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This book is written for you.
It is a book of self-discovery intended to be engaging and interactive. The primary purpose is to help you gain a better understanding of your needs and wants.
Throughout the book, you will be asked questions that require simple yes or no answers. You will be asked to write your thoughts down. Feel free to write in the margins. This is a book to be used, not kept on a shelf. Some of these questions may be difficult and emotional. What I ask of you, I have asked of myself. Your goal is not to be perfect. When you participate in a lesson, it is important you respond with honesty and articulate your thoughts or ideas as clearly as possible. This will help you gain clarity and focus so you can begin to live a P.I.E.S. life.
Writing helps us to generate ideas, create plans, translate
thoughts, revise thoughts and evaluate the effectiveness of our thoughts.
To help with your journey, you will come across a variety of
voices brave enough to share their experiences. At times the stories and lessons may be disturbing, but read on, for they offer hope.

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