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Locksmith sydney


Published on is owned and managed by Abbott Locksmiths that is based in Sydney and was established in 1963. We are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience.

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Locksmith sydney

  1. 1. Call Us Now Locksmiths Sydney(02) 9787 3133 or1300 655
  2. 2. About is owned and managed by Abbott Locksmiths.Abbott Locksmiths is based in Sydney and was established in 1963. We are a family owned and operatedbusiness with over 40 years experience.The things that we pride ourselves on the most are our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quickresponse times.We offer a number of products and services, in particular, 24/7 emergency service, mobile locksmith, accesscontrol system, master key systems, automated keys and locks and new and second hand safes.We have also been endorsed by the SCECC.We service the entire Sydney metropolitan area and are available 24/7 in case of emergencies.Why Use Us  50 year old family run business  24/7 service  All types of automotive keys and locks  We buy and Sell new and 2nd hand safes  SCECC endorsedTestimonialsJust wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I really appreciated that you were able to schedule the work fortoday with only a few hours warning. The installer could not have been more helpful, efficient and courteous. Pleasepass on my thanks to him – a really nice guy. Brian Wilkinson
  3. 3. guarantees customer satisfaction as we can always arrange to have a mobile workshop attend to every call out. In addition to our normal daytime service, we also offer a “genuine” 24 hours per day / 7 days per week / 365 days per year emergency service. You never know when you need a locksmith because it’s usually when you least expect it.24 Hour Locksmiths To have one of our mobile units come out to you, simply call us on 1300 655 787 and we’ll attend toWe offer a “genuine” 24 hours per day / 7 days per you right away.week / 365 days per year emergency service inSydney and the surrounding suburbs.There are not many locksmith companies in Sydneythat can give such a guarantee.The reality is that you never know when you willneed the services of a 24 hour locksmith. For somereason, we are always on stand-by ready to attendto the needs of customers across all of Sydney.Our service men work around the clock to ensureyou feel safe in your home.In order to take advantage of our 24 hourlocksmith service, simply give us a ring on 1300 655 Automotive Locks787 and we’ll attend to you right away. One of our most used services is our car locksmith service. These days, everyone has a car and our keys are an important asset. However, there are also people losing their keys, getting their keys stolen or getting locked out. We are all human and this unfortunately happens. For this reason, Abbott Locksmiths offers a full automotive lock service ranging from cutting keys to all ‘standard’ vehicles as well as the latest in modern transponder immobiliser technology that aMobile Locksmith lot of the modern day European and Japanese cars entertain.We offer an efficient and prompt mobile locksmithservice, with a fleet of 10 mobile workshops We offer a comprehensive repair, re-key, serviceservicing the entire Sydney Metropolitan Area. for replacement on virtually all makes and modelsWhile we offer an emergency lockout service, we with all locks being able to be re-keyed to user’salso respond to the majority of our general service original key for on the same day. In case of car lockout, we offer a mobile locksmithThe great benefit of running such a large fleet is service which also involves making keys on site. Wethat makes us a leader in the industry and have a fleet of 10 mobile workshops which means
  4. 4. that any car lockout can be responded to in a shortperiod of time.In order to take advantage of our car locksmithservice, simply give us a ring on 1300 655 787 andwe’ll attend to you right away.We have the computer system that enables us todo most transponder keys in our shop.24 hour mobile service is only emergency work, eg– if someone gets locked out or locks their keys intheir car. It is a service we can provide for Australiawide as we have subcontractors all over Australia.
  5. 5. You will most likely end up with more expenses if youAppreciating Our Everyday tried to fix things by yourself.Heroes; the Locksmiths Keep in mind that you should always hire a locksmith when you find yourself in one of the abovementionedLocksmiths should be shown more appreciation even situations. Doing so will save you the time and money.though their profession may seem a simple one. These You will also have a lot to thank for especially when youeveryday superheroes have been known to save us ask them to increase your home’s security system. Evenfrom the most unexpected and difficult of situations. if they don’t wear a mask and cape, these professionalsThey are not limited to breaking open locks. They also are still our everyday superheroes.have other services such as key replacements. Youshould make the most of the services of theseprofessionals instead of just doing everything on your Be Aware Of the Variousown. You should give them a call in case you get lockedout of your home or car due to the fact that they will be Services of a Locksmithable to carry out the task of opening the locks with A locksmiths profession is not a mere joke simplyease. because there is a lot of demand for their services. TheyFurthermore, they are also capable of removing broken are not just limited to opening locked up doors andkeys from the keyhole. This is one service they have replacing keys. We should keep in mind that they alsothat we often neglect. Their services are also being used know how to set up and maintain intricate locking systems in our homes and offices. There is more to theirby the authorities especially when there are suspiciouslooking vehicles. job. We even neglect the fact that a locksmith can have different specialties. You should familiarize yourself ofLocksmiths are well equipped with the latest technology the various fields in this kind of industry so that you willthat enables them to open up any locked up automobile be able to determine the kind of service you will requireand home. It wont matter if it is a simple or in case you find yourself in an unwanted situation suchcomplicated door; they will be able to get through it. If as being locked out of your own house or vehicle.your keys get broken, do not despair because it can stillbe fixed. You dont need to immediately purchase a First of all, there are the emergency locksmiths. Thesebrand new one because these experts know how to professionals can be reached no matter what time ofrestore it to its original state. the day it is. They are available for twenty-four hours each day which is why their services are ideal especiallyThese everyday heroes are also skilled in installing safes if your home falls victim to burglary or unwanted break-in any home or office. In addition to that, they also ins. You will be able to obtain quick services and it willknow how to increase the security in any property be possible for you to have your locks fixed or changedbecause they know how to install state-of-the-art alarm even if it is in the middle of the night. If you happen tosystems. These can come in extremely useful due to the forget your car keys inside the vehicle, keep in mindfact that the burglars will think twice about stealing that these are the best people to call.anything from you because they will see that you have acomplicated security system. Secondly, there are commercial locksmiths who specialize in bigger systems. These security systems areIn addition to all of these, they also have insurance. This often found in huge companies, schools and another reason why they need to be shown Keep in mind that if you are a company owner and wantappreciation more often because in the event that to have the best security system installed, then youdamages cannot be avoided when they are on the job, should get in touch with these professionals. You will bethey will cover everything. You won’t be able to have able to limit access to certain parts of your building to athis perk if you tried to handle everything on your own. select number of people with their assistance. This is
  6. 6. possible with the use of biometric locks, key cards, and With that problem, you might be thinking you need tomany others. pick the lock yourself or break down the door to get that problem done, but that isnt the efficient way. YouIf you are having problems with you vehicle, then an need professionals as was stated above and you needautomobile locksmith is the best person to call. They them as soon as possible. The best thing you should doare well-informed of the various car models and how is go online, find a trusted locksmith that haveexactly to work around them without causing any credentials that fits your need and don’t be stingy aboutdamages. They will also be able to replace your keys if it it as well. You will be able to cover the cost eventuallyhappened to get stuck in the ignition. Lastly, residential and the price is that you are assured that you will belocksmiths are the specialists to go to if you want to able to trust the person doing the lock picking. It’s a fairhave work done on your home. They will be able to trade that you can live with and make you sleep easilyprovide you with the best that there is when it comes to during the night.home security. Not only will your doors be secured, butyour windows will also be provided with the same Another thing you could do is ask a friend or a neighbortreatment thus increasing your homes security. Keep in to recommend a locksmith to do the job for you. This ismind that you should know what exactly you need so a much better way actually and will most probably savethat you will be able to get in touch with the right you a lot of trouble with researching backgrounds andprofessionals. the likes. This is because you will be able to know that their trustworthy enough because other people trustFind an Expert Locksmith them with their lockpicking. They are vouched for and they will do the job well as with the work they haveyou can count on done before for people you already know. So that is that, you may have locked yourself in but youThere are many situations that you need to hire a now have a solution to your problem. Don’t beatlocksmith for emergencies. It is not that uncommon to yourself up and fix the problem immediately, hiremisplace your key or leave it inside the place you are expert locksmiths, trustworthy and effiecient as well.supposed to be in and if you don’t have any keyduplicates then you will have a hard time and a badtime. Its not entirely foolishness on your part doing so,everyone makes this mistake some time in their livesand its not an uncommon occurrence so don’t beatyourself about it. The best thing you should do is correctyour mistake immediately by calling an expert, alocksmith that can get your problem fixed easily andfast. No hassles on your part, just shed some cash andyou are done with the crisis.So how can you find someone that will help you withyour problem without having to doubt their credibility.Remember that you will be either duplicating your carkey or your house/apartment key, its such a delicatething to trust to just anyone. If ever you did hiresomeone unworthy and they decide to do somethingcrazy to you like stealing your car or breaking in yourhomes, then the blame is not on them entirely but toyou as well.