Measuring The Success Of Online Communities, Dave Linabury, Nov 4, 09


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Social media communities have become the hottest marketing tool of the decade, but how can you tell if they are working? What are the ways to measure them? Are current marketing methods really the best way to measure a community? Learn how to start a successful community for under $100, and measure its success.

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Measuring The Success Of Online Communities, Dave Linabury, Nov 4, 09

  1. 1. Measuring the Success of Online Communities Dave Linabury SVP, Social Media Director Campbell-Ewald
  2. 2. Who Am I and Why the Hell am I Qualified to Talk About Social Media?
  3. 3. Davezilla vs. Godzilla
  4. 4. In the End, Godzilla Backed Off. Go Me.
  5. 5. An Intractable Problem that Prevents Recruiting Every Year
  6. 6. Moms.
  7. 7. Mothers have a biological instinct to protect their children
  8. 8. From the Navy, apparently.
  9. 9. Moms don’t want to talk to recruiters. That’s worse than talking to a used car salesman.
  10. 10. Our Proposal to the Navy: We’ll build an online community for Moms Moms can talk to moms who already have kids in the Navy Open-source software to save money All word of mouth to join No Naval interference Short of hate speech, no censorship
  11. 11. The Navy said…
  12. 12. “That just sounds risky as Hell. Sir.”
  13. 13. Naval requirements to Campbell-Ewald This will be a six month test No results? We pull the plug If the results are good, refine and continue You get to start the community in the worst recruiting area in the country: Boston, Massachusetts If you get results there, we’ll consider going national
  14. 14. Our Solution Ning platform ($50/month) Creative: A masthead design or three Minimal engineering time (CSS and a widget or two) Invite influential moms to populate during the soft launch Pray
  15. 15. Secret Sauce Googled Navy blogger Moms Got 40,000 results Invited 71 moms that had large followings to start the community; 67 agreed The moms added content for 2 weeks while construction ensued
  16. 16.™ was born
  17. 17. My son is thinking of joining navy and i am researching different programs navy offers for new recruits. I had a lot of This site is so warm and welcoming. reservations about signing papers for him I looked at other Navy Mom/parent to join. sites and was very disapointed but this site was refered to me by a family member I guess what im trying to say is this and I was totally blown away by the whole is the best research i have done so thing. Technically you have done an far. Reading through different sites many awesome job and the Moms have stepped of my ?’s have been answered and have up and done the rest. I feel like I have found really good advise along way. Best come home to my sister/moms and part i have actually been able to nd they have welcomed me with open some info on what my son is interested in arms and loving hugs. and have been thrown out of sites where i thought i could nd info. Reminding me Thank you —Laura that my son is going to be in government job which do require security. So thank you for your advice . It has made me see things differently. —Sylvia C. Meraz
  18. 18. To say it took off would be a bit of an understatement
  19. 19. 000+ 100, s P hoto 000+ 27, 000+ 1, bers Gr oups Mem 7 50+ 00+ 6,0 s Vid eos ents 150+ Ev T opic
  20. 20. Some potential recruits began to show up on NAVYForMoms instead of
  21. 21. 16 year old son?!?!?!?!?!?! How should I tell my Mom? hey i found this web site while i was on the navy SEAL website.... i am 16 years old i am I'm thinking about joining not a mom but i need a mothers and I was hoping you ladies point of view.... i really want to could offer me some advice join the SEAL's and i think my on how I should tell my mom would cry for days if i told her i wanted to join the navy.... i mom. She's really sensitive need to know how i should and this is something she approach her with this because i will stress about constantly. hate doing things like meeting with a recruiter and taking the So do you have any advice ASVAB behind her back.... for me? —Aimee Pintoski i want to know how to earn her support.... how would a mother like to hear that her son was going to join the military what is the best way for me to tell her??????? —Al
  22. 22. Sociological Data A new mom joins the site every 21 minutes She will post 4.2 personal photos She will respond to 16 topics She will watch 11 videos She will invite four other moms
  23. 23. Viviane Tina Terry Regina Kimberly Karen Davidson Fred Katey Lila Marie Jamie Nicole SyracuseConnie Heather Paul Libbey Carolyn Love Bill Trish Vosburgh Barb HOW TO READ THIS MAP: Social networks consist of two elements: Chris Karen KAREN GALLAGHER nodes and edges. Super Influencer Anita LisaB Nodes represent the people communi- cating with each other. On this map, Amber B they are represented by colored circles. Angee This

 Kay Amber Patty Cole Edges represent the connections be- Victoria tween the nodes. In other words, who Navy News Char created
 StevesMom spoke to whom. Nodes with many STEVE’SMOM Theresa edges (connections) show that person Potential Mom turned Influencer clearly reached out to lots of people Mary Ellen were
 Helen Martin Julie MassMom and thus had a lot of activity and en- gagement; an important measure in social media. on
 Angela Jefferson B. Smith Larisa Elliot to
 Robin Stacey Melanson Allison McCann Denise Mary Pat connec:ons
 Stephanie Henderson Karen80 slide
square. Ann Mari Shirley Foland Bridget Ralston Carol Hughes VICKIE HILL Vickie Hill Potential Mom, Angie highly motivated Es:mated
 Cathy Finch Christine Ronda Chasati Martin connec:ons
 MichelleB Angela MacLeod Chris Johston's Mom Bruce Pennino Jay Anderson members
 Sha' Joyce Tuscan Mom Laurie Owens Debbie Elaine Roxann Joyce Slabaugh Sherry Johnson LAURIE OWENS Navy Mom, Influencer exceeded
221,910. Kim Mills Diana Morris Pat Gibson Diane John's Mom Lucie Dunn Maria Figueroa Kathy Brandon's Mom Sharon Simmons Rita Leann Castor Susan J Tricia T Sue Melissa Candy Girl MaryAnn Melanie Peggy Sheila Shelly Stephanie Terry Whitney
  24. 24. She will change her mind about the Navy on her 8th day as a N4M member
  25. 25. Moms change their minds for the same reason every time…
  26. 26. They want to be proud of their kids, too.
  27. 27. Why Are Sociological Measures Better than Marketing Ones? We’re humans. Messy, unpredictable creatures. How much do you love your Mom? How well did your billboard do? Can you prove it? Really? Office Party. Important. But not much ROI.
  28. 28. Is it ROI or IOR? Return on Investment is sometimes utter shite. Yeah, I said it. What’s the investment of posting a tweet? Of a star rating? Isn’t the Impact of Relationships more important?
  29. 29. Riple Effect
  30. 30. Thank You, LA2M! @Davezilla