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Art & Science of Referrals For La2M, Rob Pasick & Dick Beedon, June 2010


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We all know referrals are the lifeline of our business; yet, something always seems to get in the way of us asking for referrals. This presentation is designed to help you overcome your personal obstacles to asking for referrals. It will also introduce an online tool which makes referral seeking effortless.

Rob Pasick and Dick Beedon share their wisdom.

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Art & Science of Referrals For La2M, Rob Pasick & Dick Beedon, June 2010

  1. 1. LA2M Lunch 6/2 The ArT And Science of Good referrALS with dr. rob Pasick and dick Beedon Tips for the best referrals: Dr. Rob Pasick, Psychologist and executive coach, is the author of several books: 1. Look for creative ways to reward referral conversations With My old dog, 1999, re-release coming in July 2010 Balanced Leadership in unbalanced Times, 2009 giving. Pet Loss: A death in the family,2001 What every Man needs to Know, 1994 2. Keep close tabs on the people who are referring Awakening from the deep Sleep: A Powerful Guide for courageous Men, 1992 Men in Therapy: A challenge of change, 1990 to you. he is the founder of ceo connect and Leadersconnect you can view 3. When asked about your business, always say videos of past events online under Videos at www.LeadersConnect. that it is great but you could use more leads. com his newest project, the Strategic Leadership forum (SLf), provides a 4. Ask for referrals when you are speaking to a peer mentorship format where leaders work on the Pasick Leadership group. development Plan. 5. involve all of your employees in the process. Dr. Rob would like to invite you to a preview of SLF on June 21st. from 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at his office located at 501 Avis Drive in Ann Arbor. 6. use technology accelerators. for more information please contact or 7. Make sure you you thank people in the way they 734.730.1765 like to be thanked. Dick Beedon is a seasoned business leader and serial entrepreneur. 8. remember that happy clients love to give he successfully built two internet-based companies: university netcast- ing, at one time the fourth largest sports site on the web, which he referrals. merged with Student Advantage and took public in 1999, and entyre, a business process management applications provider serving the mort- 9. Ask for testimonials from every single client; gage industry that he grew substantially and sold to Wolters Kleuer in scroll them across your web site. 2005. Through his previous experience at iBM and Prime computer, dick has demonstrated expertise in developing both solution-oriented sales pro- 10.Generously offer referrals before being asked. cesses and successful lead generation programs. he is now the founder of urefer an internet based referral software company that makes it 11.create a place where people can easily make possible for businesses to easily and effectively implement their own referrals. referral programs. find out more at or contact dick at 12. Join a referral group.