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Using my own life's lessons to help others develop their own capacity to bring about the changes that will enable them to live a healthy, purposeful life.

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  1. 1. “Create the change, embrace the now.”
  2. 2. ResolutionsStrategiesPlan your life!Love your life!Live your life!
  3. 3. Plan Plan to give thanks! Plan to be purposeful! Plan to make a difference! Plan to accomplish something! Plan to be excellent! Plan to accept challenges! Plan to be courageous! Plan to be disappointed! Plan to fall! Plan to pick yourself back up after the fall!
  4. 4. LoveLove your God or Spiritual Guide!Love yourself!Love your family, even when it’s difficult!Love your friends, even the ones that aren’t always so nice!Love your cat, your dog, your animals!Love your country, your world and all they have to offer!Love your LIFE, even when it stinks!
  5. 5. Live!Live to love!Live to give!Live to be excellent!Live with grace, hope, faith and wisdom!Live with honesty, integrity, and respect!Live to be loved,challenged, and forgiven.Live with energy, zest and drive!Live Big!
  6. 6. How do I begin to livewell?Begin each day with forgiveness and gratitude.Begin each day with purpose.Begin each day with a smile.Begin each day with good intentions.Begin each day with the knowledge that you determine how good your day will be.Begin each day with a plan and take action.
  7. 7. “If the only prayer you ever say in life is ‘Thank you’… that is enough.” ~ Meister Eckert How can I begin to give thanks?
  8. 8. Why ?Because it’s the right thing to do for your spiritual self. Just do it!
  9. 9. Write a letter to express your thanks. It doesn’tmatter to whom you’re writing you’re letter, aslong as it gets done.Address it to: God Buddha An angel A friend A family member To yourself
  10. 10. The letter shouldinclude:The dateThe salutationThank you’s for the special people in your lifeThank you’s for food on the tableThank you’s for a healthy body and mindThank you’s for all the freedoms and privileges in your life Requests for things like: strength, courage, love, peace, wisdom etc…Your signature
  11. 11. What do I do with theletter after I write it?You place it in a safe place, a place that you can remember.It can be a pretty box, a shoe box, a journal it really doesn’t matter this is between you and your GOD. Just keep it safe.
  12. 12. Why do I need it keepit safe?You need to keep it safe because it’s a letter which is precious, private and true.It is a letter that is written with honesty and integrity, which reveals your sins, sorrows, desires, and gratitudes, which can lead you to your true purpose.It is a measuring tool, which helps you see your personal growth and accomplishments.
  13. 13. How do I begin myjourney of goalsetting? Take action, put the pen to paper.Write two different sets of goals.  Mini  Big
  14. 14. Action Steps Get moving Get out of bed Get off the couch Write your goals down Write your script Draw your set Set the stage Play the lead Write your letter of Gratitude Talk to yourself “Believing is achieving.”
  15. 15. Mirror Talk is a way in which you can begin to retrain your mind and develop new habits. It is talking yourself in the mirror.
  16. 16. Reprogramming andVisualization“Instead of fighting your problems, picture your way out of them.  “- Vernon Howard
  17. 17. What does it take to get started?  It takes desire to want to change.  It takes an open mind.  It takes diligence and patience.  It takes your willingness to feel silly or uncomfortable.
  18. 18. What are the steps?You need to look yourself in the mirror and study you.Roll your shoulders backPut a smile on your faceTalk to yourself
  19. 19. Well, you’re going to say something like this; I’m (your name) and I am beautiful, pretty,/handsome and worthy of living a happy, prosperous, and healthy life full of love.
  20. 20. You want to do this at least six times every day. This helps the mind begin to believe what the mouth is saying.“Believing is achieving and what you perceive is what you see.”
  21. 21. Goals “In the absence of clearly defined goals, we are forced to concentrate on activity and ultimately become enslaved by it.” ~ Chuck Coonradt
  22. 22. Goal Setting Why set goals?  Goals are important tools and can change the quality of our life.  Goal setting is valuable in all parts of your life, whether it be in work, sports, academics, business, or everyday life.  Goals help our conscious mind to connect to our unconscious mind. Goals keep us motivated. Goals help us to achieve our dreams and desires.
  23. 23. What are the steps togoal setting?You need to be realisticThey need to be obtainableYou need to be clear about what it is that you want to accomplishYou need to write your goals downYou need to take action You need to have two different sets of goals.
  24. 24. Goals must be yourownRaces are won by individuals.Super Bowl rings are won by individual players.Weight Loss is achieved by an individual dieter.Academic achievement is made by individual aspirations and diligence.
  25. 25. Goals must be positive  “The objective of the game is to win, fairly, squarely, and by the rules, but to win.”  ~~ Vince Lombardi  “The object of any competition or task should be to complete it with honesty and integrity. Without these two characteristics you lose and ultimately defeat your purpose.”  ~ LPS
  26. 26. Goals must bemeasurable  Measurement is essential, without the ability to measure there is nothing to compare it to. Examples of Measurable goals  Newspaper deadlines for a reporter  Academic Achievement  To turn in all homework on time  To turn in works of excellence  To make honor roll  Physical Appearance  To maintain a healthy weight  To maintain physically fit and in shape  To maintain good hygiene  Athletic measurements  To achieve a faster time  To break the school or state record
  27. 27. Get Specific  If you can’t measure it, you won’t achieve it. Knowing what we have to overcome or achieve is what keeps us going. Without a plan you don’t know where you’re going and it’s easy to take a wrong turn. Wrong turns usually put us somewhere we don’t want to be and take up valuable time. Clearly defined goals produce results Unclear goals are difficult to obtain, because you don’t know what you’re striving to achieve.
  28. 28. Goals must showresultsGoals must real They must be visibleGoals must be something that can be seen by the eye. Statistics and percentages  Grade point average  Shooting average Dollars  Sales per hour  Invoices
  29. 29. Goals must showmental and emotionalchangeFear must be conqueredAnger must be managedPassion must be foundJoy must be experiencedPride must be felt
  30. 30. Goals must be realisticIf you never danced in your life and have no natural talent chances are you won’t be a famous ballet dancer.If your not 5’7” or taller with a gorgeous face and wear a size 6 chances are you won’t be a runway model.If your not motivated to read and study chances are you won’t become a great scholar.
  31. 31. Why must goals bewritten down?Writing your goals down give you direction; they work as your compass.The act of writing the goal down provides you with something tangible, so you can measure your goals, whether that be to see success or failure.By writing your goals down they provide us with knowledge of what we truly want and desire. This allows us to separate what it is that we think we want from what we really want.
  32. 32. More about writing goals The act of writing our goals or intentions down allows for us to connect with our subconscious. This is what enables us to achieve our true desires.You are forced to look at your accomplishments or failures in black and white.By writing your goals or intentions down you are provided with a visual reminder.
  33. 33. Mini GoalsMini goals: These are small goals that are easily obtained. An example of a mini goal is as simple as completing what is on your list of to do’s.The carpets need cleanedGetting that recipe for dinner downloadedThe bathroom needs scrubbedGetting up for open gymTaking the dog for a walk You get the point!
  34. 34.  The first step is to remember to be realistic. Step two, write it down and have a measurable plan. Be specific! Step three, take action!Step four, remember BIG goals take time and a lot of effort.
  35. 35. When do I startwriting my BigGoals? Right away! NOW!!!
  36. 36. How do I begin? Be POSITIVE KNOW YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY  Get clear Take action steps Put the pen to paper Write out the specifics Give yourself deadlines Give yourself motivators Visualize Talk to yourself
  37. 37. Just Do It Be Real! Be Honest!