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Trabajo Fernanda Sarai

  1. 1. ¡come and visit the city built by angels! Did you know? The City is considered World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988.
  2. 2. natural sites Popocatepetl (Nahuatl: Popoca, tepetl, 'that smokes, mountain or hill' 'smoking mountain') is an active volcano located in central Mexico, within the territorial limits of the states of Morelos, Puebla and Mexico. It is located about 55 km southeast of Mexico City. In Aztec mythology, Popocatépetl was a brave warrior who loved the damsel Iztaccihuatl. Iztaccíhuatl is the third highest mountain in the country after the Pico de Orizaba (5747 m) and Popocatepetl (5500 m). In Aztec mythology, Iztaccíhuatl was a princess who fell in love Popocatepetl, one of the warriors of his father. His father sent his love to battle the State of Oaxaca, promising to give his daughter if he returned victorious and head of his enemy's spear. Time after the warrior returned, however the bed of love gave finished the princess was dead. With a broken heart brought the body of your loved one to a mountain, and the gods became dormant volcano, after the warrior took a torch and promised that no matter how strong hurricane bearing waters that sail off its fire body his beloved, to conclude this, God gave eternity making volcano, in exchange for guarding the princess Iztaccihuatl.
  3. 3. tourist attractions Africam Safari is a zoo where you can type in paths internarte the fascinating world of African wild in a safari tour in your car or in one of their tour buses. Located at Km 16.5 Blvd Cap. Carlos Camacho (formerly Carr to Valsequillo), Puebla, Pue. Mexico. Source for China Poblana is surrounded by a large roundabout and is a local landmark. Located at the intersection of Boulevard Heroes of May 5 and return Diagonal Defensores de la Republica.
  4. 4. El Parian is a craft market which is considered as the first traditional market of the city, located in the 6 Norte, between 2 and 4 East. Puebla's Zocalo is a shady park, where people relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sundays at the base are days filled with music and entertainment. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception next to the Zocalo is one of the most beautiful churches of Mexico. Built between 1575 and 1949, the cathedral has twin towers rising into the sky. Many stores and points of interest are part of a short drive from the City's Zocalo.
  5. 5. museums Puebla Regional Museum "House of Alpheusique": Built 1791. Baroque residence of Antonio Santa Maria Icha Urregui. Call Alpheus ique because the decor plaster excavated ntrica appears to be a sweet meringue, made from beaten egg white, sugar and almonds. The first two floors are a museum that focuses on the history of the city. The third floor preserves what was the house itself, with period furniture and a family chapel. Location: 4 Oriente No. 416
  6. 6. Museum of the Revolution Serdán Achilles House: It exposes the life and times of Achilles Serdán (1877-1910), who died in this house on November 18, 1910 during a 14-hour battle against police and federal troops. His sister Carmen Serdán (1873-1948) was also a leader of the Revolution. Place it in 6 Oriente No. 206 National Museum of the National Railways: Located in what was the station of Ferrocarril Mexicano, which was built under the guidance of a British company and opened on September 15, 1869 by President Juárez. By the end of the nineteenth century such an establishment of the rail network meant for the State of Puebla an important area of economic exchange. This museum is not only the nineteenth-century building but also by the considerable collection of railway equipment, reflect the development of science and technology since the beginning of the era of railways in Mexico. Its museum dates from 1988 and its main hall offers various exhibitions. It also has a specialized library and houses an important collection of documents for research. His display consists of nine locomotives built between 1875 and 1956, five of them are steam, electric is the remaining three are diesel, plus you can admire a highway, 1967, car, 1910 caboose and a car express, 1925 . Address: 11 Norte No. 1005 Centro.
  7. 7. typical food Did you know that:   Puebla's cuisine is one of the most complex, rich, and nourishing the country? Notable mole wrapped, flip-flops, tamales pulacles, the tlayoyos, the boats, the maguey worm sauce drunk escamoles butter, corn soup and slices, the Mexican rice, bean soup fresh mushrooms. You can taste the special flavor of mole de olla or mole of the Convento de Santa Rosa. The tinga poblano, guacamole, red pipián fish, pork barbecue, Indian dresses, the chiles in walnut sauce, the thrasher with slits, the chitamal, beans with guacamole xocoyolis of pipicha guatomate sauce, no despreciarse.De dessert can be enjoyed a glass of eggnog for Santa Clara, rice pudding, Tlaxcala, tears bishop, almond paste figurines or the typical sweet of Santa Clara.
  8. 8. typical sweet The state of Puebla is one of the richest states and recognized for its wide range of typical dishes and of course could not be left behind in respect and sweet with more than 300 delicacies, which were created mostly in the colonial era. The typical sweets of Puebla arise from the fusion of Arab, Spanish and Indian. The poblanos sweets came in the convents of the various orders that existed in Puebla: Clares, Dominicans, Carmelites, etc.. The main reason for the candy that came in the convents was out of gratitude to their benefactors and then realized they could make huge profits if they sold.
  9. 9. From that time until present, these sweets are made ​​using traditional methods and there is great variety among them: Sweet Potatoes Puebla is a typical sweet made ​​of sweet potato is a sweet potato is a plant of the Convolvulaceae family, cultivated for its edible tuberous root. Muéganos Typical sweet wheat flour-covered caramel. Small pillows of wheat flour fried in vegetable oil, sugar coated candy and brown sugar. The slight cinnamon flavor and crunchy consistency memory invite travel to ancient times, walking in the square of the town on Sunday afternoon. " Drunks They are rolls of flour and sugar with a little liquor, hence the name "drunks. " Try them in different flavors: strawberry, eggnog, pineapple and lemon.
  10. 10. visit us not disappoint you, WAITING FOR YOU! the best place ... Puebla de los ángeles