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I am a trainer of the trainers, a consultant, speaker, and cognitive behavioral specialist, trained by Dr. Parese. This program offers training to agencies serving difficult populations throughout the world. To date, his training programs have been offered to more than 25,000 individuals in a variety of settings, including workforce centers, community colleges, group homes, public schools, alternative education programs, hospitals, prisons, and many others.
This site provides basic information
1. "Workin' It Out": Soft skills curricula for job-seekers needing improved people skills.
2. "TACT-2": Crisis intervention, including safe physical restraint, for agencies serving aggressive youth.
3. "Life Space Intervention": Advanced crisis counseling skills for staff working with troubled youth.
4. "Choices & Changes": Cognitive restructuring and skill-building programs for youthful offenders.

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  1. 1. Resolutions: Lorna Stremcha, Workbooks andprogram series by: Dr. Steve Parese, The Piton 1Foundation, Denver CO.
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  3. 3. Each lesson begins with a Pearl of Wisdom“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 3
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  6. 6. Gossip and cellphones 6
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  13. 13. Test, certificate and morebalance. 13
  14. 14. Lorna Stremcha, Trainer(406) 265-7167Author: Lose the Baggage, Losethe Weight…. 14