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Bullying lesson three


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Workplace and School Bullying

Published in: Education
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Bullying lesson three

  1. 1. Sexual Harassment, Abuse and Bullying- What You Need to Know Copyright© 2006 by Lorna Stremcha Presented by: Lorna Stremcha Written by: Lorna Stremcha Edited by: Lorna Stremcha
  2. 2. Originally Presented to: The Montana’s Conference on RACE 2006 by Lorna Stremcha Sponsoring Organizations  Eagles Watch Inc.  Montana Board of Crime Control  Office of Public Instruction  Indian Law Resource Center  Office of the Coordinator of Indian Affairs  AARP  Montana Arts Council  Department of Transportation  KMTX Radio  Department of Justice  Talent Search, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education  Commissioner of Higher Education  Department of Commerce  Department of Public Health and Human Services  Department of Corrections
  3. 3. Adaptation by: Lorna Stremcha Lesson Three
  4. 4. I’m one of the lucky ones, I can tell my story and I will tell it often.
  5. 5. Welcome to: Bullying and What You Need to Know Coming soon!
  6. 6. Most targets are caught by surprise.
  7. 7. Who bullies?  Business Managers  CEO’s  Public Officials  Law enforcement personnel
  8. 8. Who bullies in a school setting?  Administrators  Teachers  Co-workers  Paraprofessionals  Staff  Students
  9. 9. School district administrators and trustees influence:  Parents  Community governments  Chamber of Commernence  Montana Human Rights worker  Your State Teacher’s Union Representatives and advocates  National Teacher Union Representatives and advocates  State Legislatures  United States Congress
  10. 10. Why?  Because you reported a wrong doing.  Because you filed a formal complaint  Because you went against the status quo.  Because you won’t let it go.  Because there is always a dollar attached.
  11. 11. Why you?  Because they knew they were in the wrong.  Because they wanted to hide their mistakes.  Because they wanted everything to remain a secret.  Because you cost may cost them dollars or loss of dollars.
  12. 12. How might they go after you:  Character Assassination  Email  Fabrication  Underhanded dealings  Gossip  Clandestine meetings (secret meetings)  Solicit complaints  Isolation  Silence  Threat
  13. 13. Good Management & Administration:  Demonstrate and show compassion  Demonstrate and show empathy  Follow policies and laws  Don’t breach contracts  Don’t deliberately harm or bring harm to others  Don’t destroy other’s work opportunities  Don’t abuse power  Trespass and take from others  Make the workplace a positive and productive place to be for its employees and staff.
  14. 14. bystanders! To be continued.