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How to easily create viral web videos

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Easy Web Video

  1. 1. Easy Web Video Ted Prodromou NetBizExpert, Inc www.netbizexpert.com
  2. 2. What makes a video viral? The video must be fun and spontaneous Be authentic – don’t act Don’t sell! Keep it short – 3 to 5 minutes maximum Add upbeat music – don’t use copyrighted music NetBizExpert.com
  3. 3. Video formats The AVI Format - .avi The Windows Media Format - wmv The MPEG Format - .mpg or .mpeg The QuickTime Format - .mov The RealVideo Format - .rm or .ram The Shockwave (Flash) Format - .swf NetBizExpert.com
  4. 4. YouTube Video Specifications QuickTime .MOV Windows .AVI MPEG .MPG files Recommended: 1280 x 720 (16x9 HD) and 640 x 480 (4:3 SD) Up to 2 GB in size Up to 10 minutes in length NetBizExpert.com
  5. 5. Use keyword phrases In your video Title In your video Description In your video Tags In your video file name NetBizExpert.com
  6. 6. Video Description Begin your Description with your website/blog URL Create an offer and send people to a specific page that is related to your video – offer a free report, an ebook, an audio or a video Don’t send them directly to your homepage Create an opt in form on that page to capture leads before they download the giveaway NetBizExpert.com
  7. 7. Submit to popular video sites YouTube.com Google video Yahoo video Daily Motion Viddler Facebook MySpace NetBizExpert.com
  8. 8. Use Social Media Tweet a link to your video Update your Facebook status with a link to your video Update your LinkedIn status with a link to your video Update FriendFeed with a link to your status Post the video on your blog NetBizExpert.com
  9. 9. Track your results Use Google Analytics on your website/blog to see which sites are generating the most traffic Review the stats and comments on each video site Set up Google Alerts with your name and keyword phrases Search Twitter for your keyword phrases Monitor your social networking pages for comments NetBizExpert.com