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Old School Marketing That Works, Chris Kochmanski, July 22, 09


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This presentation explores how you can use direct mail combined with telemarketing to “show up” and get the relationship-building and sales-generating conversations going with your best prospects. Three case studies will describe (1) good results, (2) phenomenal results, and (3) disappointing, but still useful results that area companies have achieved using this decidedly unhip, though highly effective prospecting method.

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Old School Marketing That Works, Chris Kochmanski, July 22, 09

  1. 1. LA2M 07.22.09 A Really, Really Old-School Marketing Method That Works Really, Really Well Presented by: Chris Kochmanski DesignHub, Inc.
  2. 2. First… We’re not that old-school.
  3. 3. The Seven Words You Can’t Say at LA2M
  4. 4. Referrals
  5. 5. Trade Shows
  6. 6. Prospecting
  7. 7. Direct Mail
  8. 8. Brochures
  9. 9. Tchotchkes
  10. 10. Telemarketing
  11. 11. What Bill James, the baseball statistics guru, can teach us about marketing
  12. 12. Traditional sportswriters and sports commentators start with a POSITION “Sabermetricians” start with the QUESTION
  13. 13. POSITION: “Willie Mays was better than Mickey Mantle.” QUESTION: “Who was better – Mays or Mantle?”
  14. 14. Where the answer stands right now Peak value: Mantle Career value: Mays However…
  15. 15. POSITIONS “We need a search-optimized website.” “We need to invest in a Google AdWords program.” “We need to go to trade shows.” “We need to advertise in trade publications.” “We need to get into social media.” “We need a stronger brand identity.” “We need to build a database for direct marketing.” “We need an e-newsletter.” “We need videos and podcasts on our website.”
  16. 16. QUESTION “What will work most effectively and efficiently to help you find, win, and grow profitable customer relationships?”
  17. 17. WHO can tell you HOW WHY can surprise WHAT prevents sales?
  18. 18. “Ninety percent of success is SHOWING UP.” “Markets are CONVERSATIONS.”
  19. 19. Highly Targeted, High-Impact DIRECT MARKETING
  20. 20. CASE STUDIES Phenomenal results! Results right out of Plan 9 from Outer Space (“Can you prove it didn’t happen?”) Disappointing, but still useful results
  21. 21. Ideation’s Objective Find 50 qualified prospects
  22. 22. What Ideation Assumed Our market is: 55,000 to 60,000 gift retailers (Or is it?) Our message is: “Increase sales by 10% to 40%” (Or is it?)
  23. 23. What We Learned Prime target: 700 core prospects Prime message: “Better Products + Better Image + Peer Group”
  24. 24. What Ideation Did SELECT the 700 core prospects to whom Ideation would... SEND a “Gift Marketing Success Guide” and a cover letter promising a follow-up... CALL, in which the Ideation salesperson would use a “Solution Selling”-style call guide to help… QUALIFY the prospect, and arrange a… VISIT with the prospect, in which the Ideation salesperson would then proceed with the company’s usual relationship-building process.
  25. 25. Ideation’s Results 700 follow-up phone calls in 3 days 64 qualified prospects Tom Ungrodt’s verdict: “Phenomenal!”
  26. 26. Bank of Washtenaw 250 targeted prospects Deliver a cake – as inspired by BoW’s “Hometown Favorites” ad campaign… and my dentist’s office 30 cakes delivered And the results were…
  27. 27. Bank of Washtenaw 30 customer visits The bank’s biggest commercial loan
  28. 28. WebIDS Target: 750 hospital pharmacies Mail an executive white paper, with a promise to call Only eight contracts signed, but…
  29. 29. WHO can tell you HOW WHY can surprise WHAT prevents sales?
  30. 30. Critical Success Factors for Direct Marketing LIST – 40% OFFER – 40% EXECUTION – 20%
  31. 31. Ask your customers or clients… Why did you hire us in the first place? What do we do that others don’t? What’s missing from our industry? What could we do that would thrill you? What do you find yourself simply putting up with in this industry? What would you do if you owned a business like ours?
  32. 32. What prevents sales? AWARENESS USAGE FREQUENCY
  33. 33. “Ninety percent of success in life is SHOWING UP.” “Markets are CONVERSATIONS.”
  34. 34. “Solution Selling” Call Guide “Hi, this is Scott McCreadie from McCreadie Group. We haven’t spoken before, but our company has been working with hospital pharmacies to help them manage their investigational drug services more efficiently and accurately… “One of the chief concerns we’re hearing from directors at hospital pharmacies is their frustration with the great amount of staff time and effort it takes to manage IDS protocols using manual processes. We’ve been able to help our customers streamline IDS operations and get their IDS professionals more focused on research. I’d like to share with you how we do this. Would that be OK?”
  35. 35. Questions?