arts and in historyclass. One other reason I wouldlike to visit The Winter Palace isbecause it is were the RussianRevolution started.
  3. 3. Novgorod is one of the most Novgorodhistorical cities in Russia, it was Russiafounded in the 9th or 10th century.Built along the Volkhov RiverNovgorod was one of the biggesttrading cities during the 10thcentury. I would like to visitNovgorod because it was one ofthe oldest cities in Russia. I wouldalso like to visit Novgorod becauseit has been said that in the Norsesagas 4 Viking kings sought refugeat Novgorod.
  4. 4. Pearl Harbor also known to theHawaiians as Pu`uloa is a lagoon Pearl Harbor Hawaii, United States Of Americaharbor on the island of O`ahu.Most of the harbor is an US navalbase, the attack on Pearl Harbor bythe Japanese made a big impact onAmerican history. The reason Iwould like to visit Pearl Harbor isbecause of the big role it played inmaking America join the war.
  5. 5. Maui is the second largest islands Mauiin Hawaii. Hawaiian tradition gives Hawaii, United States Of Americathe origin of the islands name inthe legendof Hawaiʻiloaa Polynesian navigat ,or credited with discovery of theHawaiian Islands. According to thatlegend, Hawaiʻiloa named theisland of Maui after his son, who inturn was named for thedemigod Māui. The reason I wantto visit Maui is because I havealways wanted to go to Hawaii andit has great beaches.
  6. 6. Hong Kong became a colony of Hong Kongthe British Empire after the FirstOpium War during 1839 1842. The Chinacolony was occupied byJapan during the Pacific War, afterwhich the British resumed controluntil 1997, when China resumedcontrol. The reason I would like tovisit Hong Kong is because welearned a bit about Hong Kong inclass and because I know peoplethat live there.
  7. 7. Nanjing has been the capital of NanjingChina many times, its name meansSouthern Capital in Chinese. With a Chinapopulation of over 5 millionNanjing has become the secondlargest commercial center in theeast China region. Back when therewere medieval travelers a Chinesetraveler Zheng he launched hisexpedition in Nanjing. I would liketo visit Nanjing because during mymedieval travels project I learnedabout Zheng he and how helaunched his ship from Nanjing.
  8. 8. Tokyo is the current capital of Japan Tokyowith 13 million people currently living Japanthere. Tokyo was originally a smallfishing village named Edo. It is nowone of the worlds most populatedmetropolitan area. The reason Iwould like to visit Tokyo is becauseme friend lives there.
  9. 9. Hiroshima is the capital Hiroshimaof Hiroshima Prefecture, and thelargest city in the Chūgoku region Japanof western Honshu, the largestisland of Japan. Hiroshima is mostcommonly remembered because itwas the first city to have a nuclearbomb used on. The reason I wouldlike to visit Hiroshima is because itsymbolized the end of WWII.
  10. 10. Buenos Aires is the second largestmetropolitan area in all of South Buenos AiresAmerica. Buenos Aires is the top Argentinatourist destination because of itsEuropean looking architecture. Thereason I want to visit Buenos Airesis because my mom was born thereand it has cool buildings.
  11. 11. Morón is a city the Argentine Moronprovince of Buenos Aires, it wassettled by the Querandi people. Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe site later became a stop alongthe Camino Real from BuenosAires to Córdoba. The reason Iwould like to visit Moron isbecause my grandma lives there.
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